Beef to the rude lady at the gas station who was shouting and cussing at the senior to hurry up and move his car. He hadn’t even got his fuel yet and there were other pumps available.

Beef to the rude lady at the gas station who was shouting and cussing at the senior to hurry up and move his car. He hadn’t even got his fuel yet and there were other pumps available.

Beefs & Bouquets, Nov. 4

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BOUQUET To all management and staff at Thrifty Foods at Port Place mall for raising more than $10,000 for B.C. Children’s Hospital during its recent fundraising campaign. Our local store raised more than any other Thrifty’s operation in the province, and came in third out of all Sobeys-owned stores in B.C. Well done everyone, you’re true community champions!

BEEF To the rude lady at the gas station who was shouting and cussing at the senior to hurry up and move his car. He hadn’t even got his fuel yet and there were other pumps available. What is wrong with you? Why not just use one of the other pumps instead of acting entitled?

BOUQUET Thank you to Terry at Thrifty Foods Port Place for her commitment and for sanitizing our buggies day after day.

BEEF Shame on the protesters who disrupted and forced the postponement of a Lantzville council meeting.

BOUQUET To Ladybelle Bridal. From the first contact, I had a memorable experience where I felt ‘heard.’ Chris was so helpful with the appointment prep and COVID protocols. Sarah was absolutely amazing. Not only did she have such a fun personality, but she was also very knowledgeable about the inventory, which was really needed in my case. Thank you.

BEEF To the all the speeders and people on their cellphones in the Pleasant Valley school zone. Why are you above the law? Beef to the RCMP for standing there once in a blue moon and not doing anything to resolve the problem. Eight cellphone users in less than 15 minutes.

BOUQUET To all the employees of Sunray Aluminum for a great job with our decking and patio cover. Everyone from the office staff to the installers made sure the finished product was well done.

BEEF Was very disappointed when shopping at a second-hand shop which offers a 20-per cent discount for seniors on one day weekly, to be denied. COVID-19 was the excuse. Is this not for the seniors and people who need to shop this way for reasons such as COVID? Is this not a not-for-profit to help communities get through this or any other reasons?

BOUQUET Kudos to JPs Catering working in Parksville Community Park for introducing me to the best darn Montreal smoked meat since I left that lovely city way back in 1975! And great curly fries too. Welcome to the area.

BEEF To the white sports car in Pleasant Valley, you’re not impressing anyone; everyone is pretty fed up of your speeding and loud muffler. Try toning it down, especially when you are speeding in the school zone.

BOUQUET Never stop looking for inspiration.

BEEF To property owners who let their hedges/plants encroach on sidewalks. Walking along Machleary Street, some of these take up about half the sidewalk. Please, use the edge of the sidewalk as a trimming guide.

BOUQUET Thank you very much to the driver of the black Dodge pickup truck who paid for my breakfast at Tim Horton’s on Bowen Road. You made my day! I returned the favour to a driver behind me in the lineup three days later.

BEEF To the hobby shop. I had prepaid for several orders of crucial bits and pieces for RC flying. There has been more than one occasion among myself and friends that have seen minimal or non-existent communication, and have paid for items not arriving until several weeks after the promised dates. The only reason I dealt with your business at all is because you own and operate a small business during one of the worst pandemics in modern times.

BOUQUET To the two masked women who dropped off two dozen muffins to 16 members of the Hearts in Motion walking group outside Nanaimo North Town Centre. A beautiful gesture and much appreciated; we wish you all the best karma in the world.

BEEF To the driver of the grey/silver minivan who aggressively tailgated me on Wakesiah and Bowen and then blared their horn on the way past me. What did you hope to accomplish by harassing a senior on their way to pick up a child? Shame on you.

BOUQUET To Heather G., nurse practitioner at the Nexus primary care clinic. You’re always proactive, approachable, and caring. I finally feel like my health is in good hands. Thank you for the care you give your patients.

BEEF To the RDN, more waste. With no official flag to unfurl at an Association of Vancouver Island Coastal Communities, staff were directed to design a new flag/protocol for approval. Try conducting business virtually, no flag required!

BOUQUET To our children and young people. They lost so much this year: no visiting grandparents, no school, no birthday parties, no playing and hanging out with friends. Prom, graduation and other highlights of life didn’t happen or are happening differently. Thank you for being a positive example to all of us. Imagine the stories you will one day tell your children and grandchildren.

BEEF To all the people at the Northfield Road rest stop leaving their trash outside the garbage cans, all the cigarette butts on the ground, and especially to the people who obviously had a gender-reveal party and left pink confetti on the ridge trail – you turned one of the nicest trails in the area into a dump. Your baby girl probably won’t get to enjoy these sites thanks to people like you.

BOUQUET To the lovely older gentleman who dug into his own pocket to leave some coin treasure for our little girl digging at Departure Bay Beach. It made her day and she was so excited to find some pirate treasure. It restores the faith in kind people.

BEEF Copper wire theft and destruction. So who buys copper wire in the Nanaimo region? First stop for sale by thieves?

BOUQUET Love and appreciation to the front-line staff at the complex care building of Nanaimo Seniors Village for the consistent care and attention to my mother during her 17-month stay with you. With all that is happening around us, in your world and ours, you collectively helped us in every way possible to make her few last months in this world comfortable and peaceful. Thank you so very much.

BEEF To the city councillor playing ‘chicken little’ about the climate. Did you miss the fact we are in a more pressing situation? Stick to the garbage collection and public works issues please.

BOUQUET To the wonderful person who found and turned in the pink change purse at London Drugs. It had belonged to my dear late mother and has huge sentimental value. Thank you so much.

BEEF When it comes to feeding the wildlife, stop and consider we as humans have taken their habitat and made it our own. They deserve our help. Humans are the greediest animals on the planet.

BOUQUET To the guy riding the motorized seatless unicycle around Nanaimo wearing a full Batman costume complete with flowing cape – seeing you made my day.

BEEF Once again, your cat doesn’t belong on the road, vehicles do, don’t blame them.

BOUQUET I ended up on bus going the wrong way. The bus driver refused to let me off, explaining, “You can’t walk to Bowen Road from here.” Then she asked another driver to wait at VIU for the connection needed. Thank you! Good health and happiness.

BEEF To the person complaining about motorcycles going through the barrier on Gulfview Drive. I have always maintained that putting restrictions on public roadways such as that one is elitist and wrong. Why should you have such privilege? I say take the barrier down and let everyone through. It’s better for emergency-vehicle access anyway.

BOUQUET To Nanaimo Health Shop for the fantastic basket I won. It was a pleasant surprise. Thank you.

BEEF Why doesn’t the city house those experiencing homelessness in the old Tally Ho motel rather than taxpayers purchasing land and building housing units which will be destroyed? It is better than them living on the streets and they can access downtown services.

BOUQUET To the leaders debate. It was nice to not have each person interrupting the other every few seconds, so people could actually hear what each party’s stance was on an issue. Such a refreshing change from watching what happened with the presidential debate in the U.S. recently. This is how all debates should be done – respectfully and easy to comprehend.

BEEF With the lack of parking around the hospital area, look at the health unit, so much wasted space with trees and shrubs, could be so many more spots for parking. Also around the residential care centre at the back and side all that treed area going to waste, why not make that parking? In an area so desperate for parking I think the public would appreciate the trees cut down.

BOUQUET Thank you to Davina and the team at Supertech. We recently needed work done on a diesel VW car. Davina went out of her way to hunt down warranty and recall information that covered the entire bill. This team continues to provide excellent service to their clients.

BEEF To the Departure Bay complainers, please report anyone who is feeding deer or wildlife to the officials or talk to them. We enjoy seeing the few quail, hummingbirds and migratory birds that come to eat birdseed/nectar from feeders. Once the migrating birds leave, I will be removing my birdfeeders.

BOUQUET To the amazing team at Terminal Park Dollarama for not hesitating in the first aid of an elderly woman who tripped on the curb. Shame the ambulance took so long to arrive but the young blonde staff member provided kind and efficient care in their place.

BEEF To the beefer about her cat being run over. While the loss of a pet is tragic, so is an irresponsible pet owner who allows their pet to roam outside.

BOUQUET To the wonderful staff at NRGH emergency, ICU and the coronary care staff at both NRGH and Royal Jubilee in Victoria. The care for heart patients on this Island is amazing and the staff do a great job in coping with COVID while not allowing their level of care to decline for patients with chronic conditions. Many thanks to the exceptional front-line workers who have shown they care.

BEEF Many parents use the adult fitness area of the Oliver Woods rec centre as a playground for their children. What’s wrong with the giant playground next to it? Not everyone wants children running and screaming around them during exercise. Young children also tend to ignore social distancing and many machines are designed for the elderly.

BOUQUET To Ilona at Paradeeso Spa. I love coming to the spa to be pampered. Thank you.

BEEF This is to the group of motorcyclists and dirt bike riders in the Cinnabar area. Your purposeful acceleration beyond the speed limit past the residential houses is not only illegal but it scares our young children and wakes them up from their sleep. Learn some common respect and dignity. The RCMP will catch you one day, because we are certainly complaining enough.

BOUQUET To the young lady at Terminal Park Mall Starbucks drive-thru who said she is cooking a turkey for the first time on her own. Thank you for staying home and I hope your turkey turned out delicious.

BEEF To the government workers afraid to go back to work. Most of us haven’t stopped. What entitlement you have.

BOUQUET To Sugandha who is by far the kindest soul I have ever met in my life. She is someone who makes a subtle impact on everyone around her through her kind actions, grace and smile. The world needs more people like Sugandha.

BEEF To all of you who are complaining about restaurant staff not wearing masks. Stop calling the health board on us. It is not mandatory for any of us to wear masks. If you don’t like it, don’t go. Restaurants aren’t an essential service, no one is making you eat there. Do you think the cooks that are making your food are wearing masks?

BOUQUET My car battery died while I was waiting in the drive-thru. Fortunately, a lovely couple got up from their table and pushed me up to the window so I could get my coffee, then pushed me across the street to park safely. Not only that, they did it one-handed while holding their coffees. Thanks to them and their Hulk-like conviction and strength. Also, thank you to the SUV driver who pulled over and gave me a jump while parked. I forwarded your kindnesses to others.

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