Beef to the corner store that would not sell a package of cigarettes to a 55-year-old man who just got off work and didn’t have his ID with him. Has the world gone crazy?

Beef to the corner store that would not sell a package of cigarettes to a 55-year-old man who just got off work and didn’t have his ID with him. Has the world gone crazy?

Beefs & Bouquets, March 5

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BOUQUET To Travis who shovelled my driveway three times in two days during the snowstorm in January. Thank you very much and many happy returns for your good deeds.

BEEF To the mall for removing many of the benches that are needed for seniors and disabled. Also for removing hooks on doors to toilets. Now we have to leave our purses or parcels on dirty floors.

BOUQUET To my neighbours Nicole and John for being there for me, supporting and comforting me, on the last day of my beloved 33-year-old thoroughbred racehorse’s life. Friesens Rentals and Winchelsea vets were wonderful too, coming ASAP when asked.

BEEF To the local food and beverage businesses that choose to be closed on Sundays. If Nanaimo wants to be a city it should start acting like one. This is a lot of people’s day off to go spend money.

BOUQUET To neighbours Karin, Sage, Griffin, Ken and Nicole who were angels, caring and pitching in with chores, help, food, gifts when I had a bad accident tripping on stairs in my house.

BEEF To our provincial and federal governments, especially federal. You assigned a minister of middle-class prosperity. There is no more middle class. You should rename the position to ‘minister of the working poor.’

BOUQUET Thank you to the kind and generous couple who picked up the tab for our Valentine date lunch at the south-end Ricky’s All-Day Grill. From a couple of oldies.

BEEF To my fellow dog walkers at Linley Valley. I walk my dog there also. Sometimes off leash. You must leash your dog(s) when encountering anyone until they give you permission (or not) to release them. No one wants an uncontrolled animal with sharp teeth running toward them, dog lover or not. Be respectful before we lose the privilege of allowing our pets in the park completely.

BOUQUET To the young lady (herself waiting to be seen) who got me a warm blanket when she heard the nurse tell me to go get one myself. Thank you very much. I hope you are feeling better.

BEEF To the guy removing snow at the the strip mall and almost running me over and when he didn’t make the turn, he had to back up and almost hit me again. You could have waited a second in your heated truck as I crossed the road with my hands full of groceries. I guess karma takes care of inconsiderate people like you.

BOUQUET To all the beefers and letter writers. How do the few residents of Opal Road have more influence on the decisions made by city council? Are those residents’ concerns more important than the safety of all the school students and families living and driving on Departure Bay Road?

BEEF To the family blaming the hospital for not locking up their loved one for their addiction issues. Clearly the health professionals assessed that the issues could not be fixed by medical means, but need addiction services and willingness of the person to participate.

BOUQUET To Barbara, thank you for bringing laughter and companionship during the last few days. You are the best.

BEEF To the corner store that would not sell a package of cigarettes to a 55-year-old man who just got off work and didn’t have his ID with him. Has the world gone crazy?

BOUQUET To Clint at Ernies Blackpoint. You definitely made my day by getting me back on the road quicker and cheaper than I thought.

BEEF To the restaurant charging $8.75 plus tax for coffee after paying for a meal. No thank you. Coffee is too expensive at your restaurant.

BOUQUET To YCD airport security; they are very respectful, quick and make sure you are comfortable. They make the entire process seamless.

BEEF To the ex-owner of the boa constrictor. Your act of animal cruelty was serious. The boa constrictor was better off back in the jungle.

BOUQUET To Alyssa and Jay at CIBC north Nanaimo. Thank you for your help with a difficult matter. I kept hitting roadblocks everywhere I went but with your professionalism you managed to solve my problem.

BEEF I do not shed a single tear for the City of Nanaimo, which only got itself into its own mess. But guess who has to still clean it up?

BOUQUET To the young couple who helped me get up after my walker and I crashed off of a curb on a dark and rainy night. They helped me get up and get to my car and made sure I was OK to drive. Many thanks to them for their kindness.

BEEF To mayor and council for not funding treatment beds. The gravy train has to end somewhere. People need to be accountable for their actions and life choices or our way of life will collapse.

BOUQUET To Michele in customer service at B.C. Ferries for her outstanding customer service and the van driver who assisted. My daughter was leaving for a week vacation in Mexico, forgot her phone and was very grateful to have the chief steward aboard the vessel hand it to her. With much appreciation to you all.

BEEF To the discordant behaviour that continues to affect the downtown core and the businesses. Does that mean the owners must now act like night-watchpersons to protect their businesses?

BOUQUET I was in a fix and wondering where to go and whom to contact when all of a sudden a van stopped and a gentleman offered to help. He said that he was on the other side of the highway and seeing us stranded on the road, turned and came back to help us. I would like to thank him with all my heart for the most wanted assistance he gave. May God bless you and may you have all the happiness in the world. After a few minutes, another gentleman stopped and asked if he might help. My profound thanks to him too.

BEEF To those among us who start and/or support petitions to end camping in our parks. Your ill-informed, poorly conveyed, sad, spiteful arguments are transparent.

BOUQUET To a neighbour and his two boys on Eighth Street for shovelling my driveway and paths. They worked so hard. You are a special family. From a grateful senior.

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