The premier dropped the F-bomb during debate in the legislature. That doesn’t leave much for special occasions. Can’t imagine what he would say if he hit his thumb with a hammer.

The premier dropped the F-bomb during debate in the legislature. That doesn’t leave much for special occasions. Can’t imagine what he would say if he hit his thumb with a hammer.

Beefs & Bouquets, May 11

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BOUQUET To our painting contractor Mike W. Thank you for your high-quality service, amazingly fast painting and extremely enjoyable company. We love to have you do any painting jobs at our house and look forward to recommending you to others.

BEEF The enormous hole in the ground on Commercial Street is a long-lasting eyesore.

BOUQUET To the person in the grey car who stopped on Arbot Road and witnessed a senior citizen being roughed up by two uniformed men. Thank you for waiting for the RCMP to arrive and telling them the truth. Hopefully the bullies will get what they deserve.

BEEF To the convoy supporters. You claim to love Canada, and wave its flag, but beyond performative gestures and spreading inaccuracies, what are you actually doing to make Canada better? We have a volunteer shortage. Stop being faux-patriots and help out.

BOUQUET To the new owners of Nanaimo Bakery. Everyone talks about the ‘homeless problem’ but your organization is actually doing something to make a difference. I am a neighbour and welcome you to the neighbourhood.

BEEF To the businesses that can’t operate without paying a living wage. If your business cannot operate without paying your full-time employees enough to live then you do not deserve to operate.

BOUQUET To the Nanaimo Clippers for providing us with some pretty awesome entertainment, especially with their performance in this year’s playoffs. Beef to our community as attendance at the games is low, although restrictions have been lifted. We have been lucky to have this BCHL team in Nanaimo since 1972 and ticket sales are what keep them here.

BEEF Since when does government care about my health, pushing me to take vaccine, meanwhile we can’t get a family doctor? Now the power-hungry prime minister has made a deal with the NDP for the price of bringing more medical services free to the public, but no one looked at some other European countries and how good medical services are available to the public there. So now we have one party we did not vote for and the medical system is still a disaster.

BOUQUET To the young woman in the gold Westfalia who helped me get my car started. Without your help I would not have got hired for my job and been left stranded in the rain. Forever thankful for your time.

BEEF To stores and restaurants that aren’t cleaning door handles, shopping carts, or the debit machines.

BOUQUET To Cady, the staff and angel volunteers at Nanaimo Hospice for providing me with free grief counselling, a personalized comfort package and witness to my mourning after the death of my father. He died last year before Christmas, in another province. I felt invisible in my grief and because of your support, I felt seen. Thank you.

BEEF The flag is a symbol of every country and everybody can use it. Symbols of your country can’t be just a flag. Symbols also have to be citizens exercising the right to burn that flag in protest, wave to the convoy or just express ‘I am Canadian.’ We lost our free speech. If you are reading this, this is the local beef section and goes nowhere.

BOUQUET To Tanya. You have been a wonderful neighbour and friend the past few years and I will be so sad to see you go. I wish you the best of luck and much happiness in Panama and hope to visit you soon.

BEEF To whoever authorized the termination of a 350-plus-year-old tree in Lantzville. Total disregard and lack of protection of our natural environment. Even very old huge arbutus trees which are protected in B.C. were pushed down in five minutes with a machine. Listen to your community as well. You’re slowly and methodically destroying the land.

BOUQUET To Cedar Sky Foods which creates amazing meals that are easy to heat and cook and excellent to eat. I started buying them for my senior mother and ended up buying them for myself. Very high-quality and wonderful service. Thank you for your high standards.

BEEF To NATO. Enough is enough. Stop defending Ukraine to the last Ukrainian. Hit Russia where it hurts.

BOUQUET Many thanks to the News Bulletin’s circulation manager who, when we lost our local delivery person, responded to our query as to where we could pick up a copy of your newspaper and promised a home delivery for the following week. He came through on his promise.

BEEF To the seniors home that cleared all their parking lots of snow except that one for your staff. It sat like that until the snow melted. If this is how you show your gratitude and respect for staff who show up to work I see why you are always hiring and short-staffed.

BOUQUET To NRGH knee clinic staff. They are kind, caring and professional. And I especially liked the warm blankets. A total knee replacement is not easy but the compassion of the clinic’s staff helped to ease the pain. Pre- and post-care was also outstanding, with lots of useful and practical information provided.

BEEF The premier dropped the F-bomb during debate in the legislature. That doesn’t leave much for special occasions. Can’t imagine what he would say if he hit his thumb with a hammer.

BOUQUET To Richard at VIU. Thank you for being a great instructor. With your unforgettable stories, you sure know how to make electrical theory interesting.

BEEF To city council. $2.5 million for another plan to clean up downtown? Sounds like more of the same, wasting money every year.

BOUQUET To the Pantry restaurant for offering seniors discount meals for many years and being great hosts to my mom’s Monday night seniors’ dinner. Your positive customer service is much appreciated.

BEEF To the whining generation of Facebook users complaining about how expensive it is to live in B.C. and how they can’t afford it. Ditch the fancy cars and expensive mobile phones so you can breathe and enjoy B.C.

BOUQUET To the lady I often see down at Seabold beach and the Rotary park, picking up trash left behind by others; she’s inspired me to do the same.

BEEF Charles should step aside – too old to be king, and a divorcee to boot. William should be the next King of England.

BOUQUET To the staff at Walmart who are under considerable stress and constant demands from customers but work so hard to deliver great service. I am very grateful for all you do.

BEEF To the eco do-gooder who posted a ‘no dumping’ sign The dumped material was organic, compostable grass, etc. Your sign is plastic, you hypocrite.

BOUQUET I was standing with my walker on the street waiting for my husband to pick me up. He had had to park quite far away and consequently I was there for quite a while. Just before he got back a lovely lady came up to me and asked if I was OK. She had seen me from her apartment, got dressed and came down to check my well-being. Just another example of how many wonderful people there are in this world – especially Nanaimo.

BEEF To have cataract surgery it is required to see your doctor for all kinds of tests – kidney disease, mental disorder, loose teeth, questions about smoking and alcohol. It goes on and on. I ask myself, is that necessary? No wonder our health system is on the brink.

BOUQUET To Wingren Nufloors. They have been wonderful to deal with on our small flooring projects. You have treated us like we were doing major flooring renovations and we really appreciate the great-quality flooring and good service every time we call you.

BEEF To the care provider which doesn’t test its employees and then when they get sick (because they will) the casual ones don’t have any kind of coverage or any kind of sick pay. Shame on you. This no-rights casual system is rotting this country. Don’t be surprised if it is hard to find people to fill jobs nowadays.

BOUQUET To the RCMP for keeping us safe from the infestation of the criminal element in Nanaimo. Now build bigger jails.

BEEF Metral Drive has been under construction for more than a year and the city has turned a perfectly good road into a jumbled mess. I ask why? Stop the madness.

BOUQUET To waiters Adam and Shamous at Southgate Smitty’s. You two are hands-down the most well-mannered, attentive waiters in this town. You earn your wages and more. You should definitely be proud. We’d tip you well any day of the week.

BEEF To city councillors who want to eliminate natural gas hookups. Again, personal agendas are overriding what is best for homeowners and businesses.

BOUQUET To the gentleman who kindly buys flowers at Save-On-Foods in the north end for random persons following him through the checkout. It was such a very nice surprise, and very much appreciated.

BEEF Citizens get complicated stop-start cars while police and city vehicles idle all day.

BOUQUET I agree with the beef to the artist who puts their thoughts all over town on utility poles. Such art is visual pollution, trespassing and vandalizing other people’s property. Take them down before bylaw enforcement gives you a fine. We all need to boycott anyone who puts up utility pole signs as they endanger utility workers and are blights on Nanaimo.

BEEF To the homeowner on one of the city’s main arteries. Isn’t it more than time to tow the old eyesore in the front yard, a 1970s station wagon?

BOUQUET A great big thank you to Elijah B. at Best Buy Nanaimo for helping my elderly mom set up a BYO iPhone. Five-star customer service.

BEEF To the north Nanaimo condo complex and strata council for firing our long-standing resident janitor, a senior on a fixed income who did a great job. Instead replacing her with a big company that pales in comparison. Shameful.

BOUQUET To the ladies of Kelly’s Kitchen. You are all amazing. Always friendly, kind and welcoming, and all with a smile. They are never too busy for a quick chat, even though it is very busy there. The food is so good and we eat there often. You can never go wrong with so much to choose from on the menu.

BEEF To the B.C. politicians who say they are doing all they can to rectify the issue of so many people not having a doctor. I challenge you to try to use a walk-in clinic and see how you get on. It’s not fun and very hard to get timely preventive care.

BOUQUET To the young man and taxi driver who boosted my dead battery in front of the hospital main entrance. Huge rave to Bavarian Imports for replacing the battery that very same afternoon.

BEEF To the regressive right for ruining our country. We now live in a cold, heartless, confused and crime-ridden apocalypse.

BOUQUET To the approaching summer which unfortunately brings out ridiculously loud motorcycles and after-market mufflers that make a feeble attempt to noisily feign actual horsepower. Could law enforcement please target those vehicles that do not come even close to the legal decibel level?

BEEF To people who can’t control their dogs and keep them from approaching strangers.

BOUQUET To the City of Nanaimo for planting trees in the Old City neighbourhood. These will enhance the area for years to come.

BEEF To the jogger complaining about the walker ahead of them zig-zagging on the trail, and moving left when you said “on your left.” Obviously a misunderstanding. Perhaps you could take an extra second of your precious time, break your stride, and move around. You could knock over a senior and seriously injure them. Please show some consideration of others next time. Thank you.

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Beefs and bouquets