Beefs & Bouquets, May 28

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BOUQUET For the care my husband and I receive from our physio, Gloria, and her assistant, Sylvie. Your services are gifts to our lives.

BEEF To the renters who use their large blue truck and camper as a lawn ornament.

BOUQUET To Sam at Brooks Landing Staples for his patience and help with my new printer. He should be teaching as it was my lack of computer skills that was the problem.

BEEF For hijacking Empire Days. May 24 is a holiday to honour the birthday of Queen Victoria who was also queen of the British Empire. Empire Day was logical and should not be purposely misinterpreted.

BOUQUET To the people at the Beban dog park who helped when my sister broke her arm. It was very nice of you.

BEEF To the pedestrians who do not use crosswalks and do not look for vehicles.

BOUQUET To the honest man who found my husband’s wallet and turned it in to the Timberlands beer store.

BEEF To the people who don’t drive slower so our animals can cross the road without playing dodgeball. The new speed limit reads 120 km/h – you don’t have to go that fast.

BOUQUET To the wonderful lady at the recycling bottle depot on Hayes Road. She must show many, many people how to scan their ticket, but she always does it with grace and patience.

BEEF To the guy in the white roofing truck pulling a black trailer. Your rudeness has not gone unnoticed. That is not good business practice.

BOUQUET To the flag people on Sherwood and King Richard drives, especially the lady in the white car who helped in finding our little dog, and to the people who took him in until his owners got him.

BEEF To the poor service provided by contract services refilling the doggie bag machines in off-leash dog parks. BOUQUET To the City of Nanaimo staff who follow up on the complaints.

BEEF To the customer who complained that I wasn’t smiling enough for her. She said, “looks like someone shouldn’t be working today.” You were so right – a good friend died four days before and I was upset, but I have to work in order to support myself.

BOUQUET To Leanne at Long Lake Florist for sending me another bouquet of flowers for the boo-boo on Mother’s Day. I’ll be using them again.

BEEF To the culprits who left the site of No. 1 Esplanade Mine disaster strewn with garbage, beer cans and fast food wrappers. Tourists from London could not believe it as they sent photos home.

BOUQUET To those participating in Bike to Work Week.

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