Beefs & Bouquets, March 19

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BOUQUET To Tyler at Hammond Bay Midas for the great customer service.

BEEF To the beefer on the white automobile. My white 2015 Chrysler 200 is lovely. Also note lots of white autos.

BOUQUET To my surgeon, Dr. Schneidereit, and the awesome nurses Dean and Josh. You made me laugh even though it hurt. And to all the super friendly and helpful nurses on the sixth floor.

BEEF Waste collection guys pick and choose if they feel like taking my properly sorted waste, at times leaving it for three straight weeks without any notice of incorrect disposal.

BOUQUET To Neil at Rogers Wireless Rutherford store. I arrived at closing and got excellent service. Neil was knowledgeable and went above and beyond.

BEEF I open doors for people when coming and going into stores. Why is it some people think you’re the door man? No nod or thank you.

BOUQUET To Pizza Mia at Southgate mall for making a great, nearly grease-less pizza. Best leftover pizza ever.

BEEF To the museum for undermining military personnel in their death by not including their rank on the new Wall of Honour.

BOUQUET To the Quality Foods cashier who ran after the lady who took my $15 worth of meat – and both of you returned it to me. I needed it to feed my family.

BEEF To the dollar store. Your part-time ad sign is very misleading. I was told by a sales associate there is no additional money in the budget to hire but yet the sign has to be displayed.

BOUQUET To Terry, Dave and the great staff at Old City Station. Thanks for the name tags. A class act and a class pub.

BEEF To Premier Christy Clark for continuing to snowball us with the LNG magical hat trick knowing it’s still an empty hat – much like her other economic promises.

BOUQUET To Spice of Life, caterers extraordinaire. Their generosity to Seaview Elementary School has always been enormous and they recently catered a several-course lunch for the entire school, donating monetary contributions back.

BEEF To all politicians. Stop all of this continuing political infighting and get your collective mindsets out of the box and unite for a much better Canada.

BOUQUET To the lovely emergency room doctor who saw my four-year-old daughter in late February. He quickly made a diagnosis, provided follow up instructions and then called us at home four days later to see how she was doing.

BEEF It’s bad enough that young people are using bad language, but the new radio commercial for the fast food restaurant is bleepy swear words.

BOUQUET To the family of the dog that was hit by a vehicle when he ran out on Hillside Avenue. I don’t know if the dog survived but our family’s thoughts and compassion are with you.

BEEF To my condo neighbour who lives above: stop stomping. What goes around, comes around.

BOUQUET To the people at Departure Bay beach who helped me look for my lost keys and especially the lady who found them. I am truly grateful.

BEEF To my neighbour in Departure Bay area for smoking out the whole street on a warm, sunny day.

BOUQUET To the kind lady, dressed in beige, who helped carry my many bags of groceries from Save-on-Foods to Lakeside Gardens a few days ago. What a kind gesture.

BEEF To my mother-in-law who is trying to split up our family through her greed. Congratulations. To escape you we are now going to move as far from you as possible. Karma will get you.

BOUQUET Congratulations Jacqueline (Nana banana) on your first granddaughter after six grandsons. Way to go Shyla and Steve.

BEEF To the theatre for not supporting the smoking regulations that maintain a minimum distance from doorways. During a recent intermission, security and staff ignored this issue, which had smokers taking one or two steps out the doors and lighting up.

BOUQUET Congratulations to me, Nanny Cooke. I have a great-granddaughter after six great-grandsons. Love you Shyla; well done, Steve.

BOUQUET To the gentleman who paid for our breakfasts at Smitty’s last Sunday. What a lovely treat.

BOUQUET To the unknown person responsible for the return of our documents stolen on Family Day weekend. An even bigger thank-you to the News Bulletin for publishing a great ad to help us in our search.

BOUQUET To the driver on Bay Street who nearly backed into me whilst I was riding my bicycle. Thank you for apologizing for the near miss. Regardless of whether we’re in a car, on foot or on a bicycle, we all need to look out for one another.

BOUQUET To his worship and council for elevating our concerns about the existing trail off of Rutherford Road into Linley Point becoming a roadway and for taking the time to listen to our many arguments in favour of keeping the trail.

BOUQUET To Kevin at Andrew Sheret for finding the exact plumbing fitting for my new bathroom sink after I was told it was ‘obsolete’ at other places.

BOUQUET To the Nanaimo Clippers for their winning ways. Keep it going guys.

BOUQUET To Hey Beautiful salon on Commercial Street. Special thank you to Madison and her enthusiastic attitude.

BOUQUET To Classic Care Carpet Cleaning. Thanks so much for the nice job on my carpets and the reasonable fee.

BOUQUET To Galaxy Motors for its great customer service during my recent car purchase. You went the extra mile and it is greatly appreciated.

BOUQUET To the people at Bavarian Imports Auto Repairs. They could’ve charged me for a new starter, but instead repaired my current one, charging me significantly less in the process. They gave me some cookies to boot.

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