Beefs & Bouquets March 21

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Big Hospice Hugs to Tara and her team at the Royal Bank downtown for putting on a beer and burger night that raised $3,956 to support the Expand the Heart of Hospice campaign.

Baskets of Grateful Bytes to Jason of U-Need-a-Nerd. I was amazed at Jason’s computer skills and support when I needed help with my PC. Jason’s personal attentions via remote connecting were life-saving, as I use my PC for a home-based business. He even showed me how to avoid repeating the same problems.

A special bouquet to France and her allies who are trying to expel the invading rebels in Mali.

A bouquet to a restaurant for giving my family of four our entire meal for free because a waitress dropped my husband’s hamburger.

A huge bouquet to Gord Theedom for being such a nice guy. We loved the segment you did on our store – K & M Thrift Store – on your radio program – Music from the Past on CHLY 101.7 FM. You went out of your way to do something nice and we really appreciate it.

A bright bouquet to Ron and Peter at the Mobility Store. Your exceptional, personalized customer service has made my husband’s life so much easier. He will use the recliner with much appreciation.

A beautiful spring bouquet to Inger, an always friendly and helpful staff member at Canadian Tire. It is a pleasure to shop there because of you.

a Huge thank you bouquet to Dr. Rumble, Mark and all other staff in Nanaimo Regional General Hospital when I was there due to high blood pressure and a rapid heart beat. First class treatment.

Big handshakes and smiles to the city crews for cleaning up the neighbourhood pathway in Block Watch 42, located at Departure Bay and Uplands roads. It is now a safer and brighter place to walk.

THANKS to the thoughtful women who stopped on Rutherford Road recently to assist us when our dog Ringo collapsed and died during our morning walk. Your comforting words and help in getting our pet into our car was greatly appreciated. Unfortunately, we were too stricken with shock and grief to obtain your names.

Our most sincere thanks to Dr. Karsten, Dr. Magnusson and all the professional and caring staff at the Central Island Veterinary Emergency Hospital on Metral Drive. Without your expertise, our beloved Maddy would undoubtedly have died from poisoning. Maddy received 24 hours of close observation and treatment in a comfortable and caring environment. You saved a very cherished member of our family and for that we will be forever grateful. From N and D.

a bouquet. I bought a board at Home Depot that was too large to fit in the trunk of my car. A man  who was parked near me loaded the board onto his truck and followed me to my house. He would only accept my thanks, nothing else. I am elderly, so his action was a real gift.

a WARM bouquet to Mark at Northstar Heating and Cooling Services for coming out numerous times to find the solution to my problem.

A bouquet of thanks to Arrowsmith Roofing Ltd. for coming to the aid of a grateful senior whose roof suffered damage in the latest windstorm. Workers were there shortly after my call and repaired the roof professionally with assurance and kindness.

the biggest bouquet of roses, wrenches, paint sprayers, handshakes and hugs to Tony. You were not here long enough, but your grin, selflessness and enthusiasm for life will never be forgotten. Thanks for all you did and tried to do, for always being upbeat, and making everyone around you smile.

A huge shout out to Adam and his staff at Kal Tire near Costco. They are my knights in shining armour. When I finished work at 5:30 p.m. one day, I noticed that my car had a flat tire. I called them and not only did they offer to come right over to assist me – I work across the street – but they also insisted on taking my car to their shop overnight so it wouldn’t be left in the mall parking lot. Then they repaired the flat at no charge.

a bouquet. I wanted to let everyone know how special Raj at Christensen Collision is. He came highly recommended yet the service was even better than I could have hoped for. Great work, consistent professionalism and fabulous commitment to customer service.

happy easter and a beautiful bouquet of yellow roses to Marilyn, a cashier at Thrifty Foods in Port Place mall, for her kindness to all customers.

a beautiful bouquet of red roses to Sue at H&R Block at Woodgrove Centre for being so nice.

a huge delivery bouquet to Mark and Brad from The Brick. Your customer service is amazing. The Brick should be proud to have guys like you. I have never had such great delivery service.

A sort of beef to the naysayers – they cannot change the past, nor control the present, nor predict the future. Whatever will be, will be.

A safe driving beef to the driver on Victoria Crescent driving with no lights in a black and grey car, on a grey and wet day. I could not see you coming and we almost collided, even though I double checked.

A beef to a phone company for charging me interest on a bill I received the same day it was due.

A beef to the city for changing the $3 swims from Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to Thursday only. Looks like you took the opportunity to charge families more during the summer because they’re likely to use the pool more often.

A smart beef to the beefer who has an issue with people who oppose the new radiating meters. You’ll wish you supported the movement when you get your time-of-use (higher) bill from B.C. Hydro or discover that your personal information has been sold, or develop a chronic disease from the cumulative effect of microwave radiation exposure.

A big beef to the person who insists on dumping used kitty litter along Jinglepot Road and in nearby residential spots. How lazy and ignorant can a person be?

A big beef to all business owners who think it’s OK to have your dog on the premises while you are open to the public. I do not come into your store to socialize with your dog. I don’t need it sniffing, licking, nudging and following me around. If you’re so attached to your dogs, please feel free to stay at home with them.

a big beef to people who give out unlisted phone numbers to others without first contacting the owner of the unlisted number. Shame on you.

a doggie beef. I am a dog lover, but I resent it when dog owners allow their canine friends to poop on other people’s lawns. It leaves a residue even when owners pick it up. Get your dogs to poop on your own lawn, then walk them.

a greedy beef to the woman who told her daughter to grab a second sample at Costco, then she grabbed one. The little boy waiting with his mom never got one. You set a bad example for your child.