Beef to the local government or its workers that installed dozens of large signs with the largest word in bright red spelled ‘absolutley.’

Beef to the local government or its workers that installed dozens of large signs with the largest word in bright red spelled ‘absolutley.’

Beefs & Bouquets, Sept. 1

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BOUQUET To Christian at Popeye’s supplement store who went above and beyond to help with my upcoming races. Christian was knowledgeable, extremely helpful and insightful to what would help me the utmost.His honesty, kindness and assistance was incomparable. I was a brand-new customer and he went the extra mile and made me feel valued.

BEEF To the mechanical company van and Ford truck in Cedar. Every morning you speed up the road going to work because you probably are late. Slow down or I will be forced to call the police or employer. People walk on these roads at all times of the day.

BOUQUET To Regional Recycling bottle depot on Hayes Road for giving out free bottled water to customers. Greatly appreciated during the heat wave.

BEEF To the local vet clinic. We’ve been a client of yours for over a decade and when we needed you, your vet snuck out the back door. Thanks to the other clinic for helping me out.

BOUQUET To Ross at Shaw Cable’s tech department for his kind help to a stressed customer after three cable boxes didn’t work.

BEEF To the worker who urinated next to his work truck in the Brechin Hill area. Just because our office has mirror-tinted glass and you can’t see us, we can see you.

BOUQUET Thank you to all who were able to vote for our Eldon during the pet photo contest. With all your votes our Eldon came in seventh.

BEEF To the big box store that now has self-checkouts. What kind of customer service is this? Anyone using this method of checkout only encourages businesses to have less staff. If people stop using them, businesses will be forced to take them out and hire more cashiers.

BOUQUET To Alberta visitors: you are always welcome here. Don’t pay attention to the few who do not represent us. Albertans are amazing for their work ethic and ‘can do’ attitude. A unique culture I wish others would explore. Though Canada disparages you routinely, it is out of jealousy.

BEEF To the woman with two school-age girls at Piper’s Lagoon beach chain smoking. Everyone down the beach from you has to smell that, including our baby. Please set a better example and have some consideration for others. Nobody wants to enjoy nature while ingesting second-hand smoke.

BOUQUET I just want to say to the bowling alley I am sorry for ralphing in your parking lot, it was one of our stops on my bachelor party. At least I made it outside. Thanks for a fun night. One hangover I will never forget.

BEEF To our city leaders for their continuing flagellation of Nanaimo taxpayers, where ‘a bit of a shortfall’ for a $50,000 totem pole translates to double the original estimate.

BOUQUET To the sweet woman whom I assisted when you were clearly rattled while being broken down on Brechin Road, thank you for taking the time to put a bouquet in to send your gratitude, my e-mail is so if you see this, it’s Jodi and maybe we could share a tea together one day in the future. Hope all turned out OK for you. I am so very grateful I met you that day and was able to help you.

BEEF To my neighbour who has taken it upon himself to park his big truck that hasn’t left his driveway all year on the road in front of his place so no one else can park there while his garage and driveway sit empty.

BOUQUET So grateful for my friends Gita, Catherine and Karen. Thank you for making a rough time better. Your thoughtfulness is greatly appreciated.

BEEF To all the business owners whining about the labour shortage. Pretty simple solution really is to pay more and treat employees with respect and stability. No-brainer.

BOUQUET To my dearest Stuffin. Thank you for all that you do and have done for me in this time of stress. Love you with all my heart.

BEEF To the Ministry of Forests. With the high fire hazard rating in B.C., you should have closed all public access to the forests, especially on the lower half of B.C. and Vancouver Island. This would be one way of getting logging protestors out of the Fairy Creek logging area.

BOUQUET To Shalen at Kiwanis. Your work ethic, care, smile and kindness does not go unnoticed. Thank you for all you do to brighten lives.

BEEF To the city for changing the parking rules on Townsite behind the Legion. After talking to a supervisor with the city I am told people expect to take their vehicle everywhere and they are trying to change that. I live there and that is the only place I expect to have my vehicle. The parking should have been resident-exempt.

BOUQUET To the folks at DBL. From keeping us hydrated to bringing out the muscles when needed, your help to small businesses is invaluable. Thank you.

BEEF I do not like raisins. Please do not put them in trail mix. Raisins do not taste good, add more M&Ms.

BOUQUET To Liz, Faye, and team at Sand Dollar Mortgages. We just purchased our first home, and the support that they provided us through the process was outstanding. They guided us through all of the steps, answering our many questions along the way, and always so cheerfully. Very easy to communicate with as well. Thank you.

BEEF To the Tex-Mex eatery that serves its chicken with Buffalo sauce. Keep it southwest, not east coast.

BOUQUET To our forward-thinking city council for embracing a sustainable future for our city. These green initiatives that some are constantly complaining about in Beefs & Bouquets are the things that will help make this city livable when their grandchildren are 50. Time to step aside and let the younger generation decide their future; we’d prefer it to not be on fire.

BEEF An employee fired by another employee – how does owner of the hardware store sleep at night? Hiring thugs to run your business, treating customer rudely. At least two employees quit because of your bad attitude.

BOUQUET To Woodgrove Centre and Nanaimo North Town Centre for hosting the markets, helping to support local makers and artisans.

BOUQUET To the lady who gave my dog her ice cream cone. She had no idea when she asked if my dog could have it that she has terminal cancer and I was looking for ways to spoil her. The kindness of a stranger was exactly what I needed. Thank you.

BEEF To dog owners who walk their dogs off-leash, then pull emergency workers off of important calls to rescue their dogs from the Abyss. Shame on you.

BOUQUET I forgot my reading glasses on a rocky beach at Neck Point. The next morning, I went there to look for them, and I found them hanging on a billboard at the parking lot. Thank you very much to the very kind person who found them and put them there for me.

BEEF To the cleaning business owner for verbally abusing my new-to-the-workforce 17-year-old daughter. I had no problem with you firing her for not being fast enough, however I do not believe that you should have called her a “waste of space” in front of the others. A bouquet to Faith, thank you for speaking up. I would hire you in a heartbeat for having a wonderful moral compass.

BOUQUET To the City of Nanaimo and its traffic department – the improvements to the Victoria Road-Victoria Crescent-Terminal Avenue intersection are very good, and the changes to Front Street which provide cars, pedestrians and bicyclists with safe sharing of that area are excellent. Thank you.

BEEF To the supermarket produce workers who were loudly debating the Olympics from opposite sides of the department while dropping an F bomb at least once a sentence. I’d rather not have swear words with my celery, thanks.

BOUQUET To the girls selling juice, toys and books and giving away decorated seashells, and to all the children showing their entrepreneurial talents with lemonade stands and the like. Future business leaders.

BEEF To the person who doesn’t think anybody should sue anybody. This is a free country. Catholic churches should fess up and pay for all those children.

BOUQUET I highly recommend Corinne at Material Things for dress alterations. She knew exactly what I was trying to say as I described what I wanted done to my wedding dress, and it turned out perfectly, she is very talented. Great pricing too.

BEEF When you are curious what will happen to us in the near future, read the New Testament, Revelation 13:15-18.

BOUQUET To portable speaker enthusiasts who know and follow the one rule of public listening. Only CBC, Bob Marley, Vin Scully (with the express written permission of Major League Baseball), your dad’s favourite Neil Young album, and Groove is in the Heart, is permitted. And if you are one of those people who have to listen to country music, Willie Nelson is acceptable.

BEEF To the store. Your system showed eight of my type of tires in stock, then you told me that it was wrong and they would have to be shipped in a week later, then a week later told me I needed to pay additional shipping. You just failed Customer Service 101.

BOUQUET If you are having trouble with water, get in touch with ABC Water. They came right away. What more can I say? They deserve a bouquet. Found the problem, replaced the float; I’m so pleased, that’s why I wrote.

BEEF To the provincial government. I just bought a used car and went through the history. It had six prior owners. I calculated that based on the original sales price of $28,000, the PST added up to a total of $10,384 or 37.1 per cent over the transactions. Why do drivers put up with that type of greed?

BOUQUET Sincere thanks to Dr. Rumball and the ER nurses and porters at NRGH for their kind and professional care.

BEEF I think it is very important to put beefs in the News Bulletin to educate the not-well-behaved people among us. Hopefully they will change in the future.

BOUQUET To Buzz Coffee House for providing a tasty frappuccino during the heat wave.

BEEF To the local government or its workers that installed dozens of large signs with the largest word in bright red spelled ‘absolutley.’

BOUQUET To B.C. Wildfire Service and the numerous fire departments and firefighters who assisted battling the Mt. Hayes wildfire.

BEEF To motorists of Metral, it’s a 30km/h construction zone from Mostar to Aulds. This does not mean to drive as fast as your gas pedal will allow one second after you have passed the flagging team.

BOUQUET To Shoppers Drug Mart at Country Club Centre. The techs are always really great to deal with, providing excellent customer service, and the pharmacists provide clear advice. They also watch for any concerns, which recently helped prevent a serious reaction for me. The rest of the store staff is great too, they always know where things are when I ask. Awesome store.

BEEF To the driver of the black Fiat 500 that side swiped my week-old Prius on Departure Bay Road and then took off. Hopefully the coffee shop security video has proof so you will be held accountable. A bouquet to any witnesses – it was 6:30 p.m. on July 27.

BOUQUET To Cobs Bread at Terminal Park Mall and the employees there. I always know that when I buy my fresh bread there I am sure to enjoy my lunch.

BEEF To the District of Lantzville for petitioning the Supreme Court about the dinosaurs. Dinosaurs have rights too and you are oppressing them.

BOUQUET To all of the staff at the Milton Street Public House. During these difficult times of being under-staffed working with ever-changing protocols, I am still always met with such friendly service, amazing food, and delicious beer. A special shout out to Summer who works non-stop to ensure things run smoothly and customers leave happy. I will definitely be back many more times.

BEEF To the the employee of a local store’s computer department. She was not friendly and not inclined to show me what items were available. You lost a sale.

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