Beefs & Bouquets, Nov. 28

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BOUQUET To Erin Dahle. Not only does she do an amazing job taking care of my son at her daycare, but she spent four hours painting our new baby room after a long day of work. Friends like her are one in a million.

BEEF To the person(s) who stole my daughter’s cellphone and wallet at the VIU library. May karma be with you.

BOUQUET To all the bouquets printed in the Nanaimo Bulletin. So good to see how many more positive bouquet comments are submitted than the negative beef comments.

BEEF To the people who use the term “budge” improperly. The correct word is butt – as in “May I butt in front of you,” or “He butted into line in front of me.” Budge is a word used to denote that something is difficult to move, as in “This car won’t budge.”

BOUQUET A purry bouquet to Dr. Mary Jane Bowie at Island Veterinary Hospital for her excellent care of Luna, her eye is getting better thanks to your treatment.

BEEF To the local security company that loads its drivers up so that they can’t even have a break.

BOUQUET To Abba Flooring and especially T.J. for his excellent customer service. Thanks for the great carpet remnant. My dog is happy to have dry feet when he comes in through the doggie door.

BEEF To our low-life neighbour who tells kids not to come to our house to trick or treat.

BOUQUET To the crossing guard at the Estevan and Brechin intersection who is so full of joy as she works. Smiles, waves, and her happy spirit makes my morning every day on my way to work.

BEEF To the loss of the penny. We taxpayers might be happy but shoppers aren’t. Either the store absorbs the penny or charges it to the customer. Either way, the penny is still around and somebody is being ripped off.

BOUQUET To Paradise Island Foods of Nanaimo. A packet of cheese from the supermarket had a flaw in the processing;  as the company was local, we drew it to their attention. Much feedback and we were compensated with a large variety of mixed cheese packets – absolutely brilliant customer service.

BEEF To the lady in the white minivan who had five German shepherd dogs running loose at Chase River. They attacked me, bit me, knocked me off my bike into the blackberries. You then left without asking me if I was OK.

BOUQUET To the person who found my car keys and left a note on my door handle of the whereabouts. You made myself and grandchildren happy.

BEEF Where’s the beef? Can you please dish out some more meaty, spicy beefs? Bouquets are fine but beefs give us a chance to vent when life serves us tougher cuts.

BOUQUET To everyone who wears a smile – I’m smiling back at you.

BEEF To all the joggers, walkers, cyclists and motorcycle riders out there. Please wear bright colours, especially at dusk and when it’s dark. Motorists would hate to harm you, but you are almost invisible when you’re wearing dark attire. Please help us to keep you safe on the roads.

BOUQUET To Doug from The Irrigators. Thank you for your prompt arrival and for taking the time to talk to my husband and giving him information and advice.

BEEF To the underwear store for blaring the most annoying Christmas carol ever on Nov. 16. I would have refused to shop there that day if your underwear weren’t so darn comfortable.

BOUQUET To Tara McNeil for developing creative and fun fitness programs and activities for all skill levels of participants. No wonder her classes are so popular.

BOUQUET To the emergency room staff at Nanaimo Regional General Hospital. In the early hours, I ended up there for 10 hours receiving amazing care from start to finish. What a great bunch of professionals.

BOUQUET To Sunny Air Duct Cleaning. Thank you for friendly and courteous service. Adam and Chris did a great job.

BOUQUET To the blonde flag lady at the Williamson Road and Hammond Bay Road Winbley construction site for her charismatic, infectious and happy smile and her courteous demeanor. She puts us in a great mood for the rest of the day.

BOUQUET To Kregg at Norwell Road Kal-Tire for looking at the bigger picture. No charge to repair a simple nail in my tire, recognizing my past business value.

BOUQUET To Dominique at the Jolly Miner Pub. She is a great bartender with a beautiful smile and attitude.

BOUQUET To the folks at the Nanaimo Curling Centre for their patience, support and kindness when I fell on the ice and broke my arm. A lot of nice people work and play there.

BOUQUET To Ralph Lemmon and Mid Island Collision staff for the extremely prompt service and beautiful job of repairing the scrapes on my car. Everything completed in less than eight hours with a smile.

BOUQUET To AC Taxi. I have always had great service and been treated well, especially when I was hit by one of their cabs a few years ago. For the last six months, I’ve had severe mobility problems but thanks to the company and its personnel I can still get around fairly well.

BOUQUET To the gentleman who picked up my wallet at the post office on Terminal Avenue and returned it to me.

BOUQUET To those who kept the Halloween tradition in 2013 alive for the children. Such happy children including our Harewood teens who were understanding when the goodies ran out.

BOUQUET of red poppies to Ian, a patron at the Black Bear Pub for buying Bill his dinner on Nov 11. More than 70 years of being a veteran and I have been thanked many times for serving our country in the Second World War. It was my privilege. I am the lucky one for sure.

BOUQUET To Petroglyph Animal Hospital. When my dog was ill and I was unable to bring him in myself, they went out of their way to help me and picked him up from my home and stayed open late.

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