Beef to my co-worker for putting her children first and missing work. Causing me to have to work a double shift.

Beef to my co-worker for putting her children first and missing work. Causing me to have to work a double shift.

Beefs & Bouquets, Nov. 23

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BOUQUET To the person who realized their mistake and apologized for an incident at the Nanaimo North Town Centre Tim Hortons. Mistakes happen; thank you for taking ownership, not many do.

BEEF To those who assume that because you aren’t on crutches or in a wheelchair you have no right to park in the space. Just ask, we’ll tell you. You don’t have to get out of your car and be so aggressive.

BOUQUET To Andrea, Cassandra and their husbands from Porcupine Hill Trail on Saturday night. All my gratitude for being the most awesome, kind, generous and super fun taxi customers. I still feel so delighted you won at casino. It’s not always easy taxiing ‘revellers’ at night but your overflowing positive regard and mad tips elevated me.

BEEF No wonder they never made it to the playoffs. Have you seen their uniforms? I think you know which team I’m talking about.

BOUQUET To Pleasant Valley Grade 3 class for walking to Brannen Lake beach. The kids cleaned and picked up the garbage that was left over the summer. Great job.

BEEF An auto dealership is a big liar. On their website they promise a $100 service credit with a test drive, so I did a test drive, and then they said you have to buy a car to get $100 credit.

BOUQUET To the kind and honest person who found my son’s wallet. You not only went out of your way to turn it into the police station, but you left the only $20 he had. Can’t thank you enough.

BEEF The review at Nanaimo Regional General Hospital goes way overboard and I really wonder who they were working on behalf of. Was it the management of the hospital and the general public or the hospital unions?

BOUQUET To Bill at Ajac’s. Always has a smile, and such friendly service. Thank you for repairing my old beat-up lawnmower.

BEEF To the bigger children I watched from a window who took one, two candies each, then several handfuls when my sign asked to please take one. As I am a senior and we have many neighbourhood children that come for Halloween, I decided to stay inside. An adult appeared when I politely told the children I saw this, and this person sarcastically assured me I must be wrong. No wonder there are societal problems when ‘blind’ adults act this way.

BOUQUET To the thoughtful individual(s) who have posted the ‘caution expect deer’ signs along Hammond Bay Road. This is such a needed reminder.

BEEF To the drivers in Nanaimo that won’t queue up when there is a red light leaving two to three car lengths in between drivers. Then the light turns green and they are slow taking off leaving a trail of angry drivers behind another red light.

BOUQUET To the person who paid for my coffee when I was behind them in drive-thru. So extremely nice, unexpected. Thanks.

BEEF To my coworker for putting her children first and missing work. Causing me to have to work a double shift.

BOUQUET Our sponsorship group would like to thank Dr. Rebecca Booker and staff for the excellent dental care they have given to our Syrian newcomer couple. Their kindness and professionalism are very much appreciated.

BEEF To city council and staff who want to build on Departure Bay beach with no thought to environment and wanting to ruin a natural beach.

BOUQUET to CTV for broadcasting the Tragically Hip special without commercials. And another to Gord Downie and the Hip for memories past, present and future.

BEEF To all those drivers who attempted to go around the speed bumps on Ross Road instead of just slowing down. Since when is it responsible for adults to be speeding down a residential street at 60 km/h?

BOUQUET To City of Nanaimo workers for removing the tree over the trail in Diver Lake Park within two days of me phoning to report it. Thank you.

BEEF Southbound on the parkway at Ware Road, someone turns onto the parkway and stops after 100 metres in the merge lane!. If highways would label them as acceleration and deceleration lanes, maybe the inexperienced and IQ-challenged would figure it out.

BOUQUET To the young man in the white pickup at the Bowen Husky for taking the time to help the older woman with her small silver Honda. After she asked you about a warning light on her dash, you checked her oil and found it ‘bone dry.’ Then you made sure she bought the right type and put it in for her. You were just a random stranger, but you gave her the care of a loving grandson.

BEEF To the TV station for not showing Remembrance Day service live. There are many people unable to attend that would watch on TV.

BOUQUET Tim’s Hoedown Excavating team are the best on the island. When my builder didn’t show, leaving me with a crisis, Tim’s multi-talented team filled in for him by providing a temporary builder.

BEEF To the organizers on Remembrance Day for placing the veterans groups, city firemen, and police laying wreaths after general public groups.

BOUQUET Thank you to all the people that helped me at Harewood bingo when I fell down. I so appreciate all of you. You are my angels.

BEEF To the beefer about the thieves on Marlborough Drive. It is not nice being broken into, but to leave your wallet in the car especially the night after being broken into, you need to take more responsibility and precautions.

BOUQUET Much gratitude to the observant woman driving the LifeLabs van. My insurance now current.

BEEF There was a complaint about cats with a blatant threat in the last line: “be responsible or else.” Or else what? Are they going to poison or kill the cat? Please do not publish threats. It empowers anonymous bullies.

BOUQUET To Grace at Value Village. Grace and all the employees handled the madness of Halloween shopping very professionally but kept everything fun.

BOUQUET To Country Grocer on 12th Street. Thank you for replacing the mandarin oranges I left in my shopping cart. I am a steady customer and am always amazed at the excellent services provided. You made a senior’s day.

BOUQUET To the three young teens who were giving a homeless man some food near Wendy’s. What I thought to be considered suspicious behaviour actually turned out to be a very good deed.

BOUQUET Kudos to Jeremy for his extraordinary work ethic, reliability and kindness. Jeremy, with problems of his own, never complains and has saved me on several occasions, always with warmth, generosity and a positive attitude. Some savvy company should snap him up.

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