Beefs & Bouquets, May 15

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BOUQUET To the ‘angels’ of the Yellowpoint Singers, who helped my husband and I through a very challenging time by faithfully bringing beautiful nutritious meals three times a week, for six weeks. The loving support was incredible.

BEEF To my upstairs neighbour who smokes on his balcony. The owners of the building allow it but he tosses his butts over the balcony’s railing and they land on my patio.

BOUQUET You went out of your way with the use of your truck to transport my couch and all with a lovely, friendly smile. My appreciation knows no bounds.

BEEF To retailers of patio furniture. Why is black the only colour? Black attracts heat, shows the bird droppings and is depressing.  Whatever happened to the bright colours and tropical patterns?

BOUQUET To Ross who was kind enough to split the rental of an aerator and also follow us two ladies home to aerate our lawn. Your kindness, time and energy is greatly appreciated.

BEEF To the manager at the fast food restaurant out on his break while a single girl tried to serve several people. Eight people left because she was waiting for her boss to help her. His response: oh well.

BOUQUET To Industrial Plastics on Boxwood Road for providing exceptional friendly customer service in helping me out with my search of a piece of plastic hose. Thanks for keeping it real.

BEEF To the store at the mall. While shopping with my granddaughter I was shocked to see a worker acting like an ape. Scared my granddaughter. I will shop elsewhere.

BOUQUET To Terminal Starbucks for being by far the best Starbucks in Nanaimo. Special mention to barista Francine who always has a beautiful smile and a friendly, outgoing manner.

BEEF To not only contests but also petitions done only on the Internet with no other options given. Not all of us have or can afford computers.

BOUQUET To Russell and Kay at Shear Agony for always being consistent on great haircuts. I really appreciate being able to stop by in the mornings and be treated with such kindness.

BEEF To EI. Because I live in B.C. I’m required to have 910 hours to qualify, but I still get deductions from my paycheque, which greatly reduces my actual take home paycheque.

BOUQUET To the ladies at Nanaimo Bakery. Your humour and smiles make lunch time a very pleasant experience.

BEEF To the people who pick up after their dog, but then put the bag in the storm sewer grates where they eventually come out into the watershed streams.

BOUQUET To the guy in the line behind my two children and I at Wal-Mart who overheard me telling my girls that we’d have to leave our stuff because I’d forgotten my money at home, and offered to pay for my groceries. I appreciate it more than words can say, and I truly hope karma rewards you.

BEEF To the city for its lack of respect and care for the grounds of Nanaimo Cemetery. This is a sacred place where people expect to find a degree of solace –  to grieve, to heal, to remember and to honour the cherished ones they have lost. Flowers mown over, grass strewn across headstones and precious items removed adds to our sorrow.

BOUQUET To the writer who rants about their unemployed neighbour. You bring laughter each time we read your many beefs. I’ve wondered though, have you ever asked your neighbour about their situation or are you just assuming? We all know what assuming does.

BEEF To the rude man who went through the long-term cashier’s till and basically told her how to do her job and left with a nasty parting comment. Can you imagine what he’s like to live with?

BOUQUET To Trojan Collision Centre for its expertise and friendly staff. I have used its services over many years and it has never let me down.

BEEF To the gaters, speeders, cellphoners, texters, dog on your lap, eating your fast foods: we all want to enjoy our trip on the roads without your distractions.

BOUQUET To the girls at CIBC bank at Country Club Centre. They are all so helpful and courteous.

BEEF To the heatpump company. Maybe you should have take a course on how to program them before you started up your company. They do not run 24/7 as you have told several of us unsatisfied customers.

BOUQUET To the new owners of The Vault Cafe who have created a space that is funky, food that is delicious, and a cafe that is actually open in the evenings in downtown Nanaimo. Oh and I can’t forget – thanks for also serving beer and wine.

BEEF To the beefer who has beefed about his unemployed neighbour multiple times over the last month. Why what he does or lack thereof bothers you so much, I don’t know. First beef was fine, but after about four times, you should consider a different hobby than rubbernecking.

BOUQUET To Lydia, Sharon, Chris, Betty and Carman of Malaspina Gardens for hosting a lovely tea for your volunteers.

BEEF To the greedy second-hand book sellers who attend the charity book sale and buy every book by the popular authors the first morning. These book buyers go with shopping carts at 8 a.m. and fill them with used books before the public realizes the mall is open.

BOUQUET To the staff at Petroglyph Animal Hospital. I had the death of my 14-year-old little girl. The vets were very compassionate and caring. Also to Joy, who helped by paying for a private cremation.

BEEF To busybodies. You should follow the example of my unemployed neighbour, whose body is never busy.

BOUQUET To to my cat, Git. She meets me at the door after a long day at work. She is truly my best friend.

BOUQUET To Bob Sedden for removing the pile of branches, from the tree prunings, just as a kindness. I was really concerned about how I was going to do it, without a truck. Imagine my surprise to find the pile gone. Neighbours told me Bob did it.

To submit a beef or a bouquet to the Nanaimo News Bulletin, please e-mail