Beefs & Bouquets, Nov. 19

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BOUQUET To all those in our area of Mallard, Duggan, Meredith and Latimer roads who respected our request to not knock on our door because all the noise scares the dogs.

BEEF To the authorities who are unable to enforce fireworks regulations. If you can’t catch those who advertise their law-breaking with bright lights and loud noise, the criminals who work quietly in the dark must feel pretty safe.

BOUQUET To all the sensible bicyclists out there who are well-marked for traffic to see. Fluorescent or reflective clothing and flashing lights are very smart. It’s safer  being visible day and night and especially in rain.

BEEF But I’m not so happy with some cyclists who slow up a lane of traffic.

BOUQUET To all who organized or attended the Nov. 11 ceremony at the cenotaph. Also to Save-On-Foods for sponsoring lunch at the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 256.

BEEF To spitters. What’s with spitting in public? Does that look ‘cool?’ It’s disgusting to see (both young guys and girls) and especially rude to know we step there. That being said, it’s good to see that only a few behave this way.

BOUQUET To our dear Linda from WeCare for your kindness, knowledge and creativity in planning Thursday outings that put a smile on the face and a warmth in the heart of our favourite 101-year-old lady.

BEEF To the North American media for not telling the negative side of the European migrant crisis. Their completely biased spin and grand omissions on the whole scenario are both false and misleading. Citizens of affected countries are not being protected by their governments and police forces. This is treason.

BOUQUET To the young men who work at Kirby’s Source for Sports. Great customer service and a professional approach.

BEEF To those contributing to the rise in Islamophobia following the terror attacks in Paris.

BOUQUET To Dr. Ahmed Omar, denturist at CODE for exceptional service and for tirelessly working on a new set of dentures for my mouth which was not an easy job. Not only has my self confidence increased tenfold, I haven’t stopped smiling since.

BEEF To the Remembrance Day organizers. I went to the service to honour our veterans, not to hear the Star-Spangled Banner played.

BOUQUET To the paramedics who came down from their seats in the Avalon Theatre to help my 80-year-old mother when she fell and hit her head on the concrete floor. If it weren’t for you, she may have made things worse by getting up.

BEEF To the physiotherapist for dumping clients with short notice and telling them to find a new physiotherapist. Apparently this is the only solution the business could come up with to deal with a staffing situation.

BOUQUET To the great Halloween kids on Lang Crescent. Very polite, lots of smiles and great costumes. Can’t wait until next year.

BEEF To whoever thought it was a good idea to have schools compete in a yelling contest at the Clippers games. It is very annoying. Please make it stop.

BOUQUET For five weeks of amazing medical care from the ER, to fourth floor, to transition, to ICU, to sixth floor, to palliative care. We are blessed to have so many dedicated, caring people working at Nanaimo Regional General Hospital.

BEEF Nanaimo transit is worse off with new schedule. The 30 is often late and on Sunday you cannot make the connection with the 40. It’s very poorly planned and should definitely be revised soon. I know I am not the only one frustrated.

BOUQUET To three Nanaimo companies for their excellent, immediate service. Carolyn at Home Hardware for fixing our paint colour, Budget Glass for its immediate service putting glass in our picture frame and Pro Print for coiling my book.

BEEF To the new library renovations – there are no books, and low shelves means it’s really noisy. What a waste.

BOUQUET To Quality Foods for closing all its stores on Nov. 11 in honour of Remembrance Day – truly Canadian.

BOUQUET To the Altrusa Club of Nanaimo for its donation to the Brechin Elementary PAC. Great things will happen for our children this year with the support of our community members like you.

BOUQUET To all the volunteers for all their time donated to the Halloween dance at Brechin Elementary School. Thank you as well to Cobs Bread and Costco for your donations to our fundraiser.

BOUQUET As a person in bankruptcy who apparently can’t add my groceries correctly, I give a giant bouquet to those in line who pay my last few cents. God bless the lady who paid more than $30 in QF over my protests.

BOUQUET To Chris Jeffs and family. Bless you all for the time and money you spent making the candy apples for Halloween. The tradition may have ended, but Ella and Ted would be proud.

BOUQUET To Clodagh, Brett and all the support staff at Nanaimo Veterinary Hospital for more than 15 years of outstanding care for our rescue dog Trixie.  At every stage of her long life you were there for her providing professional, loving and sensible treatment for every situation.

BOUQUET To Dianne at Lil Hairy Paws dog grooming for going above and beyond for a very old, very spoiled dog Sammi. I appreciate your kindness.

BOUQUET To our paper delivery person, David Lomas. He goes above and beyond to make sure I get my Thursday paper and flyers intact and is always cheerful (no matter what the weather). It is so appreciated.

BOUQUET Thanks from the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 256 to Pat and her neighbours. They were so upset at the thefts of poppy boxes in Nanaimo that they took up a collection to personally bring in to the branch. We are very touched by your thoughtfulness.

BOUQUET To the talented young musicians in Fiddelium. We are very proud of all of you and applaud your hard work.

BOUQUET To Gloria at the Southgate Mall Tim Hortons who is always cheerful and greets you with a smile.

To submit a beef or a bouquet to the Nanaimo News Bulletin, please e-mail