Beef to all the people who steal things. My co-worker a few years ago had a bike stolen and then he got it back. Last night he got his back tire stolen off his bike. It was my co-worker’s way of getting around town besides the bus. Why do people have to steal things like this?

Beefs & Bouquets, Nov. 1

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BOUQUET to Rosie from Rosie’s Thrift Store on Bruce Ave. I stopped in for the very first time at her shop to buy hoodies and sweatshirts to take to the poor kids who live in the Copper Canyon, México, where it snows. She would not let me pay. Not only did you make my day, but all those cold little kids in the mountains’ day. You are the best Rosie!

BEEF To ICBC with respect to the cyclists and motor scooters on the road. They pay no insurance and use the road freely. Cyclists operate in the middle of traffic, not all, but quite a few. Where are their all-season tires? No test or road safety requirements. The number of accidents is staggering.

BOUQUET Thank you to the manager at President’s Choice. He gave me a bed he was going to drop off at the second-hand store. He even delivered and put it in my garage. He refused my offer to pay. What a great lesson you taught your son who was with you.

BEEF To all the people who steal things. My co-worker a few years ago had a bike stolen and then he got it back. Last night he got his back tire stolen off his bike. It was my co-worker’s way of getting around town besides the bus. Why do people have to steal things like this?

BOUQUET Thank you to the young woman in the purple top with her big friendly dog, who found my purse in Morell Sanctuary. I am sorry we did not get your name, but wish you lots of good wishes for your honesty and advice to my son.

BEEF If your sign says 24/7, three of your stores being closed at night should be by exception, not the rule.

BOUQUET Thank you to ferry workers. I feel like a queen when you guys push me in a wheelchair.

BEEF To the beefer for making a point about overgrown trees and plants by discriminating against the poor. Tenements should not exist anywhere.

BOUQUET To the management and staff of the Country Club Kal Tire – you are all so amazing and friendly. Every time I go in there I have the best service – always willing to help a girl who knows nothing about vehicles. Thank you.

BEEF To the person complaining about “gender confusion.” I will outlive you. Remember that.

BOUQUET To those folks who put on the recent Nanaimo Jazz Festival and parade and for having a plan B at the Dorchester Hotel when the rain came. Well done!

BEEF It is appalling to see the condition of our meridians and sidewalks. The weeds will crack the concrete and we will have to replace them all. It Is abhorrent that city council was planning a major legacy project when they can’t even keep our meridians clean and paint the yellow on no-parking lanes.

BOUQUET To RDN Transit for the exceptional service they provide with HandyDart. An even bigger bouquet to HandyDart drivers who go to great lengths to keep their passengers safe and secure.

BEEF To the fast food restaurant, Never have I seen so many accomplish so little.

BOUQUET To Classic Appliance for helping my wife get her washer working again on our 50th. And a beef to her husband for having a nail in his pocket to wash.

BEEF To whoever signed for the removal of the young fruit trees at Groveland Park. It was a nice alternative to sit under and away from the playground. Huge shame.

BOUQUET To Sun-Ray Heating Products for your excellent service and friendly staff. Thanks for replacing my remote control at no charge even though the warranty had expired.

BEEF To the people walking their large chocolate lab in Linley Valley. Your dog jumped up on me and you didn’t say a word. How about “I’m sorry?” There is nothing OK about not being able to control your dog and then not owning up to it. You deserved every expletive that I said to you.

BOUQUET I recently got dentures from Pacific Denture Centre and am very pleased. They look like my own teeth. I highly recommend Dr. Boos; he’s fast and efficient.

BEEF Who designed, fabricated and installed the railing on the new underpass at Northfield and the old Island Highway? It’s crooked with holes drilled but no bolts installed and looks terrible.

BOUQUET To Quality Foods for opening a beautiful new store in Harewood.

BEEF To whoever thought taking the advanced left turn lights out at Bowen and East Wellington was a good idea. The traffic backing up on East Wellington alone to make a left turn now extends way past the post office and ultimately motorists will ‘take a chance’ on fighting their way through a left turn, putting themselves at risk.

BOUQUET To the News Bulletin for publishing its recent election supplement. Very useful guide to find out about all the candidates.

BEEF To management and the owners of the mall for evicting the business with one month’s notice and for claiming a drainage leak in their store was their responsibility. Given how you treat your tenants, I will never shop at your mall again.

BOUQUET If there was a trophy for best neighbours in the world, Randa and Fred M. would win hands down.

BEEF To the expo. Several presenters were on their ‘not-so-smart’ smart phones instead of greeting potential customers. I had made a list of booths I wanted to visit in the short time I had. However seeing they were too busy I walked by and only stopped at the booths that greeted me who were so cheerful and helpful.

BOUQUET To my husband Andy who always looks out for me and especially for looking after me after my hip replacement surgery. He has done everything for me and I really appreciate him.

BOUQUET To Linda for the wonderful tasteful strawberry rhubarb pie. Six of us at Nanaimo Seniors Village thoroughly enjoyed it. This came from an unexpected conversation with a complete stranger. Again, many thanks.

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