Beefs & Bouquets, Oct. 8

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BOUQUET To Linda, recently retired from Dufferin Place. Admired and respected by residents and staff alike, she set the standard to which all health care workers should aspire.

BEEF To the beefer who said the little girl in the Colliery dam picture looked confused and scared. Wrong – she is the happiest little protester in Nanaimo.

BOUQUET To organizers and participants in this year’s Terry Fox Run.

BEEF Justin Trudeau needs two ex-PMs to help him with his campaign – who will help him if he gets elected?

BOUQUET To the footwear manager at Sport Chek for your help in replacing my New Balance shoes.

BEEF To the city public works for not repairing the potholes in the south end. I should open an alignment shop.

BOUQUET To Norma in the CAT scan department at Nanaimo Regional General Hospital. She was professional, friendly and efficient and made my first scan painless and worry-free.

BEEF To the political elections signs. They continue to make falsehoods which, as usual, just fade away and radiate into nothingness.

BOUQUET To Reece at Superstore’s produce department for going to so much trouble to help the lady with arthritis.

BEEF To Canadians for not seeing the real danger in just opening our borders. We’re being so blinded by sympathy to the refugees’ plight that we’re overlooking the real possibility of terrorists infiltrating Canada.

BOUQUET To Nanaimo RCMP for all your hard work apprehending the thief who stole from our home. Your dedication to solving this case is very commendable.

BEEF Nanaimo physicians take too many appointments to get something sorted out and are too slow with pain control. Many physicians claim patients have psychiatric problems but are really putting their mistakes back on patients’ mental health.

BOUQUET To the Windward and Oxy pubs for their continued support of the Elks No. 26 and Royal Canadian Legion Branch 10. Also to those who barbecued and worked in the kitchen.

BEEF To north-end residents for wasting power by burning five outside lights all night. An investment in motion lights will be paid back by saving on electricity bills.

BOUQUET To Kal-Tire for giving us such great advice, service and price on our all-weather tires. Also a shout out to Nanaimo/OK Tire for referring us to Kal-Tire.

BEEF To the phone company. My unlisted number is currently in a motel listing. I have received more unwanted and fraudulent calls than ever. The wait time to get something sorted out is too long.

BOUQUET To Carolyn from Tom Lee Music. I forgot my credit card at my son’s instrument rental night. The next day, Carolyn drove all the way from Tom Lee Music to Duke Point where I work, to imprint the card.

BEEF To the obvious political propaganda TV ads. You’re still trying to sell us the same old line as being new and improved.

BOUQUET To all the parent volunteers working to keep Rutherford Elementary School open. You are so appreciated.

BEEF To the city for not paying attention to the intersection at Bowen Road and Dufferin Crescent. The left-turn lane signal only lets two to three cars at a time.

BOUQUET To the kindest man in Errington, who saved my cat and made the effort to return him to our family after he was missing for two months.

BEEF To the roofing company that threatened a lien on our new home instead of assisting us with the cost of extensive damage to our driveway caused by the disposal bin. Maybe talk face-to-face instead of writing letters to resolve your poor service problems.

BOUQUET To Ron Cantelon and fellow driver for taking time to stop and help two ladies in distress. Having a flat tire in a remote no-cellular service area is no fun. Your kindness is very appreciated.

BEEF To voters who keep going to the polls to vote for the status quo, expecting something different. As Einstein said, it’s the mark of insanity to keep doing the same thing repeatedly expecting a different outcome.

BOUQUET To All The Way Roofing. The owner/operator Jay is fantastic, friendly and very professional. His crew works very well together, quickly and efficiently. They did our roof and our neighbour’s in one day.  We highly recommend Jay and his great crew.

BEEF To the beefer who beefed about my beef concerning cyclists crossing with the red hand and not the green walk signal. You don’t need to check the traffic rules and regulations to know that a red hand denoting stop means just that, in any language, and for any vehicle or pedestrian.

BOUQUET To the staff on the sixth floor of Nanaimo Regional General Hospital and Dr. Paul Voorhoeve for the incredible care I received after I broke my hip. I know the hospitals are short staffed but the care I received was amazing.

BEEF To parks and recreation appropriating the professional table tennis equipment (purchased by members of the seniors’ table tennis club). The reasoning: the organization uses city property to play in.

BOUQUET To the B.C. Ferries employee who graciously cleaned up after my son was sick on the ferry.

BEEF Shouldn’t Canada’s citizenship courts be more concerned about applicants, with dual citizenship, lying when they swear loyalty to Canada rather than fretting over what applicants are wearing?

BOUQUET To Mr. One Hour Cleaners which took a grease stain out of my Gore-tex coat. Saved me a bundle.

BEEF To the store which doubled the rental rate from the first month of an equipment rental when the rental was extended by a week.

BOUQUET To Colin at Backyard Birds for going the extra mile. Way to look after your customers.

BOUQUET To the Cops for Cancer on their Tour de Rock ride. Your brave efforts, for an important cause, were appreciated.

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