Beefs & Bouquets, Oct. 24

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BOUQUET To Francisco’s on Rosstown Road. My son’s truck was smashed and you did an amazing job of fixing it – it looks even better than when we bought it.

BEEF To the beefer who wore dirty pants at the store. Those of us who wear clean slacks shouldn’t have to be subjected to proximity with soiled trousers.

BOUQUET To Big O Tire on Albert Street for once again providing excellent service at a very competitive price.

BEEF To the developers who put up a billboard on a beautiful bluff with arbutus trees near my home. They have ruined my pretty view with needless signage. I wish developers would be more considerate of their neighbours.

BOUQUET To the kind man on his bicycle who stopped to help me and changed my flat tire on the Island Highway, heading south, across from Earl’s Restaurant.

BEEF To the man hitting his small, chubby Jack Russell in the face three times after we passed. Look at the size of you compared to the dog. And shame on your wife for not stopping it, although I imagine she may not want to stand up to you, either.

BOUQUET To the kind soul who found my student’s wallet which he left on the bus to VIU. He was very happy to get it back.

BEEF I cannot believe a lot of seniors in Nanaimo are not treated well.

BOUQUET To Shawn of Gordon’s Home Sales for the superb job he did replacing the skirting on my mobile home. It is truly refreshing to have someone working on a project who knows what they are doing.

BEEF To the mobile home park manager for the illegal eviction notices to the weak and sick elderly.

BOUQUET To Richard for transplanting my tree. I thought it was hopeless. You were indeed thoughtful and I appreciate it.

BEEF To people who steal shopping carts and an even bigger beef to those who litter our residential streets and creeks with them.

BOUQUET To Kelsey for the very nice thank-you letter. It is good to know my gift to you is appreciated.

BEEF To the city. Why am I not seeing any ad yet in newspapers reminding Nanaimo residents that there is a ban here concerning fireworks? It is such a nuisance and too loud.

BOUQUET To Nanaimo for making this past Tag Day a great success. Thank you to all the volunteers and cadets as well.

BEEF To the parents who let their young child ride their bike south on the highway in front of Country Club Centre every morning. There is a pathway they can ride on and be safe.

BOUQUET To Doug Fast and the staff of Applecross Home Hardware for sponsoring and generously supporting the barbecue and draw in support of the Mid Island branch of the Canadian Mental Health Association.

BEEF To the persons who dumped a boat and more garbage at the end of McKeown Road in Chase River. Karma’s on the way.

BOUQUET To Bill and the folks at Aztec Appliances for rebuilding my marine stove. A quality job and Bill has such a great knowledge and words of advice. Good luck in the new location.

BOUQUET From a very happy Gabriola customer to Marc and Will from Superstore for their excellent service in the recent purchase of my iPhone.

BEEF To the mayor for accusing concerned citizens of upsetting his family for merely suggesting the Uplands supportive housing  be built on vacant property in Lantzville near his home. All the while chastising them for being selfish simply because they express the same concerns.

BOUQUET To the Canadian Tire store for allowing our furry family members to go into the store and shop with us.

BEEF To the woman driver making a right hand turn into the fast lane on a red light who found it necessary to give me the finger and hurl obscenities to me because of my bad driving. I honestly thought that drivers going through a green light had the right of way.

BOUQUET To Ice Nail Bar. I have been visiting the place for five years and kudos to Jan who has managed to meet my needs as I have difficult nails and hands.

BOUQUET To the gentleman in Thrifty Foods Port Place who returned my purse to me as I was rushing out to catch the ferry. I remember you and hope to see you again shopping to thank you properly.

BOUQUET To Buddies All-Natural Dog Food Store. My 10-year-old dog is like a puppy again. Thank you, Dee Dee and Wendy, for being so patient with all of my questions.

BOUQUET To Terry from Shaw Tech Support. His professionalism and perseverance (no doubt accompanied by a long history of troubleshooting tech “annoyances”) resulted in detecting an small idiosyncrasy that permitted me to finally communicate via e-mail once again.

BOUQUET To all my grandkids in Trail. Thank you Megan and Taz for my great-grandson Kruz – my sixth in all.

BOUQUET Great service from Mid-Island Autobody for fixing my truck door and days later adjusting my headlight.

BOUQUET To Dr. H. M. Bailey, nurses Madelene and Honeylette at NRGH Heart Function Clinic for kindness and caring. Your dedication to your profession and the special care you give is most appreciated.

BOUQUET To a lovely lady named Louise who offered to drive me home from the doctors. She put my walker in her van. You made my day being so kind.

BOUQUET To the ladies at Vision Arts on Waddington Road for all their help when I broke my glasses.

BOUQUET To Beryl for taking home some tired travellers when there was a taxi shortage at the ferry terminal on the long weekend.

BOUQUET To Mom and K.A.W. Thanks a million – I’ve been dealing with this disease of addiction for nearly two decades and you’ve never given up on me.

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