Beefs & Bouquets, May 26

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A BIG THANK YOU to the staff at the Crow and Gate Pub in Cedar for mailing my forgotten letter and photos from family back east. My brothers and I had been visiting our parents’ memorial site nearby, then having lunch and sharing letters from family and friends. Your thoughtfulness is appreciated.

A huge bouquet of fragrant sweet peas to all the people who save pull tabs to help send young kidney patients to camp. The kids have a wonderful time and are able to continue their dialysis during their camp stay.

A beautiful bouquet to the man in the van who stopped traffic on Mostar Road recently to ensure that a family of ducks made it safely across the busy street. It made my day.

a bouquet to Chris Gebhard and all of the volunteers with the Fairwinds Community Association who picked up garbage along Powder Point Road, Fairwinds Drive and part of Dolphin Drive recently. This is the second year that Chris has arranged the event to help beautify Nanoose.

A huge bouquet to Safeway for printing your ads with soy-based ink. Too bad we have no Safeway store in Nanaimo.

A big bouquet of roses to the staff of the Royal Bank of Canada at Woodgrove Centre. A special thank you to Karin for helping me with my mortgage papers. You are all real professionals.

A big bouquet of red carnations for our family and friends who put on a great party to celebrate our 50th anniversary. Thanks for the awesome food, cards and gifts. We wish you all good health and happiness. Love Don and Norma.

a happy spring bouquet to the Unity Church of Nanaimo on East Wellington Road. I love their uplifting spiritual cinemas. What a treat to enjoy inspiring movies with a positive message one Friday night or Sunday afternoon each month.

a bouquet to the wonderful Ladies Night at Cottonwood Golf Course, to my team of friends and to the Cottonwood staff for treating the ladies so well. Great food and prizes, too.

A MASSIVE bouquet to Jamie at the Bell store in Woodgrove Centre. You had me signed up with a brand new phone and contract in the blink of an eye. I checked out several cellphone stores and your knowledgeable service surpassed them all. I love my new BlackBerry.

a bouquet to Dennis Pettersen at Coast Realty Group, who has made selling our home enjoyable through his constant website updates, putting our ad in the newspaper and doing open houses. Our neighbours changed companies when they saw how hard working he was. Dennis, you are a great asset to your company and we hope they appreciate your efforts as much as we do. Great fishing to you and your daughter.

A huge bouquet to Coach Matt Blokker and the V.I. Raiders football team for playing touch football with the students from Nanaimo school district’s learning alternatives program. You made a whole bunch of kids really happy while teaching them about sportsmanship and healthy living. You truly are champions.

Bouquets of Gratitude to Nanaimo RCMP. Thank you for helping us to have peace in our home.So many motorbikes have loud exhaust pipes that make so much noise. We were very happy to read the newspaper article and see that police are cracking down on them.

A huge bouquet of bright red roses to Coastal Community Credit Union for putting its clients before profit with its recent offer of a super low interest rate for a full year on its MasterCard. After a financial setback last year, this has enabled me to recover in a much shorter time period than would have otherwise been possible.

a BUCKET FULL OF STARS to my “Starbucks Angel” and fellow Canucks fan. Thanks for paying it forward – it was kind, thoughtful and so unexpected. Your kind gesture made our day. We promise to do the same to someone else soon.

bouquets of congratulations to everyone who worked so hard to clean up downtown Nanaimo. The Great Streets award was an accomplishment for you all. This award for Nanaimo should have gotten front page in all local newspapers.

A bouquet to Abby Lynn who gave the envelope to Suds the Shriner clown in the Empire Days Parade. When a lot of people were taking his picture, you were the only one who gave him a picture.

Bundles of beautiful nails and great permanent make-up to Cindy and Donna at Neon Nail Studio. I feel wonderfully pampered and end up with perfect results and the best prices in town. I couldn’t ask for better professionals.

A bouquet of orange gerbera flowers to a thoughtful, spontaneous young woman at Longwood Station. Your kindness made my mother’s rushed evening peaceful and you made our family’s hearts warm. She is special and so are you.

a beef to those who litter. Please stop and be more caring toward your planet. Don’t you realize that if you throw plastics or other debris, you do harm and kill birds, etc.

a bumpy beef to whoever designed the slalom-style parking lot at a shopping complex. My family used to spend $400-500 per week there, but why put up with being almost thrown out of your car over the ridiculously high speed bumps and tight turns when there are plenty of other sensibly designed parking lots in the area? I am sure we are not the only people who boycott this parking monstrosity.

a beef to the foolish man on a red scooter in the Terminal Park parking lot. No helmet and you rode out into traffic from between cars without so much as a glance. You may not care about yourself or the person who may hit you, but I am sure the mother of the young child you had seated in front of you (also without a helmet) would be horrified. Police, time to at least IQ test these riders.

a beef. I thought when you have a business, customers come first. Well, obviously the owner of the shop that decides to close evenings during the summer and doesn’t open on Sundays thinks of himself more. You should talk to your customers sometimes and get their feedback.

A beef to the dog owners in major denial whose untrained dogs display unprovoked aggression and who traumatize and disrespect the well-earned peace of retired people walking their dogs in Cottle Lake/Linley Valley. That whole area, including the newly acquired bit of land, is an on-leash area. The whole city is on-leash except designated dog parks. Don’t act so surprised when nice, responsible people minding their own business get angry. You’re part of the problem in society.

a what’s-the-point BEEF to the city about something done at the Brechin boat launch. Why did you weld a cover over the second water spigot at the cleaning table? You have not stopped the smart boaters who bring their own hoses to flush motors and trailer brakes. You will need lots of hose clamps, though.