Bouquet to our lovely neighbours who rescued our chihuahua, Dave, after he was accidentally left out in the cold. We were desperately searching and you had him safe and warm in your truck. He had a great adventure that night.

Bouquet to our lovely neighbours who rescued our chihuahua, Dave, after he was accidentally left out in the cold. We were desperately searching and you had him safe and warm in your truck. He had a great adventure that night.

Beefs & Bouquets, March 23

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BOUQUET To the amazing police officer Cydney who allowed my little guy to see the police car up close and she even turned on the flashing lights; it made both of our days. Great cop, even better human. My kid won’t stop playing with his police car toys. Nanaimo is lucky to have her.

BEEF To some current residents and people moving to Mudge. Your actions are being noticed and reported accordingly for building and other violations. Also, stop bringing your junk here. People are sick of seeing it.

BOUQUET To the folks who know how to wear a mask and understand they don’t make you breathe in carbon dioxide. Air goes both directions; only droplets are kept in or out, keeping you safe and others safe too. Please stop the misinformation.

BEEF To the two women at the thrift shop for using the linen aisle as a changing room. I cannot unsee that and thankfully I did not have my grandson with me. Show some respect for yourself and others shopping in the store.

BOUQUET To my little bro. You should have the cheese touch right now because you deserve it.

BEEF To the NDP and Liberal coalition. I am embarrassed to say I am Canadian. Actively pursuing elsewhere to live is now a priority.

BOUQUET To the three older people clearing up the trails at Neck Point. The maintenance work you did helps keep our parks safe and beautiful.

BEEF to the non-stop jack hammering on Old Victoria Road that’s been going on for months now. This constant noise from 7:30 a.m. is driving everyone within earshot crazy. How much longer is this going to go on?

BOUQUET To the ‘poo-Picassos’ of Rockwood Heights. You have brought joy and pleasure to our daily walks by crafting doggie excrement masterpieces. Instead of picking up your dog’s poops, you artfully decorate them with rocks and twigs. Bravo!

BEEF To beefers complaining about maskless shoppers in grocery stores. I’m a cashier at a grocery store and we are unable to refuse these people service as we are an essential service. I share your discomfort but the government labels it as discrimination if we don’t let them shop. Unfortunately our hands are tied.

BOUQUET To the Canadian women’s hockey team which showed the world you can wear a mask for a hockey game and still win gold. No one died of carbon-dioxide poisoning. You want to cut out your carbon breathing, don’t burn wood.

BEEF To the driver of a white Chevy EV who blared his horn at a student driver for making a full stop at the red light before cautiously turning right when it was safe to do so. He then recklessly sped past the student driver on the right. Perhaps this driver needs to be reminded of the meaning of the red ‘L’ sticker and learn to exercise some patience and caution around cars that display it. Kudos to the student driver for staying calm and focused despite this rude and reckless behaviour.

BOUQUET To Emma at the Harbourfront library branch. I don’t know you personally, but I know that I have loved reading your recommended staff picks. You have great taste.

BEEF To the roundabout crosswalks on Rutherford road. This is a high-traffic intersection. Where are the pedestrian lights for the crosswalks? It is very difficult to see pedestrians crossing, especially at night. Let’s be proactive instead of waiting for a grave accident.

BOUQUET Thank you to the individual ahead of us at the Tim Hortons drive-thru near University Village who paid for our order. What a lovely thing to do.

BEEF To convoy protesters. How dare you use the Canadian flag to represent your reprehensible protest. You have no idea what democracy is. It is not rule by mob. You do not represent most Canadians.

BOUQUET To our prime minister for standing up to the hooligans who laid siege to our capital. Just because you live in a free country doesn’t give you the right to stomp all over everyone else’s rights just to rant about your rights.

BEEF To the City of Nanaimo. In 10 years my user fees have more than doubled but my consumption is actually less. I keep hearing about diversion and remember the charm of new garbage trucks and how much they were going to save us. What happened?

BOUQUET To Walls Electrical for coming to the rescue on short notice and not giving us a shocking bill. We will pass your information on to all our friends. Thank you for such good service.

BEEF Canada Post’s service is disappointing – 10 days from Toronto to Nanaimo. According to their tracking, my parcel was on a plane for two and a half days. I didn’t realize planes had that sort of endurance.

BOUQUET To our lovely neighbours who rescued our chihuahua, Dave, after he was accidentally left out in the cold. We were desperately searching and you had him safe and warm in your truck. He is priceless to us, bonus for him he had a great adventure that night. We are so very grateful.

BEEF To the Dodge Ram owner with the giant snowmobile in the back of their truck in the small, crowded parking lot. Your truck already takes up more than enough space. Your snowmobile prevented drivers from leaving the parking lot.

BOUQUET Appreciation to Nanaimo residents and other patriotic Canadians who donated to the trucker’s convoy in Ottawa. Those truckers and protesters are heroes for standing up peacefully to the federal government on our behalf for our freedom and rights. It’s not just about the vaccine and mandates, it’s much bigger than that.

BEEF To the greedy real estate agents and landlords who are raising rents and having bidding wars on house prices which is causing stress to many people who cannot afford the outrageous prices. Renters who cannot pay these prices are facing eviction and nowhere to go.

BOUQUET Thank you to the conservation officers for safely catching and releasing the cougar. We need to see more of that instead of the alternative. Humans are the invasive species.

BEEF To the far right wing newspaper delivered via Canada Post, unsolicited in my mailbox. Hard pass, at least I have something to house train my puppy on.

BOUQUET To Kal Tire in north Nanaimo. I took what I thought was a tire problem to them, but it wasn’t. They quickly diagnosed the problem, fixed it, test-drove my car and sent me on my way with no charge.

BEEF To the psychiatrist at Nanaimo hospital. My friend was feeling suicidal and you judged and treated her like there was something wrong with her. She came to you for help and you shamed her instead. I don’t feel like you deserve to have your job.

BOUQUET To our neighbour Pat in Departure Bay, who every week picks up copies of the News Bulletin from the corner store for us and other neighbours since we have been without home delivery.

BEEF To the convoy for sowing hatred, fear, and division. Your convenience doesn’t out-weigh us Canadians’ right to life.

BOUQUET To all the cities and countries around the world who beautifully lit up their buildings in blue and yellow lights in solidarity for the brave people of Ukraine.

BEEF To my hackers, you have broken my spirit, but not my bank balance, your broken English gave the game away. You are despicable.

BOUQUET To the pet owner family on Rock City Road for experimenting with dog training methods. Your neighbours wish you to know that your current training method of yelling your dog’s name isn’t working. We encourage you to re-evaluate your dog training options and google ‘dog training for beginners.’

BEEF To the beefer who said we should contact the city about city problems first. I did that over the years and even sent pictures. But backyard burning and lack of snow clearing are perennial problems the city refuses to address. Beefs are all that’s left.

BOUQUET To the kind, friendly gentleman at Driftwood Restaurant. Mom and I enjoyed our conversation with you; we were shocked to find our meals were paid for by you. Apologies for the pre-ordered takeout you also paid for. Such kindness is rare; thank you.

BEEF To the two belligerent women in the big box store who refused to wear masks. As usual, you continue to be part of the problem and not part of the solution. Beef also to the owner and management for forcing your staff to serve these people against their will so as not to cause a scene. I will not be shopping here anymore as I can get the same products elsewhere.

BOUQUET To the lady and man who came to my rescue outside the Bulk Barn. I had fallen after tripping over a curb and was helped up and made sure I was all right. Thank you.

BEEF To our so-called leaders, provincial and national, health and political. The trucker ‘blockade’ was no different than the blockade that you all caused on small businesses in the name of public health.

BOUQUET To the wonderful person in the yellow Jeep in front of me at the University Village Tim Hortons. Thank you for paying for my order. I hope good Karma follows you wherever you go.

BEEF To the bank branch that closed. I now have to use the one downtown and they now lock the doors to the ATM machines inside after closing. I don’t feel safe using the one outside as people experiencing homelessness are all around there. I won’t ever make a withdrawal there.

BOUQUET to the staff at Lexitor Medical Clinic. The doctors are great and the office staff are pleasant, professional and helpful. They clearly love their jobs.

BEEF To the couple that lets their two tiny dogs scream-bark every time they walk in the neighbourhood. You won’t heed neighbours’ advice to walk another route. It’s always extremely late at night or early in the morning. You’re hitting a nerve. Control your animals.

BOUQUET To the trucker convoy. Although I was against your disturbing the neighbours with your blaring horns, you exposed the government’s hypocrisy on the virus and what demonstrations they said were deemed acceptable. By forcing the Emergencies Act on you to deal with the problem, you actually won the debate by going home.

BEEF The noise from the jackhammer on Old Victoria Road is deafeningly unbearable. It starts at 7:30 a.m. I have to leave my home for some peace. Contractor should have done some homework before jumping into building on this hunk of rock.

BOUQUET In response to beef that people should send complaints to mayor and council: Been there, done that. What a joke. No resolve.

BEEF To everyone who turns to online fundraising. Have you not heard of insurance, savings or personal responsibilities? Your loss is not my charity.

BOUQUET To Matei at Royal Bank Woodgrove, who went the extra mile to help me with a travel insurance mix-up and ensured a worry-free vacation. He is a real professional.

BEEF To the trucker ‘freedom riders’ for holding the rest of Canada hostage for weeks. We want our flag back.

BOUQUET To the grey Volkswagen at the Tim Hortons in Chase River. Thanks and a big hug for the kind gesture. It made our day. There are kind and generous people in Nanaimo.

BEEF To the keyboard cowboys who hide behind their computer screens complaining about their neighbours on social media. Have you tried talking to them in person? You might find they aren’t as bad as you make them out to be.

BOUQUET To the lovely young man I chatted with in the line at VIU for the meal deal. What a wonderful surprise when I reached the till to find you had paid the $45 for my meal. What a kind and generous gesture. From the lady in the red coat. I will absolutely pay this forward.

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