Beefs & Bouquets, Nov. 13

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BOUQUET To everyone at Advanced Mobility for the great service to a nervous senior who decided to switch to a safer mode of travel. I can run all my own errands safely and get lots of fresh air whenever I like.

BEEF To the uninformed and brainwashed for supporting oilsands and fossil fuels. Fossilized thinking will lead to irreversible environmental damage, which is not Canadian.

BOUQUET To the Nanaimo Clippers junior A players Edwin Hookenson and Kale Bennett. Thank you for attending our atom B2 practice. You were tremendous role models for our kids and are great ambassadors for our community.

BEEF To the person who broke my Canadian flag off my car on Thanksgiving day at the parking lot at Terminal Avenue.

BOUQUET To the District of Lantzville regarding Aspengrove School. You are so right in getting rid of the tax exemption. In a time when I wonder how I am going to put food on the table every night, why should I have to subsidize something my child will never be able to benefit from?

BEEF Not all handicaps are visible. Some of us suffer daily but don’t want to show it. I feel lucky to be alive and try very hard not to show my struggles.

BOUQUET To Canadian Tire in Nanaimo for being the only Nanaimo store with 36-inch by 72-inch and larger Canadian flags.

BEEF To the grocery store that charges $1 more for their pumpkins. You might give this money to charity but you donate nothing yourselves. Why should the customers donate and your store get all the credit?

BOUQUET To our neighbours on Milton and Kennedy streets who gave generously to our five-year-old, who was collecting food for the food bank while trick or treating. Big bouquet to the fellow who contributed an 11-kilogram bag of brown rice.

BEEF To people along Norton Road and Laguna Way who are too irresponsible and lazy to pick up after their dogs, especially right on the sidewalk.

BOUQUET To The Shoe Warehouse at Woodgrove Centre for its excellent service, especially Naomi – I love my boots.

BEEF To the beef about the postal worker who asked you to rake your leaves. Your yard is their workplace. This postal worker shouldn’t have to risk a possible long-term workplace injury to deliver your mail.

BOUQUET To the medical office that did not allow a dog in the clinic.

BEEF To the restaurant that declared itself ‘no tipping’ with great fanfare, but when you go there – surprise – they expect you to tip.

BOUQUET To the vets and staff at Clinic for Cats, especially Dr. Jerome for taking such good care of Laura.

BEEF To the energy vampires who suck the life out of people.

BOUQUET To Westhill Pharmasave on Bowen Road for its excellent service to the community in holding an Ostomy Day conference and for employing the services of ET nurses in their home care department.

BEEF To whomever bags their dog poop and leaves it on the grass, just a short walk from the garbage bin on Northfield Road. Another beef to those who don’t even bag it – the bags are free.

BOUQUET To Calais Spas and Billiards for being so helpful to the do-it-yourselfer. Every time something small goes wrong with my hot tub, you guys help me get it back up and running.

BEEF To people who wait until dark to burn their stinky garbage in their wood stoves. At least in the daytime we can see where the smoke is coming from.

BOUQUET To Nanaimo for all your support over the years to the Ladies of the Royal Purple No. 16. Unfortunately, we have decided to hand in our charter and will no longer be in existence.

BOUQUET To Barry, Rick and the crew at Cedar Tire for fixing someone else’s mistake and going above and beyond to ensure my car was safe for my family and I to drive.

BOUQUET To the honest lady who handed in my purse at Terminal Park Save-On-Foods. You saved a senior’s day.

BOUQUET To George, the best neighbour one could ask for. He is highly skilled at everything that needs fixing and no problem seems to be too big, or too small.

BOUQUET To Jim at Miller Real Estate/Remax. Thanks for selling our home and for finding us our beautiful new home. You truly amazed us on moving day, even personally helping the disabled seller move his belongings out in time for possession.

BOUQUET To Katrina at ICBC for her cheerful attitude and helping a frustrated old lady get her new driver’s licence after trying several times.

BOUQUET To my friends who helped make approximately 300 pies for an apple pie sale fundraiser for John Barsby Secondary School football program to buy new jerseys and protective equipment.

BOUQUET To the manager and staff of Michaels store. The lovely fall decorations you donated to a seniors’ home were much appreciated.

BOUQUET To the couple on the Duke Point ferry who gave a birthday gift of money to a seven-year-old boy on his way to Disneyland. He spent it wisely.

BOUQUET To the marvellous folks at Nanaimo River Hatchery – Diana, Larry, Katie et al. Their informative field trip and patient, age-appropriate delivery was much appreciated by the Grade 1 children from Seaview Elementary School.

BOUQUET To Broco Auto Glass for replacing the broken glass in our china cabinet door, at no charge. They made it look like new.

BOUQUET To Sandy Cass for her concern and going above and out of her way to help me through this stressful time with my medical lung issues. If God really does have angels on Earth, she certainly must be one.

BOUQUET To Matt at Eye Mean Graphics for creating such great promotional materials, in a really timely manner, and every time, too.

BOUQUET To our veterans. We offer our remembrance on Nov. 11; we offer our respect every day.

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