Beef to whoever picked all my apples on Douglas Avenue. Would have been nice of you to ask. Apples weren’t ripe yet. You are a thief. Didn’t even leave any for me.

Beefs & Bouquets, Sept. 14

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BOUQUET Thank you to the fine man who paid for my three great-grandchildren’s purchases at Nanaimo North Town Centre. His hand with a credit card appeared out of nowhere and he left without a word. This was inspiring both to me and the 6, 8 and 11-year-olds with me.

BEEF To RDN Transit. Bus service to and from Duncan is supplied for $7.50. Yet, local residents cannot get transit service to Duke Point. If we want to get to Duke Point by taxi from downtown Nanaimo, it costs us $45-55.

BOUQUET To all the beefers and bouquet posters who have made this column a must-read every week. The bouquets are lovely and the beefs more often than not are good for a laugh.

BEEF To the corporate-owned thrift store chain. 100-per cent profit on donated items, yet the prices are so wack for dirty, damaged items that I have to ask for a discount. Double beef to the one supervisor who acts like that discount is coming out of his personal pocket.

BOUQUET Thank you to the two people who stopped to see if we needed help after my bike accident. To my sister and brother-in-law coming and rescuing my bike. To the paramedics for their great care and lastly a huge shout out to the hard-working NRGH emergency staff for the exceptional care I received.

BEEF To the manager of our department at the hospital. She refuses to pay overtime and forces her staff to repeatedly work with multiple shifts short, day after day. We are burning out quickly.

BOUQUET To the most hilarious protester against bike lanes – a cyclist furiously pedalling uphill, southbound, around Comox Road corner onto Front Street – a bike lane metres away across the road.

BEEF To the city bylaws officers and police. A massive blitz against ridiculously, purposely noisy vehicles is long overdue. Motorcycles announce their arrival for several miles, disturbing hundreds of taxpayers everywhere, every day. After-market mufflers on diesel pickups, to make them even louder on purpose? Please ban the sale and installation of these noise-pollution items.

BOUQUET To the amazing staff at Sharecost. They went above and beyond to offer great service along with advice on our recent visit regarding our landscaping project. The weather was so hot and tempers on a short fuse which made their service all the more remarkable. Excellent employees.

BEEF To the kitchen manager at the seniors home. You want to be stingy on food, how about having just regular needs like milk, soy milk, sugar and oatmeal. The basic needs that should be met to begin with. I know you make a big chunk of money if you’re under budget, but at the end of day it’s our residents who matter. It’s sickening when you’re serving lunch and have to scramble for food with what residents pay.

BOUQUET To barber Dave on Victoria Crescent who goes above and beyond every year putting forth his time and effort to gather school supplies, offers haircuts, etc. for school-aged children through his Fresh Start program. Every year he does this because he’s a lovely human being. Thank you, Dave, you are a true humanitarian.

BEEF When I was a kid my parents worked like machines. My breakfast, lunch and dinner was provided to me by them. They took responsibility. Why are taxpayers funding irresponsible parents? Ridiculous.

BOUQUET to the person who swept the otter poop off the dock. I kept walking past it and thinking I should do it, but you took action. Much appreciated.

BEEF To whoever picked all my apples on Douglas Avenue. Would have been nice of you to ask. Apples weren’t ripe yet. You are a thief. Didn’t even leave any for me.

BOUQUET To two great guys Shaun and Jared from 2 Mikes Tree Service Ltd. They did a wonderful job with trimming our trees and after the cleanup you wouldn’t have known they were here.

BEEF Whoever is repaving the old Island Highway left broken pieces of wood everywhere in the middle of the road, they left paper that flaps in fresh asphalt and it looks terrible all around.

BOUQUET To Melicia at LifeLabs at Nanaimo North Town Centre. I am very difficult to take blood from. Many times I am very bruised after many tries. She got it right away and I didn’t even feel the needle. You are awesome and I thank you so much.

BEEF To Prime Minister Trudeau. When you speak of standing up for women in politics, I have one name for you: Jody Wilson-Raybould. Jog your memory?

BOUQUET Thank you to Dr. F. Jacobsohn for performing two major surgeries on me in nine months. I cannot express enough my gratitude and awe. The care I got on the third floor was top-notch and I was there for 17 days so I was able to watch and experience the special kind of people it takes for the care you provide.

BEEF To the beefer saying that the city is harassing people experiencing homelessness. First of all, needles, feces, garbage, lewd behaviour and harassment is what the working-class citizens are bombarded with by allowing people to congregate in public places. Crime, fire, etc. follows this trend of outdoor living. It’s the citizens of Nanaimo who are being harassed.

BOUQUET To the Lantzville municipal employees who did a great job pruning and weeding the new landscaped beds in the village. They are now a very attractive addition to the village core.

BEEF To the person who plays their saxophone. It may sound great, but when you are a front-line worker who has to work nights, that is an hour less sleep we get. Please close your doors when practising. Thank you.

BOUQUET To Sonny A., a recent graduate at Wellington Secondary. I came back from maternity leave to the loveliest letter and wonderful news about your plans for the future. You have worked so hard and it has paid off. I am so proud of you and I look forward to seeing the places you will go.

BEEF To the supermarket. The motorized shopping scooters should have been replaced long ago, they are in terrible shape and if you are lucky enough to get one to use, hopefully (but not likely) it will last long enough for a short shopping trip.

BEEF To the beefer complaining about the beefer complaining about the weed smoke. Just because it is legal doesn’t give you priority. Even if it’s medicinal. Have you tried edibles or such? Or even taking a walk where it won’t bother anyone? I am so fed up with closing my windows and doors because of the smell and smoke.

BEEF To the people frequenting a small park at Yellow Point. Throwing crab traps in the water when people are swimming, also taking starfish that have only recently recovered. I have swam at many parks on the Island and never once seen this happening. Snagged traps are left in the water and raw meat garbage left around the park.

BEEF To the poster who said the money we are spending on downtown fences could instead be used to fund services. We have already spent millions on social services and the problem persists. What are a few dollars for fencing going to change? What needs to change is spending a huge percentage of tax money on a tiny portion of the population. This applies to bike lanes as well.

BEEF To the provincial and federal governments for allowing our health-care system to fail. During COVID the provincial, federal government and top doctors had daily broadcasts; now they cannot be found.

BEEF To the lady at Planet Fitness who used the chin-up machine to exercise your legs. I pointed out that you were putting your feet where people kneel. It wasn’t hygienic. You told me to mind my own business.

BEEF To the group of 20 who went past my no trespassing signs on to my private property and said they had permission to harvest dogwood trees. Don’t come back.

BEEF To people whining about fast lanes. Let’s face it, if you were doing 30 kilometres per hour over the limit and the road was empty, someone would tailgate you.

BEEF Post-secondary bus passes should be available at all locations that sell bus passes. It’s unrealistic to only sell them during work day hours and to be closed on the weekend.

BEEF To all the people who every morning and or evening walk your dog onto the courthouse grounds and let them urinate and defecate. The grounds are well maintained with gardeners working hard to try and keep it looking great. However, the grass is now dying in areas because of the constant amount of dogs daily using it as their dumping area. Half of you pick up after your dog and the rest just leave it for someone else to clean up.

BEEF To those walking your dog on the boardwalk, it is a two-way walking path. You do not have the right to take up the whole path with your dog or dogs and expect everyone to step aside for you.

BEEF To the supermarket for cancelling its flyer. You need a magnifying glass to read the print on the online version. The ads posted at the store entrance are just as difficult to read, and should at least be at eye level. Many of the people in my complex are seniors, and most don’t own a computer, and have said they will now shop elsewhere.

BEEF To the city for the expensive Metral Drive project. Where are the bikers? Imagine this in the winter. More hazards for drivers. Wasteful spending causing unaffordable tax hikes. Election can’t come soon enough.

BEEF To the malls and commercial properties that have allowed their trees to die from lack of watering. We need trees for shade and to keep our city cooler. Very depressing to see leafless, dead trees. Please show you care about your community and take care of your trees.

BEEF The City of Nanaimo is being asked contribute to a $20-million art gallery. Effectively that’s a $200 admission fee for every person in Nanaimo, whether you like art or not. With inflation, that’s a cost most people can’t afford.

BEEF To the city for the new very bad design of Metral Drive. Nothing wrong before. Drivers, businesses, taxpayers suffer for the sake of almost no cyclists. Millions better spent on homelessness, etc.

BEEF Departure Bay has no shortage of deer, they are a part of the landscape. I recently witnessed an older lame deer limping on three legs, the fourth being mangled. Animal control has told callers if it were small and young they would intervene but this older deer should be left to die naturally. It’s inhumane. Is there someone out there who can legally and humanely euthanize this beautiful creature to end its suffering?

BEEF To the city for the Metral Drive rebuild fiasco. You have created the largest traffic bottleneck in the north end of the city. More bike lane space than regular vehicle space.

BEEF To the media for clickbait. A video about orcas is promoted with a still of a jumping orca, even though no such dramatic event happens in the actual video if your reader clicks on the story. This seems like false advertising.

BEEF To the property management company. You may be within the law, but ethically, not so much. Renovation after renovation, drawn-out and lined up one after the other for more than a year. Is this the new version of reno-viction? Psychological warfare? Get a conscience.

BEEF To the irresponsible man in the Ford Escape going through school zone, screaming and yelling at the flagger, calling her names. You need some serious attitude adjustments and show some support for these people who put their lives on the line. I’m glad she got your licence plate and hope she follows up with a report to the RCMP.

BEEF To smokers who toss their cigarette butts on the dry ground. It is a dangerous fire hazard. It also pollutes our city. They get flushed into the ocean to kill marine life. Use a portable ashtray. You should also look into treatment for addiction.

BEEF To the person on our street whose house has garbage, broken glass and rotten food everywhere outside the garage. I can’t believe your young children are allowed to live in that chaos.

To submit a beef or a bouquet to the Nanaimo News Bulletin, e-mail

Beefs and bouquets

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