Beef to my neighbour who likes to drive by slowly as I work in the yard. Your constant stares and goofy looks are now on camera and will be shown to RCMP. This is a form of harassment.

Beefs & Bouquets, Oct. 25

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BOUQUET To Coastal Energy Ltd. and SIS Propane Ltd., both five-star businesses because of Angelo, Becky, Paul, Corey, Ben and Jimmy, and Jennifer and Robert. Love my new heating system; it does a fantastic job. Thank you all.

BEEF To all those who drive down property values by allowing vegetation to destroy ocean, lake and mountain views. Tall trees improve looks of only one yard, take kilometres off your neighbour’s. Let’s make Nanaimo’s outlook and values great again.

BOUQUET Many thanks to Coun. Bill Bestwick for making it happen to install a sidewalk on the south side of Dufferin Cres. If it wasn’t for him convincing council, it never would have happened.

BEEF To the mean kennel owner who had our dog for three weeks, refused to give him to us because we were 30 minutes late in picking him up after a 10-hour flight from England. She needs to be more considerate and understanding.

BOUQUET To my daughter, grandson and friends Sharon and Ruby for all their help during my recovery from hip surgery.

BEEF I have a beef with the voters who will go to the municipal polls and vote to re-elect council incumbents. The Nanaimo city council has been nothing more than a four-year gong show. Too much in-fighting, backstabbing and personal agendas.

BOUQUET To HandyDart for their polite and courteous drivers. Always on hand.

BEEF What on Earth happened behind Terminal Park? Only one lane. You get stuck behind the bus and you can’t turn into the fast food restaurant. It was fine the way it was. What a waste.

BOUQUET To Remedy’sRx pharmacy. Your kindness and generosity is so appreciated. Thank you for the loan of a much-needed post-surgical item.

BEEF To the grocery store that allows trucks to deliver from 5 am. on. These trucks have loud back-up alarms. There are many homes exposed to this noise.

BOUQUET Thanks to Chrysler and Angelina for helping a senior citizen buy a car. Thanks for your much-needed help.

BEEF To our city fathers. Where are we, citizens of Nanaimo, supposed to store those three new monstrosity garbage disposal cans. How do elderly and people with disabilities handle them, especially since Nanaimo has so many steep and long driveways?

BOUQUET Thanks to the paving crew for doing such a good job patching on the highway and parkway. Super smooth.

BEEF To the City of Nanaimo sanitation. After seven phone calls I find out a doctor’s note is required to get someone to help me with these ridiculous oversized cans to the curb on garbage day. I pay my taxes. Are you going to pay for the doctor’s bill?

BOUQUET To the beautiful young woman in Casino Nanaimo who said I was a sweet old lady and offered to buy me lunch. I had to say no but I hope I see you again sometime, you are a darling.

BEEF To restaurant owners who force wait staff to share tips with cooks. Unlike cooks, waiters make below minimum wage because they do get tips. Employers should pay cooks appropriately, not have servers supplement their incomes.

BOUQUET To all those responsible for bringing beautiful smooth asphalt to Highway 19A.

BEEF To parks and rec. One little receipt now requires four pages of nothing. Can anything be so ridiculous? Their new computer system is extremely slow now.

BOUQUET To Wendy at Legion No. 257 Ladies’ Auxiliary in Lantzville for all you do.

BEEF To the mall administration for having cleaning staff scrubbing on their hands and knees for low wages.

BOUQUET To the News Bulletin and whoever makes sure I get a paper right to my door. Thanks so much.

BEEF To my neighbour who likes to drive by slowly as I work in the yard. Your constant stares and goofy looks are now on camera and will be shown to RCMP. This is a form of harassment. Grow up and act your age.

BOUQUET Thank you to Doug and Chris from Stone Soup for helping me after my car accident.

BEEF To the parents who push their stroller around while listening to music with your earphones. You can’t hear horns or sirens.

BOUQUET To Dave L. and his Real Canadian Superstore staff. My father had a medical incident last month. Thanks also for the assistance of a male customer and paramedics. The staff has had medical training and had medical equipment.

BEEF To the grocery store. Shocked at extremely high prices. Went in with a list of 12 items; left empty handed. How can families afford to shop there? I want to shop local, but not that store.

BOUQUET To Dr. Stephen Crowley, Dr. Christopher Olynik and their staff at Island Oral Facial and Implant Surgery. Dr. Olynik put his fingers in great peril when he extracted an abscessed top molar and I couldn’t open my jaws wide enough or long enough. His patience and kindness will never be forgotten.

BEEF To those who put their unwanted junk in clothing and book donation bins. Do us a favour and take your items to the dump.

BOUQUET To Tom. Thank you for your generosity by giving gorgeous dahlia bouquets to me and so many other lucky people. Their beauty is admired and they bring joy to so many people. They are a real labour of love.

BEEF To the old grey-haired guy who likes to vandalize vehicles. That’s against the law; thank God for dash-cams.

BOUQUET To organizers and participants in this year’s Terry Fox Run. You are keeping alive the memory of a true Canadian hero.

BEEF What has happened to the thrift store? It used to have the appeal of a unique boutique. The staff are still wonderful.

BOUQUET Thank you to all customers at Turner Road Quality Foods whom I served for the past 11 year. I miss you all. But I have moved to Nanoose Quality Foods. From your cashier from the front end. I wish everyone the best.

BOUQUET For Stewart, who helped when our car went down during rush hour. He not only used his phone, but stayed to help traffic move around. Thank you.

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To submit a beef or a bouquet to the Nanaimo News Bulletin, e-mail

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