Beef to whoever is stealing furnace oil from my tank. I am a senior on a very low pension having a hard time already with my heating bills without having to pay for someone stealing it.

Beefs & Bouquets, Nov. 8

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BOUQUET To Jump Around Promotions Inc for bringing a whopping big bouncy castle to my grandson Logan B.’s ninth birthday, out of the goodness of their hearts. They heard first from neighbors Gavin and Aline P., who told them of the very difficult time Logan and his parents are going through with a very scary health situation. Our family is so very grateful for their generous and humbling spirit.

BEEF In the last couple of years there has been a noticeable increase in the amount of general litter that is left around for others to clean up in central Nanaimo. Often stuff is tossed on the ground or left on benches even close to municipal garbage cans.

BOUQUET Sincere thanks to the person in Walmart who handed in to customer service a bag containing three sweaters I had just bought. Your honesty is very much appreciated.

BEEF To the person who sarcastically thinks people honk for good drivers, I honk at drivers all the time who are a danger to others.

BOUQUET To my dentist John Olesen at Seven Sails Dental Centre. From a very grateful patient, when he fit me in at a moment’s notice to build me a new tooth that had fallen out. Missed his lunch, but sent home a very happy lady.

BEEF To every squatter and tenter who know nothing else but to engage in criminal destructive behavior. We once had sympathy for your cause, but no more, especially after the destruction you caused at the elementary school.

BOUQUET To Bulletproof Mechanic and U-Haul. I am so thankful for your kindness, honesty and the great work done. Thanks again Amber for all the legwork you did to make my invoice cheaper, you’re an angel. Thank you Greg for the great work and your honest opinion. I’ll never go anywhere else again.

BEEF To the City of Nanaimo for forcing some citizens to haul the new automated waste collection carts to another location, often two or more properties away. The manual collection worked and now citizens are doing employees’ work and we pay the same user rates.

BOUQUET To neighbours Joyce, Shirley and Val, who continue to look out for their friends’ welfare, even though there is no reward and no pat on the back. Makes me feel good to be a human being, ladies.

BEEF Teachers must have an extremely strong union. Good for them, eh? School started the first week of September, and they’ve had three pro-D days already. When they were off in July and August, perhaps they could have used those months for their personal development.

BOUQUET Thank you to the drivers who understand that you signal when you want to leave a traffic circle (such as the new one on Rutherford Road) and not when you enter it. Keep driving safely.

BEEF To whoever is stealing furnace oil from my tank. I am a senior on a very low pension having a hard time already with my heating bills without having to pay for someone stealing it.

BOUQUET To the very kind woman who returned to customer service, our bag of groceries that we left behind in the Superstore parking lot. You are one of the amazing people that make up this great city. Thank you so much.

BEEF Most company vehicles have their name and contact info prominently displayed. So I often wonder when they are poorly driven, why the driver ignores that.

BOUQUET To all staff at Kid’s Place Daycare. Thank you for your loyalty to your families and children and thank you for all of your hard work to take good care of our children.

BEEF To the teachers at a school in Nanaimo who played group tennis in the morning and group golf in the afternoon during the Pro-D day. The more this happens, the more I wish I could afford private school.

BOUQUET To all of the doctors at NRGH cancer clinic, especially Dr. Kulla and Dr. Kenward, and to all of the wonderful nurses, staff and volunteers in the palliative care unit. You treated my father with love and respect through his entire cancer fight and we are so grateful.

BEEF To the kids’ store which has horrible customer service, grumpy staff and unreasonable owners.

BOUQUET to John R. of John’s Bedroom Barn and Nanaimo News Bulletin for expressing perfectly my feelings about the honesty, integrity and quality I experienced when searching for a mattress. John actually told me the first one I purchased from him was just fine – no need to spend more. Imagine! Instead, I had a personal pillow made and I love it.

BEEF To the City of Nanaimo for prematurely changing the lights at East Wellington and Bowen, suggesting to motorists to use Madsen Road as the connector. It remains blocked off as that land is not yet owned by the city.

BOUQUET A big bouquet to Lee in the hardware department at Canadian Tire for his patience and helpful advice with new do-it-yourselfers.

BEEF To the neighbour in the Jingle Pot area who installed six floodlights. You have negatively impacted the enjoyment of our property, and you shouldn’t have the right to do that. I don’t know anyone who would want two industrial sized floodlighst pouring into their kitchen.

BOUQUET Sincere thanks to the ladies who work in the Woodgrove Centre food court for finding and turning in my husband’s partial plate. Much appreciated.

BEEF I am done with the self-aggrandization that continues with our fire department.Well-paid (definitely), valuable (for sure). Many people put their lives on the line often for much less or nothing. They don’t seem to feel the need to advertise their worth ad nauseum.

BOUQUET Wonderful to see the Nanaimo Island Highway finally getting paved. So much easier to drive on. Now if we could just get rid of all the weeds alongside the highway it would look so much better.

BEEF In light of what is know of the dangers of breathing the fine particulate matter associated with burning forest slash, why is this activity not more restricted in close proximity to built up residential areas?

BOUQUET Robyn, thank you for taking such good care of our dogs. Finding your business, Into the Wild Canine Services, has been such a blessing given our busy schedules. The boys always come home exhausted and so loved from their hikes.

BOUQUET to the News Bulletin. I have always loved the little paper that comes with all the really great coupons in one place. My biggest beef with the paper is that there is no sudoku. Please put that back in the paper. Yes I appreciate the fact that I must lead a very blessed and privileged life, if that is my biggest beef.

BOUQUET To the older gentleman who I let cross the crosswalk at Country Club Centre. He waited on the sidewalk just to give me a ‘thank you’ salute — ‘you’re welcome’ salute back to you, sir.

BOUQUET To Dr. Sandy Thomson and his wonderful staff at Woodgrove Dental Clinic. I have never met such a caring and friendly dentist. When I first starting going to him I was traumatized by what another dentist had done and he quickly eased my worries and I haven’t experienced any pain during fillings. Thanks.

BOUQUET To the Nanaimo Lions Club for doing a fantastic job building our ramp for my husband’s wheelchair. Your group is so thoughtful and caring and do amazing things for people who need help. Well done.

BOUQUET To Lila and George, the best neighbours for over 20 years taking care of us. Taking our old washer and dryer out and picking up the new-to-me and installing it. You have been a godsend to many and I am extremly grateful for all of your precious help over the years.

BOUQUET To the staff at NRGH who use their medical professionalism and kindness while caring for patients.

BOUQUET To the two Cedar Lions ladies who happily helped out at the Welcome Back Pancake Breakfast held at Cedar Secondary School. Thank so much for flipping.

BOUQUET A big smiley bouquet to Lynn at the V.I. Thrift Store. Your helpfulness and cheerful attitude always make my day.

BOUQUET To Sydney and Stephanie for organizing a very successful fundraiser for Haven Society. These young university students hosted a beer and burger night at the Old City Station Pub and helped raise over $6,500. Amazing work ladies! Haven Society is forever grateful.

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