Boquuet of the Week: Thank you to my new 90-year-old friend who sat next to my son and I during our four-hour wait at NRGH ER. You made our experience of waiting much smoother and we felt very comfortable sitting with you.

Boquuet of the Week: Thank you to my new 90-year-old friend who sat next to my son and I during our four-hour wait at NRGH ER. You made our experience of waiting much smoother and we felt very comfortable sitting with you.

Beefs & Bouquets, March 22

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BOUQUET To the snow shovellers on Shadow Mountain Road. Very special to wake up to clear sidewalks as far as the eye could see, especially on a spring day when the fresh snow is wet and really heavy. Your fun in the snow made our day so much better. We live on a great street. Thanks so much.

BEEF To the same council members who are now directing city staff to look at building another homeless shelter. Where do they think this money comes from?

BOUQUET Thank you to my new 90-year-old friend who sat next to my son and I during our four-hour wait at NRGH ER. My son enjoyed smiling at you. You made our experience of waiting much smoother and we felt very comfortable sitting with you. Thank you to the hospital staff who were calm and gave each patient individualized, compassionate care.

BEEF Regarding the lack of low-cost spay/neuter programs, put blame where it’s due, sadly insufficient training programs and certification for new veterinarians. There’s a critical shortage across Canada, we need to increase the availability of training programs. There aren’t enough veterinarians entering the field to offset the burnout and retirement rate of existing vets, not to mention the increased number of pets due to so many people acquiring pets during COVID.

BOUQUET To the nurses who stepped up and help out in our need for doctors. Without them I do not know where I would be. I thank them for their tireless work and for being there where they are so much needed.

BEEF My first PC had one clearly marked button to press to turn it off. My current PC requires me to perform seven functions to turn it off, and the first step is hidden. How is this progress?

BOUQUET The NRGH emergency room was really something to behold. With the ice, many elderly folks had fallen. There were also the traffic crash folk, thanks to the slippery roads, and then there was the usual ‘run of the mill’ unwell folk – and two ‘code blues’ to make things a little more exciting. Everyone was being attended to. The medical staff were kind and courteous; fellow patients assisted others when they could, and there was a bit of neighbourly chatter. Well done, NGRH ER, and thanks.

BEEF To people who don’t pick up after their dog. It doesn’t matter that your dog is little. Poop is still poop. Not nice when the kids are playing and roll in it.

BOUQUET To Starbucks on Terminal Ave for keeping their restrooms open and available for public use. Public restrooms are a rare find nowadays and as someone with IBS, I panic when I’m out in public and can’t find one. So truly, thank you.

BEEF To Nanaimo city council which voted to keep helping people who are addicted who are destroying our downtown businesses and our neighbourhoods. Where is this new shelter going to be? Hopefully next door to the council members who voted for it.

BOUQUET Thanks to my daughter Gaydene and hubby Corey for the great 80th birthday weekend at Tofino. And to all my friends for sending your best wishes and funny memories.

BEEF To council members who voted to reward people with addictions with another shelter. Build it and they will come – in droves to Nanaimo from all over the world. Why has Nanaimo council voted to build another shelter? Why are you rewarding bad behaviour like homicide, theft, attacks on the elderly and weak? My tax money should go to schools.

BOUQUET To all participants, program volunteers and staff who make Harbour City Seniors programs at the Bowen Park complex so friendly and welcoming. The no-cost/low-cost activities are varied and interesting and there’s something for everyone. Just another great bunch of people making Nanaimo a wonderful place to live.

BEEF To the city for thinking it was more important to clear the bike lanes of Metral Drive than it was to clear the sidewalks. Many of us walk to the bus to get to work or shop. Plowed-in sidewalks make it almost impossible and very dangerous to get anywhere, especially if you have mobility issues. I fell on the ice on an uncleared sidewalk. Get your priorities straight.

BOUQUET To those of all ages who wave flags from overpasses and drive down to the B.C. legislature for protests. I appreciate your patience and perseverance in standing up for a better Canada. Keep up the good work, and keep that splendid maple leaf flying.

BEEF $20 million for a simple fire hall, $3 million over budget, but they can build a complete multi-storey hotel for approximately $23 million? Am I the only one who sees an issue?

BOUQUET I would like to compliment the hard-working, courteous and friendly service I received recently from Express Care Oil Change. They explained every step that was needed and the cost with a friendly smile and a free car wash. The respect and understanding of a novice coming in for my truck oil change service was very much appreciated.

BEEF To the beefers about roaming cats. Wait till the mice and rat population explode and then poisons have to be used which then will kill birds of prey due to the poison all because the cat wasn’t allowed to its natural job.

BOUQUET To the very talented, creative person who hung a beautiful swing near the shore on a quiet stretch of beach where I have walked for years. It was a delightful surprise – as unexpected as seeing a unicorn. It was such a joy, thank you.

BEEF To restaurants that do not have at least one or two braille menus. We took a friend out for his birthday and we had to read the menu to him. Visually impaired need that extra bit of service as do all who have some sort of issue. Very disappointing for sure.

BOUQUET I would like to commend my neighbour. It brought a smile to my face when I caught a glimpse of him early one morning on the move in his driveway, armed with a Super Soaker, waging war against my birdhouse-stalking cat. Thank you for your patient, tactful problem-solving and humane heart when dealing with my outdoor kitty.

BEEF To the beefer who denigrates those who wave their flags. Be grateful for those who care enough to speak out. The people you slander don’t hate the democratic process. They are trying to save it.

BOUQUET During one of our recent winter storms, I hit black ice on the highway, lost control and my truck ended up in the ditch. I want to thank everybody who helped that day – my buddy Jackson who was the first to stop, the kind stranger in the Mazda pickup who made sure I was all right, my co-workers Brayden and Derek who towed me out, the first responders for your patience and caring, and the extremely kind cashier at the Northfield Petro-Can who brought me some much-needed sunshine.

BEEF So Nanaimo council once again baffles me. Approving a development in a riparian area but screaming about climate change from the mountaintops. Hypocrisy at its finest in this town.

BOUQUET To the gentleman who paid it forward at the Southgate Country Grocer. Your kindness made my day.

BEEF To the beefer who complained about Canadian patriots flying the Canadian flag. If you don’t like the Canadian flag and Canadian patriots, you are in the wrong country.

BOUQUET To Shannon and the community safety officers for consistently responding to our Victoria Road neighbourhood. The unit is competent as well as calm and respectful as they interact with our city’s unhoused population. These workers help our neighbourhood to be safe and give us a sense that our concerns are being heard. Thank you.

BEEF With the backdrop of a proposed tax hike of 7.3 per cent, the mayor and council are proposing to spend more hard-earned tax dollars. For example, this out-of-touch council is looking to add a recreation coordinator position to its already bloated city organization, which incidentally is bigger than other city administrations in B.C. with similar scope and responsibilities.

BOUQUET Thanks for your beautiful flower bouquet. It stands on a 100-year-old child chair from Germany. I got it as a gift for my son Felix.

BEEF In traffic circles, yield to enter, signal to exit. It’s not rocket appliances.

BOUQUET To Lauren at Hub International. When I took a fall outside their business, she found a first-aid kit and administered to my several cuts. She was very compassionate and also offered to get me water, tea, or coffee. What a super person.

BEEF To 75 per cent of the dog walkers at Cottle Lake who don’t leash their dog or pick up their dog doodoo. Extra beef to the ones that leave it in the middle of the path and the ones that pretend to pick it up only to throw it into the bush 10 metres ahead of you.

BOUQUET To the otters I see playing on people’s boats in Nanaimo Harbour. You make my day.

BEEF To the bank, you need to up your game, we all have other things to do in our life than wait for 30 minutes to see a teller. You have even placed chairs in the lineup at one branch. So you must acknowledge that this is unacceptable.

BOUQUET Thank you to the people who came to my aid almost instantly after a car slammed into the side of my car at Harewood and Bruce. A kind nurse helped me out of the car and stayed with me until first responders arrived in very short order. Thank you also to the first responders and the staff at the hospital who did their jobs with kindness and professionalism. My injuries could have been much worse. I understand charges will be laid, including impaired driving (at noon, no less!).

BEEF A warning to city council for pandering to the criminality of this city. Major retailers south of the border are closing locations due to theft. We have businesses shutting the doors here due to lawlessness and socialist mentality. The worst is yet to come.

BOUQUET To my wonderful friends loving me for the wild thing I am and making me feel like a million bucks on my birthday. So grateful to be a star in your Milky Way.

BEEF Currently the E&N infrastructure isn’t safe enough for passengers, but we are using it to ship hazardous cargo. This needs to stop before we have our own East Palestine disaster.

BOUQUET To the person saying she and her husband can’t eat out. When you’re hard up, use coupons for fast food and pay half. Cheers!

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Beefs and bouquets

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