Beef. I’m an old woman with a European accent. I often experience discrimination. I see it this way: I’m an oak tree. When a dirty wild boar rubs his skin against my bark, he needs relief from the itchy parasites, bugs and whatever else is bothering him.

Beef. I’m an old woman with a European accent. I often experience discrimination. I see it this way: I’m an oak tree. When a dirty wild boar rubs his skin against my bark, he needs relief from the itchy parasites, bugs and whatever else is bothering him.

Beefs & Bouquets, Nov. 17

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BOUQUET To all workers at Nanaimo Regional General Hospital. We appreciate your good work during these difficult times. Thank you.

BEEF To the B.C. Teachers’ Federation and Premier Horgan for not mandating the life-saving COVID vaccine. We now see how politicians really work.

BOUQUET To the couple and their young daughter who rushed to my aid after I collapsed suddenly due to a vertigo episode at Nanaimo North Town Centre. They stayed with me until I got my bearings then helped me up and walked me to a bench. I was so grateful for their kindness and compassion. Just a reminder that there are still wonderful people in Nanaimo.

BEEF To all those who are running yellow and even red lights. Please stop before someone innocent gets hurt or worse.

BOUQUET Thanks to the recipient of a misdirected book order. Your effort to make it through miserable weather and get it to the correct address was much appreciated. Sorry we missed you.

BEEF To the City of Nanaimo for some of these traffic lights in town. Every time a construction project is finished, I guarantee the lights will be messed up. The Labieux and Bowen light currently makes everyone wait minutes for ghost cars. Ridiculous.

BOUQUET To all those parents vaccinating their kids. We won’t know how safe the vaccine is unless we start giving it.

BEEF To the pool for not enforcing people to wear masks in the change rooms. I was a paid customer and there were kids from a swim meet in the change room with no mask.

BOUQUET To the lovely lady who gave me $10 on the ferry in the ice cream line. Thank you so much, the ice cream was delicious.

BEEF To the buses that don’t do the posted 30 kilometres per hour through the construction zone on Metral. They drive with impunity and ignore all complaints. What puts bus drivers above the law?

BOUQUET To the Guiders who volunteer hours of their time to provide experiences like the Firefly Jubilee, Brownie and Spark trader event and weekly Girl Guide meetings. You are providing such rich experiences and are role models for girls in our community.

BEEF To the restaurant, you served me, I came back two days later and my server was sick with COVID and was at home. You didn’t contact trace me, your staff isn’t vaccinated and worked with COVID.

BOUQUET To the security at Nanaimo Airport. You folks have been through COVID and manage to keep smiles on your faces the whole time. I couldn’t imagine doing your job with irate passengers right now. Keep your chins up guys. Fantastic job.

BEEF To B.C. Ferries that can’t sail across the Salish Sea when it’s windy in ships that sailed from Germany and Poland. Funny that seaplanes could still fly.

BOUQUET Let’s give credit to Nanaimo Hearing Clinic for its full-page ad explaining how people may help us who are hard of hearing by getting our attention, speaking a little slower and speaking a little louder.

BEEF To Extinction Rebellion for sending the protester out onto our airport runway to spray paint some gibberish on the tarmac. If the choice is between the extinction of all humankind and people like that, then I choose extinction.

BOUQUET Congratulations to Michelle and Dan of Kern Motors on the opening of their amazing new building in Cedar. They deserve to be hugely successful for being such a great support to their customers.

BEEF To Extinction Rebellion. You should be charged with domestic terrorism for the latest incident at the airport.

BOUQUET Thank you to Kathy from RDN Transit. Your walking me through the bus route to Port Place was so helpful. Your patience, friendliness, and professionalism was much appreciated.

BEEF I’m an old woman with a European accent. I often experience discrimination. I see it this way: I’m an oak tree. When a dirty wild boar rubs his skin against my bark, he needs relief from the itchy parasites, bugs and whatever else is bothering him. The discriminatory individual will offend again and again, being a selfish and ignorant person. Don’t you worry, Karma is waiting for him.

BOUQUET Thank you Nanaimo News Bulletin for the special edition A Day In The Life of Nanaimo. It was unique, I enjoyed especially the hummingbird on the front page.

BEEF To stores that have long lines at the cash registers, open another one, but don’t take the people who have been in the other lines the longest.

BOUQUET To my kindly neighbour who twice made efforts to ensure I received my mis-delivered package. Although it wasn’t anything expensive, it’s of great sentimental value so I’d begun to worry. Your thoughtful gesture brightened my day. Thank you.

BEEF To drivers who think that just because they are in the vehicle, its OK to park in areas marked ‘no parking’ or when along a yellow or red curb, which also means no parking.

BOUQUET To the city for funding the community breakfast program. Giving people a place to come in and get food and coffee at 8 a.m. and warm up after cold rainy nights. We’re doing our best to make this more than a pilot program. It’s going well. Second Bouquet to the awesome volunteers who wake up at 5:30 a.m. to come help us out.

BEEF To the City of Nanaimo. So many developers. So much development. Where’s the water?

BOUQUET To the receptionists who call people ‘dear.’ Same with old-school waitresses who crack their gum and call you ‘Hon’ while refilling your coffee at the diner. They’re warm, harmless little colloquialisms that spring up in what can be a big, cold world. It’s monikers such as ‘sir’ or ‘ma’am’ which sound far too stodgy, so hurray for old-fashioned endearments.

BEEF To the hypocrites flying around in private jets but telling regular folks to turn their lights off, stop driving and freeze in their homes.

BOUQUET Nice to see all the children with their costumes on going to school on the Friday before Halloween.

BOUQUET To everyone who pays a minimal charge for a paper bag at your local grocer. This helps to keep local mills and loggers employed.

BEEF To the singer at Maffeo Sutton Park. It was disheartening to see you take out your anger on a fellow young busker singing a song. It was embarrassing and sad to witness such behaviour.

BOUQUET Gratitude to the Nanaimo Bulletin and the Harbour City Photography Club for the collaboration on the insert A Day in the Life of Nanaimo. What a pleasure seeing 24 hours in our city, through these talented photographers’ eyes. Such diversity in landscapes, locations, people, jobs, activities, flora and fauna. Nanaimo offers us so much for living here – who cares about a little rain? Thank you for reminding us how lucky we are to call Nanaimo home.

BEEF To all the unsafe drivers with dogs on their laps or letting them jump all over the front seat, distracting the owner driving. Also those whose dogs are hanging their heads out the windows, distracting other drivers.

BOUQUET To Highview Optical for your fine customer service.

BEEF To the theatre for inviting children aged 5-12 into their theatre provided they wear a mask through the entire performance, also for allowing children over 12 years who are vaccinated.

BOUQUET To Cody and staff at Central Drugs on Brickyard Road. Always pleasant and personalized service.

BEEF More and more people feel offended for insignificant reasons. The next step is taking legal proceedings. With a little bit of luck, he/she can collect the bag.

BOUQUET To Tracy and George for hosting our wedding reception in their beautiful backyard in July and to all their neighbours for putting up with the music till the wee hours. Thank you.

BEEF To the recent anti-COVID-19 passport protesters, get with the program and get the shot because it’s not the cold or flu.

BOUQUET To Bavarian Auto, they got my vehicle in quickly when I needed repairs before an urgent trip, and they are always honest and fair. Thank you.

BEEF To the waterfront singer. You certainly showed us what a loud voice you have, chastising and humiliating a fellow busker. Use a little kindness and discretion. Shame on you. The world doesn’t need another bully.

BOUQUET To Bestsellers Bookstore. I’ll miss Kellie and Rennie.

BEEF To those blaming those who did not take the shots for all COVID outbreaks. Respect those who think the risk of the shots is not worth the unknown long-term effects.

BOUQUET To the citizen who reported the graffiti tagger’s illegal activities to the RCMP. It is the job of citizens to be mindful.

BEEF To some people in Cedar. If a property says ‘private,’ that means stay out and go away.

BOUQUET To Elisabeth at Soft Moc. Your customer service was most rewarding.

BEEF To the RDN. You missed the bus with rent affordability but what else is new here in Nanaimo? Monkey business still continues at the expense of the taxpayers.

BOUQUET To Bella the restaurant robot. Grateful for your service, as beneficial as C-3PO and R2-D2.

BEEF To the anti-maskers and anti-vaxxers who cite infringement of their personal rights and freedoms to rationalize their behaviour. It appears they have failed to learn that you can’t have rights and freedom without responsibility.

BOUQUET To Chris of Elite Island Roofing for the prompt and excellent work installing my new skylight. I will definitely recommend him.

BEEF To the City of Nanaimo for spending so much taxpayer money to put up gates and fences everywhere. Why not use that money for a drop-in centre or buy property to turn into housing for those who are homeless?

BOUQUET To Caiden at Lowe’s for going out of his way to find me a little mirror. So appreciated.

BEEF To the phone and cable company for hiring people in Belize when people here need jobs. I’ll be switching providers. So sad this is allowed.

BOUQUET Thank you to the City of Nanaimo for approving the completion of the chain link fence for the entire perimeter of May Richards Bennett Pioneer Park. What great news that this very popular off-leash dog park will now be much safer. As an owner of an 85-pound friendly bernadoodle we look forward to enjoying and helping to look after this park for many years to come.

BEEF To Extinction Rebellion. I saw protesters get out of gas-fuelled cars and get into petroleum product-built plastic kayaks. Do you know the meaning of hypocrisy?

BOUQUET To the retired nurse and SAR team members who were at Westwood Lake and performed CPR on my father after he went into cardiac arrest. You have given him a chance. To the bystanders who called for help and took care of my mom while she had to watch, she was overwhelmed by your kindness. To the ambulance team who responded so quickly. To the NRGH health care workers who are doing everything they can for him. Our family thanks you.

BEEF To the graffiti tagger who finally got busted and will have to pay a hefty fine and write a 1,000-word essay. If I had been the judge you would have gotten a lifetime prohibition of having spray paint.

BOUQUET Huge appreciation to a GFL Environmental collector who cleared half a dumpster load strewn all around the dumpster in condos near Bowen Park.

BEEF To spearheaders and protesters for trying to stop development at Cable Bay. You people should all put in thousands of dollars of your own money and buy it just like the owner did and then we all can walk all over it.

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Beefs and bouquets