Beef to the flag beefer. Sorry about the disturbance from my flag. You see, it keeps the birds from pooping on my car.

Beef to the flag beefer. Sorry about the disturbance from my flag. You see, it keeps the birds from pooping on my car.

Beefs & Bouquets, Oct. 26

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BOUQUET God send to the little miracles that happen every day.

BEEF To the flag beefer. Sorry about the disturbance from my flag. You see, it keeps the birds from pooping on my car.

BOUQUET To organizer Kathleen Van Doorn and all sponsors and volunteers who made the 37th Terry Fox Run so successful. Also to the local hockey teams that took part.

BEEF To all cat lovers. If you can’t control them, you shouldn’t be allowed to own one. You let them roam the neighbourhood so they can kill the beautiful songbirds and poop in our gardens. Come clean this stinking mess, be responsible or else.

BOUQUET To our very reliable News Bulletin delivery person on Westwood Road. We are new to the area and look forward to every informative paper. Still can’t believe it’s free! Thanks and keep up the great job.

BEEF Don’t blame School District 68, blame Christy Clark. It’s all about money. It has nothing to do with teachers and the teachers and students suffer.

BOUQUET Thank you to Island Solar Films Ltd. for responding so quickly to a call to fix our retractable screen door.

BEEF To the Albertans that live here and go back to renew their vehicle insurance.

BOUQUET To Lantzville Liquor Depot under Lantzville Pub for helping out with a wedding at Costin Hall. Great community support.

BEEF To Nanaimo for not doing as they said, fix the Northfield and Boundary ambulance route and the 1950s intersection for ferry traffic at Estevan Road.

BOUQUET To Amir, the information specialist at NRGH emergency department. I was stressed to find out that I was to be readmitted. I shed a few tears as I was frightened and frustrated. Amir was so kind and gentle and sweet and made me feel so much better about the process.

BEEF To the golf course for ignoring a member’s basic human rights. A member wearing a ‘Make America Great Again’ hat has people who dislike the president turning into more intolerant bullies than Trump.

BOUQUET To Sonny’s Jewellers at Beban Plaza for the brilliant job they did re-sizing my wedding rings at a reasonable price.

BEEF To the cat beefer. Cats are just as loving and comforting as dogs. Whatever your pet preference, cats offer affection and anyone who wants to give love and receive love back will get it in return. Cats are not a beef, but a bouquet.

BOUQUET To Nanaimo Recycling Exchange for the convenient service provided to our city. Without it, many people might not bother to recycle.

BEEF To the cop who went through a red light to pull over someone who went through a yellow light on the Aulds Road intersection. I saw you.

BOUQUET To all those who went beyond the call of duty to give me a second chance of life. Herb and Charles at Nanaimo Golf Club, the first responders, ambulance crew and emergency operating and ICU staff at NRGH. I am continuing on the road to recovery.

BEEF To all the smokers. Pleasant Valley’s Grade 3 class picked up over 400 cigarettes butts at Brannen Lake. Hopefully one day your kids will not be asked to pick up cigarette butts.

BOUQUET To stores like Country Grocer, Walmart, Save-On-Foods, Canadian Tire, Best Buy for putting out newspaper ads we can sit and enjoy looking through that is a nice lap size. We seniors appreciate it.

BEEF To Nanaimo drivers who drive too fast through the city thinking they are entitled to 70 kilometres per hour through residential zones. Roads are now wet and your lane changes without signals just worsens the conditions for everyone who ventures out in the city.

BOUQUET To the nurses of the sixth floor who showed such compassion to myself and my wife Margaret who passed away. I’ll never forget the student nurse with a tear in her eye. Such devoted people.

BEEF To the City of Nanaimo. I realize that is the last day of manual collection services for my area but you really couldn’t afford to give these poor people an extra shift to send a third truck, after we go through the trouble of separating our compost and recycling from our garbage?

BOUQUET To John the Foam Guy for a job well done and his reliability.

BEEF To the two workers who think it’s OK to smoke marijuana on the job. I hope there’s not dangerous fluids in the tank on the back of your truck that you drive after.

BOUQUET To all the wonderful people at Departure Bay Baptists Church who were so kind and welcomed me into their church family. I always feel loved and welcome every time I go there even if I don’t know anyone.

BEEF To the city for destroying all the hard work that the residents and businesses have put into making Old City Quarter beautiful. Have some city councillors walk along 400 block Wesley Street at night. There is a tent city there with people shooting up drugs in plain sight. I say no to the safe injection site.

BOUQUET To Harris Kia for making our car deal such a pleasant experience. We were dealt with courtesy and professionalism from the first meeting through to the business office. Thank you Roy.

BEEF To the Regional Transit System for taking down all the bus schedules at all the stops and not replacing them. Not to mention no schedules in the buses. Higher rates, lower service.

BOUQUET To the new VIU Mariners men’s hockey team. If you enjoy fast, skilled and hard-hitting hockey, you want to check out this team out.

BEEF Conservation is becoming an oxymoron. 600 bears killed since April. Grizzlies down to 700 in Alberta but cubs that can be rehabilitated are euthanized and the trophy hunting continues? Where is the conservation and education in that?

BOUQUET To the City of Nanaimo public works for their work on the Pine Street bikeway. With the addition of sidewalks, bike lanes, and on-street parking, the street looks fantastic and is much safer.

BEEF to the city for not installing dozens of traffic cams to monitor the countless red lights that are being run by everyone from moms with kids in vans, to city buses. But let’s spend $40 million on a pretty sidewalk and hope the real issues will take care of themselves.

BOUQUET To our police. Who would want to be a cop with the way they are treated by some people and especially the media.Thank you from this law-abiding citizen for all you do.

BOUQUET Many thanks to Andy and Derek, Mike and David for doing such an excellent job replacing all our house windows and rebuilding our old sun room. They were on time, fast and neat.

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