Beef to Halloween, a celebration of death, weapons, blood and murder. Halloween is a mockery of death and our beloved deceased. Why do we celebrate it?

Beef to Halloween, a celebration of death, weapons, blood and murder. Halloween is a mockery of death and our beloved deceased. Why do we celebrate it?

Beefs & Bouquets, Nov. 25

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BOUQUET To Tim at the Domino’s on Fifth Street. We have been going there for years and he always provides us with the best-tasting extravaganza pizza. The customer service is great and we love his sense of humour. Thank you.

BEEF To the person noticing something wrong or illegally going on with fishing at Departure Bay Beach. Perhaps it was out of ignorance and it may only need someone to speak up and point out the infraction? I have found it confusing and difficult to look online for proper restrictions. Citizen patrol is sometimes far more effective than any paid enforcement. Perhaps a video capturing the deed is all that is needed?

BOUQUET To the person ahead of me at Tim Hortons on Uplands Drive who paid for my coffee. Thanks. You sure made my day. What a nice surprise.

BEEF To the fire captain who attended the call to the apartments. When you have four tenants confirming they’ve smelled something burning, don’t claim that no one said they smelled anything. Do your job properly and write your reports accurately.

BOUQUET To Dr. Schneidereit and his team of professionals at Nanaimo Regional General Hospital. Thank you for your caring, compassionate ways. Your kindness has helped me and numerous others through a very difficult journey in trying times.

BEEF To all the Americans hiding out on Vancouver Island. Change your plates. You only get three months to change your insurance to ICBC coverage before your American insurance expires. Or, you know, just go home.

BOUQUET To the office staff of Roofmart who supplied me with two sheets of vinyl roofing without charge to replace shingles that were torn away during the last wind storm.

BEEF Who designed the mall traffic patterns? The back side of one mall and its entrances, exits and routing show no evidence of any thought.

BOUQUET To the City of Nanaimo for putting speed bumps on Bay Street. Maybe we could have some on Uplands Drive between Turner Road and Hammond Bay Road.

BEEF To irresponsible cat owners who let their felines use the neighbourhood as a toilet. Not fun discovering buried piles of feces in the garden during fall cleanup. Also, a beef to my two dogs that think buried cat’s ‘treasure’ is appetizing to find. Disgusting.

BOUQUET To Tyler at Nanaimo Toyota who came out and explained why a warning light was flashing on my Prius. I was in a panic when I brought it in and he sent me on my way feeling greatly relieved and not a penny poorer. Thank you.

BEEF To the person who complained about the speed bumps on Bay Street. If you are slowing down as you approach them then they are working.

BOUQUET My wife and I had the great pleasure of a delightful lunch to celebrate our 59th wedding anniversary at the Modern Café. Our meals were delightful, well served, tasty and very generous. David and Tammy were most gracious and welcoming. We were most honoured and surprised that another dining couple treated us to lunch. We owe a pay forward. All in all a wondrous memory.

BEEF To neighbours who treat their yards like a dump site. I work hard and pay my taxes and it would be nice to open my kitchen blinds and not stare into your heaping reno site.

BOUQUET To VIU for keeping us students informed during our semester online on changes and policies. As midterms pass and we prep for finals, let’s do our best.

BEEF To the stores and citizens that attempt to make masks mandatory. You can’t force me to wear a mask. My personal rights and freedoms are more important than your illogical fears.

BOUQUET To every person walking along the Harbourfront Walkway who, through their generosity, gave to all the buskers above and beyond what we ever expected. At times we were the only live music in town. Your appreciation, high-fives and compliments kept us going, especially when we had no tourists to help out. You came through big-time for us and we will never forget it.

BEEF To the management and staff at the fitness centre for having a mask policy and not enforcing it. I have observed many of the members not wearing masks and a lack of social distancing by some.

BOUQUET To the peaceful protesters standing up to protect democracy and their official community plan in Lantzville.

BEEF To the Alberta trucks tailgating my car on the highway when I had a child in the back.

BOUQUET To Rob and his crew at the Costco tire centre, super happy with the tires and the service. Keep up the awesome job.

BEEF Is it entitlement or ignorance that prevents drivers from using their signal in a traffic circle?

BOUQUET Thank you so much to the cart collector at Walmart. You found my purse that I had forgotten. I had returned home to Parksville and was sure it was gone for good. Nothing was missing and I had a fair amount of cash. I wanted to leave a reward but it isn’t allowed. I hope your employer knows they have an amazing employee.

BEEF To the citizen who complained that the city is giving precedence to people experiencing homelessness. Boy, some heart you have. You think because you “work hard and pay your dues” you’re more important? Try living in their shoes for 48 hours, then you might not be so quick to judge. Shame on you.

BOUQUET Many thanks to the person who found the keys to my car and turned it in to customer service at Superstore. I pulled my mask out of my pocket and put it on before entering the store, not realizing the key slipped out at the same time.

BEEF To the beefer complaining about pedestrians taking too long walking across the intersection. One day you will be me and thankful you can still be mobile. Hopefully you’ll mellow out before your old age.

BOUQUET To all in this city who live in harmony with the deer and wildlife that share this land with us. Plant deer-proof plants in the front and fence off the back for your veggies and roses. In a world where nature is being destroyed, let us do better and be kinder.

BEEF To the upper management at the service stations. I deal with similar businesses on the Island and the ones here are the only ones that do not offer full service. I think that says a lot about the management.

BOUQUET To the News Bulletin for providing locals a place to air their community frustrations. Whether or not published, it’s just nice to get things off one’s chest by writing a grumpy vent that would impress Oscar the Grouch. And, most importantly, it makes room to move toward solutions. Thank you.

BEEF To the people setting off fireworks well past 1 a.m., stop. Some of us have lives to continue in the morning and the sound of not only fireworks, but every animal in the neighbourhood, keeps us up.

BOUQUET Thank you to the staff, volunteers, donors and customers who support the Hospice Shoppe and in turn, the work of hospice in our community. Please remember these wonderful people are giving of their precious time and when they ask you to wear a mask, please be kind – it is only to keep everyone safe and healthy.

BEEF To the person who whittled an eye-level branch into a point on the Mt. Benson trail; ouch. My partner caught it in the eye and now has a scratched cornea. We’re so lucky it wasn’t worse (side bouquet to our wonderful Canadian free health-care system).

BOUQUET To the woman in the blue car who stopped to drive me home after I fell on Turner Road. It was so kind of you.

BEEF There were no charges laid for illegal fireworks on Halloween. People having illegal explosives shouldn’t be ignored by police.

BOUQUET To all the lovely customers of non-masking venues who voice appreciation for a smiling face. We are here for you, and appreciate you.

BEEF To the Boomers who are not wearing masks, not covering their nose, masks around your chin, and generally not being hygienic in public. Enough with the entitlement as all this is for you.

BOUQUET To the lady working in McDonald’s on Rutherford Road for paying for my six-year-old granddaughter’s meal after offering sympathy when she saw my granddaughter sporting a cast after breaking her arm. Thank you for being a great, caring employee.

BEEF To Halloween, a celebration of death, weapons, blood and murder. Halloween is a mockery of death and our beloved deceased. Yes, our parents and grandparents, unborn children, lost children. How many unsolved murder cases does Nanaimo have? Why do we celebrate it? Our plastic-fantastic mockery of sacred death is a sign of weakness and absence of intelligence.

BOUQUET Thank you to the kind lady who found my driver’s licence at Lost Lake trail and drove it to my house. You are amazing. Forever grateful.

BEEF To the liquor store that does not encourage patrons to wear masks. We went in today and out of maybe six or seven seniors, there was only one mask wearer and that was my husband. What is wrong with all of these seniors? They should know better.

BOUQUET To all who wear masks. Those of us with grandparents/elderly parents appreciate all of you who wear masks to keep them safer and allow them to out and still have a quality of life.

BEEF To people who leave their personal garbage on the tables of coffee shops. Those poor employees aren’t paid enough to deal with your chewed gum, toothpicks, used disinfectant wipes and masks. Ever hear of this thing called common decency, and a garbage can?

BOUQUET To everyone who had a hand in planting and maintaining the trees and shrubs showing off their fabulously brilliant colours on Bowen from East Wellington to just past Buttertubs. I love my daily drive.

BEEF To the new neighbours off Bay Street. Please try and stop your small and large-breed dog that sounds like Cujo from barking starting at 6 a.m.; daily it can be heard houses away. Please, have some respect for families who live all around you.

BOUQUET To Sitka Landscaping. The owner is the most down-to-Earth, honest fellow I’ve known while in Nanaimo, and has helped me out tremendously. He is a teacher at heart.

BEEF I went to an auto service business; they didn’t have the oil filter for my car and suggested I go to the parts house and get one. I went to a different shop not a block away and got one; they told me they won’t use customer-supplied parts.

BOUQUET To the person who found my wallet in the parking lot at Departure Bay Veterinary Hospital and turned in to the office. Many thanks for the call to notify me. Much appreciated.

BEEF To the people who take their dogs out to do their business on people’s lawns in the hospital area. Please imagine how you would feel if someone did that to your private property. Kind of mean, don’t you think?

BOUQUET Thanks to June and Steve for your generous gift card; your kindness will keep on warming my heart and soul, as well as keeping my fridge happy for winter months to come. You two are just the best friends in every way. Virtual hugs.

BEEF Stop excessively tailgating delivery vans. Most of the time they don’t go that fast and we’re trying our best to get parcels delivered on time and in a safe manner. If we’re in the left lane we’re probably about to turn left so no need to blare horns, flash lights or yell curse words at us as you drive by. You probably have a well-paying job, a nice house and are more important than us, but we’re just trying to get by, so please, stop making our lives difficult on the road.

BOUQUET The Explore to the Core Preschool wants to give a giant bouquet of thanks to Larry. The tires he gave us are going to be enjoyed for a very long time.

BEEF To the electric bicycles travelling very fast on the E&N trail. I walk my dog there daily and cyclists get angry when they have to slow down while I hold my dog to the side. They approach from behind with no bells and with windy, rainy hat-and-hood season here, walkers don’t hear them. Ring a bell and give us a second or two to move aside. And slow down.

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