Beef to the woman who was brushing her dog at Piper’s Lagoon. I did not appreciate the tufts of dog fur landing on me while I was trying to enjoy the sun.

Beef to the woman who was brushing her dog at Piper’s Lagoon. I did not appreciate the tufts of dog fur landing on me while I was trying to enjoy the sun.

Beefs & Bouquets, Sept. 12

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BOUQUET To a generous lady named Terry F. who left a basket of wool at the hospital for the auxiliary craft group. We appreciate all donations of wool and quilting fabrics which are turned into products that we sell. All funds raised are donated to the hospital.

BEEF To the woman who was brushing her dog at Piper’s Lagoon. I did not appreciate the tufts of dog fur landing on me while I was trying to enjoy the sun.

BOUQUET To Brandon at Mobil 1 Lube Express. Amazing service and patience. Brandon and his teammate Andy solved a complex tail light issue that lots of people would have given up on. Great prices, even better service.

BEEF To those who still park in what is obviously a live lane of traffic in Lantzville. It is neither safe for you or oncoming traffic trying to squeeze by in half a lane. Also beefs to those who let their dogs poop in the grassy strip, when there are free bags at either end of the street.

BOUQUET To all my neighbours on Starlight Trail and elsewhere who are not cutting their lawns with small yellow flowers (and dandelions too). The honeybees are busy at work collecting the nectar.

BEEF To the artisan at the market. She took credit for another designer’s product that I had made. Plagiarism is one thing but saying she made an item that I had made somewhere else and claiming it as hers, wow! Rip off on so many levels.

BOUQUET Thank you to the Redliners Car Club for the exceptional job that they did at the annual charity car show. A special shout out to Original Joe’s for providing exceptional food and prizes and to all those participating. Funds raised at this event support the work of hospice in our community.

BEEF To the bakeries at a certain supermarket. Apparently they are bagging day-old bulk buns and desserts without informing us on the package or offering a discount. Those products are handled by the public, yet my concerns were altogether dismissed by staff at two locations.

BOUQUET To the friendly, helpful people at Island AutoPros car sales. When my car had a problem close to their location, I would not have been able to continue on to Nanaimo without the immediate assistance they gave in fixing the problem – even though they are a sales location and not service – and without charge. Thank you.

BEEF To the plant-based meat-substitute movement. It is the height of PC insanity. Have you ever seen a cow or a pig made out of a plant?

BOUQUET To the RCMP for their fast and professional response to the emergency situation at Woodgrove mall.

BEEF To my neighbours who think their front deck railings are for draping laundry for days on end. Good effort, by maybe up your game and get a clothesline? Not everyone enjoys the view of your underwear and stained bed sheets.

BOUQUET Thank you so much to Nola Dunn at Woodgrove Centre, Rob Squire, City of Nanaimo and Nanaimo News Bulletin for making our Eaton’s reunion such a success, and all the wonderful people that attended, it was simply the best.

BEEF To my pot-smoking neighbours: Yes, you have the right to smoke pot on your back deck. You could also choose to smoke on your front porch but you don’t. I have to close up all my windows as the air currents bring that pervasive stench directly into my home. You can do what you’re allowed to do or you can be a good neighbour.

BOUQUET It is so great that Trollers fish and chips is once again open after being closed for two months. It did not take long for people once again to cater to such a fine eating establishment at the harbourfront.

BEEF To the people in Sherwood Forest who like to set off fireworks. Thanks for sending my dog into a terrified frenzy every time.

BOUQUET The people of Nanaimo are so kind. When I tripped and fell on the Dinghy Dock ferry walkway, without hesitation ice and a first aid kit were brought to me. Many, many thanks for the assistance.

BEEF I wonder how tourism has been affected by the current addiction, mental health, homelessness and crime situation. Maybe tourists can sit and enjoy their Nanaimo bars while watching an addict inhale drugs or shoot up in front of them. They can take a walk through the parks and see makeshift shanties set up.

BOUQUET To Glenna, Inga and Stephanie for all of their hard work in initiating and hosting the Eaton’s reunion. It was such a treat to re-connect with so many great people from our past, lots of laughs and great memories, a terrific time was had by all. Well done ladies; thank you.

BOUQUET To Judy and the amazing personal customer service at Northern Reflections after a recent, overdue shopping spree.

BOUQUET To Kelly at Nanaimo Honda service centre. You continuously go above and beyond to provide top-notch customer service every time I bring my car in. You work to make sure all my needs and requests are met around my hectic schedule. The way you take care of customers and go the extra mile does not go unnoticed. Thank you.

BOUQUET I want to praise the parents of young children who discipline their children while playing and controlling their noise level. Some parents are responsible and respect others around them and understand that the noise of squealing kids can be very annoying.

BOUQUET To Larry of Solar Electric. I was amazed at his knowledge, immediate solutions to what I thought would be a problem. And, best of all, Larry took the time to show me some tricks to be sure I have refilled the spool on my weed-whacker correctly.

BOUQUET to Cathy of Cathy’s Bookkeeping Tax-Co. for ensuring my records are compiled and submitted to CRA promptly and correctly. Cathy’s been there for me and my record-keeping for many years and has my complete trust.

BOUQUET To the painters who have spruced up the Cedar Community Hall. It puts a smile on my face as I drive through our lovely rural area.

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