There is way too much loud background ‘music’ – actually noise – that now accompanies most TV shows and documentaries.

There is way too much loud background ‘music’ – actually noise – that now accompanies most TV shows and documentaries.

Beefs & Bouquets, Nov. 24

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BOUQUET To the person who picked up my lost prescription sunglasses on the Copley Ridge trail and hung them on a post. Three months later, they were returned to me by a friend who picked them up.

BEEF To the city councillors more interested in global climate than in running our city responsibly. Focus on what you were elected to do.

BOUQUET To our 16-year-old grandson. He is always there for us no matter what we need. He is so helpful in every way and never complains. He is polite and respectful and we would be lost without him. Love you Jake.

BEEF To the city planners and engineers who are making Metral Drive one of the most dangerous roads in all of Nanaimo. You could have removed the green patches and given us drivers a little more safety.

BOUQUET To the young lady who got out of her vehicle at Quality Foods Northridge to help me look for my hearing aid that fell to the ground as I was taking my mask off. Thankfully she saw it before anyone could either walk or drive over it. Thanks so much. You made my day.

BEEF There is way too much loud background ‘music’ – actually noise – that now accompanies most TV shows and documentaries. I can mute commercials but unfortunately I can’t turn down this unnecessary background noise.

BOUQUET To Country Grocer on Bowen Road for their fantastic donation of a cake to the Lantzville Legion’s veteran’s dinner. It was enjoyed by everyone.

BEEF Fairy doors are for fairy tale books or for your own backyard, not to be nailed to our beautiful tree trunks in Neck Point Park. Enough already; they’re everywhere. Let’s keep our parks natural.

BOUQUET To the person who turned in my handbag at the lost and found at Country Grocer. I accidentally left it in the cart outside. Thank you.

BEEF To the dishonest real estate agent who falsely accused a young family man of false accusations. You should be ashamed of yourself. The truth will come out. People are sick of hearing about your shenanigans with this young man.

BOUQUET To NRGH and to Dr. Teixeira, Dr. Cheung and Cheryl from the lab and Stephen’s nurses while he was in the ER, and in stepdown on the third floor. Thank you for going above and beyond to make him comfortable and relaxed while he was in your care.

BEEF Regarding election signs, what was more conspicuous was which signs did not get knocked down. I felt badly about folks’ lack of thoughtfulness for having the choice of an electoral process. Perhaps the red signs were being picked on.

BOUQUET Thank you, Guthrie House Therapeutic Community, for providing a place to heal our minds, bodies and spirits. With your help, so many people have changed their thoughts, beliefs, attitudes and behaviours and were able to take their rightful place in their communities.

BEEF To the public roadside shrines for lost loved ones. I appreciate your grief, but it is time to get on. Keep the roads safe, clear of obstacles.

BOUQUET To Khabir and Quais who delivered my appliance from Lowe’s. You were so pleasant and did an excellent job. Highly recommended. Also to Aaron at Lowe’s. I came in to look at appliances after having a very bad experience with another appliance store. He was so pleasant and helpful that my stress level went down. I would highly recommend him. Thanks so much.

BEEF There was a head-on collision on Brechin Road with one driver injured. I called 911 and was on hold for three minutes then transferred to ambulance and was on hold for another four minutes. Too long by far in the case of a serious accident. I know steps are being taken but this is unacceptable.

BOUQUET To the NRGH ER nurses who looked after my crying newborn for several hours in the busy waiting room overnight: thank you for your patience and understanding in what clearly was a very busy place.

BEEF To the city for proposing the idea of a bus exchange at the corner of Terminal and Commercial. This would be an absolute waste of prime downtown real estate. Transit exchanges are notorious hot spots for crime, loitering, littering and open-air drug use, aside from being an eyesore. What’s there now is pretty ugly, but a bus exchange in that location is not what that area needs.

BOUQUET To walkers who understand that a hand means stand, not walk. Bouquet to drivers who understand that a red circle/white line means do not enter, not drive on through.

BEEF To the driver in the white pickup who selfishly cut in and out of backed-up traffic without signalling, then at a red light swore at and threatened a driver. Seek help for your issues before you literally run into the wrong person. It likely won’t be long.

BOUQUET To the baseball fan listening to Vin Scully’s memorable call of Kirk Gibson’s pinch-hit home run in the 1988 World Series on her portable speaker. In a year that has been so improbable, the impossible has happened.

BEEF Fireworks are banned in Nanaimo and yet all evening we heard fireworks going off. Come on people, grow up.

BOUQUET Thank you to the Clinic for Cats for its compassion when we had to put down our beloved kitty. Not only were they absolutely lovely on a very difficult day, but they also sent us the sweetest card afterwards, further expressing their sympathies for our loss. Their compassion meant so much to us, and we will never forget it.

BEEF The city started budgeting with 3.4-per cent tax increase. Unfortunately most Nanaimo residents don’t start with a 3.4 per cent, after tax, income increase.

BOUQUET To the school district for including swimming lessons in the physical activity program at Springwood school. Without this arrangement many children would not be able to participate given the restrictions in place. Thank you.

BEEF To the Chase River residents for fireworks three days in a row. Do you know or care that this is illegal in the City of Nanaimo and (most important) the noise terrorizes all animals?

BOUQUET To the construction crew along Hammond Bay Road who work day and night. The flaggers are so great, respectful and courteous. Our family is so grateful for your daily help ensuring our child’s safety getting on and off his school bus on a very busy road and unsafe bus stop. We will miss your assistance when you are done.

BEEF To all the youths hanging out at Pipers Lagoon area on Halloween night. Your litter, language and disrespect for private property was disappointing.

BOUQUET To capable women who intimidate misogynist big box store staffers and break the ‘50s stereotype. I don’t need a husband or his tool box to store the extra pieces from my purchase.

BEEF To the kitchen store, you are such a wonderful store, it’s a shame you always put your Christmas decorations up on Halloween. Lest you forget about the holiday in between those two. Tacky.

BOUQUET To the anonymous gentleman who paid for our brunch at the south-end Smitty’s. We were four old friends getting together before two of the friends were leaving for their home in California the next morning. We will pay it forward.

BEEF Very disappointed as there is a lot of dog poo at the off-leash park at Departure Bay. I had not been there before. A small crowd of people sitting on their chairs chatting and not keeping an eye out for what their dogs were doing. Consequence of this is dog poo everywhere. I walked around the perimeter and had to avoid the mess. Goodness knows what it would be like in the centre of the field. Why don’t they either walk their dogs first so they can do their business or keep an eye on their dogs?

BOUQUET Thank you to Matt and Gord of Coastal Concrete Corrections. You did an amazing job of raising our sunken garage floor and sidewalk. Everything is level, garage door shuts tightly, no more mice. You guys went above and beyond, cleaning sludge out of our gutters, shovelling gravel that you didn’t have to, helping my ill father up the stairs and dealing with issues for a stressed out, weepy woman. Cannot say enough good things about you guys.

BEEF For three weeks the utility company has been using our paid-for-by-ourselves paved boulevard for a dumping grounds for sod, rocks, dirt and gravel from excavations for putting down their lines. Will they repair the rock wall or the pavement or the cement cap? And why are they still using our boulevard when they are no longer working there? I’m sick of the noise and the mess. The noise of the safety signals is driving everyone nuts on the street. How can we get rid of them?

BOUQUET To staff member Rob at Manhattan Home for being so helpful when the wind slammed my car door shut with my keys, phone, and purse inside. He helped me with the phone call to contact roadside assistance. Rob’s manner was very calming. In these times of trouble, it is wonderful to find someone so kind.

BEEF To Beban Park. The lighting is so poor, coming out of a hockey game and the parking lot is black. Please consider new or more lighting and painting curbs.

BOUQUET I took a beautiful picture of a cat into Yellow Bird Arts Gallery. Stellar said it would take around four weeks to complete the framing job. When I told him the story about the cat Stellar said he would try to have it finished as soon as possible. The very next day he called and said the picture was ready. Now that is supreme customer service. Thanks.

BEEF To the city, five city permits to build something on your own property, which you pay taxes on, but anyone can slap up whatever on Nicol Street and stand around and do drugs every morning without a care, or consequences.

BOUQUET To the city for doing what it can to keep a handle on encampments of people experiencing homelessness in the downtown. To those who overreacted about the latest fence, all that got fenced off was a patch of rocks and dirt.

BEEF In the war we fought against something that was affecting the common good of all people; many sacrifices were made to defeat a common enemy. In this pandemic where we are at war with a common enemy I do not think it is too much of a sacrifice to wear a mask while in a public place until we beat this thing. United we stand, divided we falter.

BOUQUET Thank you to Jeff of Ears to You mobile hearing clinic for your exceptional service and friendly delivery of my new hearing aids. It’s been a pleasure dealing with you.

BEEF To the kitchen store for putting up Christmas displays before Remembrance Day. How disrespectful to all of the veterans. Shame on you.

BOUQUET To my neighbours Ricky and Mary for their humanity. The amount of time, resources and expertise that you generously put in fixing our staircase. Thank you.

BEEF To the beefer who claims yoga pants/leggings “aren’t for everyone.” I can’t imagine trying to bully people about their literal pants. Mind your business and let people wear what they want. If you don’t like them, don’t wear them.

BOUQUET To both Barb and Joe at the Turner Road B.C. Liquor Store. Both went the extra mile to give exemplary customer service when they had no need to go out of their way. They both need to know how great they made me feel and that they make people feel wonderful. Thank you.

BEEF To the endless nights of fireworks. My dog endured three nights of fireworks during Halloween weekend. She was panting and trembling. She was restless and unable to find a quiet spot. Let’s think about the dogs.

BOUQUET To the tortilla chip beefer, if you put those stale chips back in the oven (375F for three to five minutes) they’ll be good as new.

BEEF To the man at NRGH ER who kept pulling his mask off his nose despite being asked repeatedly to fix it and whom I later overheard telling someone on the phone he had COVID. If my baby gets sick I know it was you but there is nothing I can do.

BOUQUET To the silver Volkswagen at Harewood Starbucks on a Monday morning. Your kindness made my day.

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