Beef to the driver in a blue VW hatchback playing video games on his phone at the Rutherford and Uplands lights.

Beef to the driver in a blue VW hatchback playing video games on his phone at the Rutherford and Uplands lights.

Beefs & Bouquets, March 10

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BOUQUET I agree with the person on drivers who treat stop signs as a suggestion. I have a motto, self-preservation, so I wave vehicles on even though I have the right to go. Often indicator lights are not used either. It seems that only bus drivers and semi-trailer truck drivers know what they are for consistently. I’m not good at ESP.

BEEF To the city for wasting fuel, wages and time to pick up shopping carts. A waste of taxpayers’ money. Make the stores do it if they own them.

BOUQUET To the staff of Kelly’s Kitchen for their tasty food and friendly service.

BEEF To the person who beefed about the local brothel but failed to supply its address. I’m an 88-year-old man with wishful thinking.

BOUQUET Wags and purrs to all the responsible and caring pet owners out there who spay/neuter their pets, provide proper identification and vet care, and look after them like members of their family. All animals should be treated with kindness and empathy.

BEEF To our tailgating, swerving, honking, flashing drivers out here. Yes we do risk our health sharing the road with you. Please park your car, get a bus pass and find help. Road rage is a killer. Don’t swervy be happy.

BOUQUET Thanks to the man who dug my car out of the snow on Wallace Street, it was very thoughtful of you.

BEEF To the people who keep bringing up Trump. FYI you are in Nanaimo, B.C., Canada. The less we hear about that disgraceful man the better.

BOUQUET Dan at Nanaimo Honda made my purchase of a new 2020 Sport CRV different and awesome. Every step of the purchase was completed with ease and excellence thanks to his personality, skills and sincere care. I love my new wheels.

BEEF I don’t understand why people who have dogs don’t use the free poop bags available. It is so unpleasant to play at Ladysmith Secondary School with my dog when there is so much poop around. Please pick up.

BOUQUET To the person who found my prescription sunglasses and left them on the sign at Neck Point. I kayaked off without them but returned later to find them there.

BEEF To the dog walkers in Cedar who insist on walking on private property. If it is not yours, keep out. It’s COVID times. Get real. Go to the park.

BOUQUET Thanks to the person who found the wallet in the oral surgeon’s parking lot and turned it in to the RCMP. We won’t forget your act of kindness.

BEEF To the property owners along some of Nanaimo’s major roads who didn’t clear the snow/ice from the sidewalks fronting their property. Because of the rough, slippery surface, pedestrians are forced to walk on the road along with all the cars, trucks, buses. Are you waiting until someone gets hit? If you can’t do it, there are ways to get help.

BOUQUET To Chris of NexGen Hearing for giving me help and hope, and with so much time and patience. Thank you so much.

BEEF To the customer at the checkout. You called out something about our puppy (who brings joy to everyone) and angrily yelled at us to go. Not sure why you had a problem with her as we were 20 feet away from you and she is friendly and hypoallergenic. Please be kinder to others in the future, both human and animal. We are thankful for the kind staff there who always treat us so well.

BOUQUET To the amazing, compassionate, selfless health-care workers at Eden Gardens. They are going above and beyond to keep the residents safe and happy. Even with the outbreak and having to wear gowns, goggles, masks and gloves and working extreme hours they are good-humoured, professional and caring. I know my mom is not only safe and protected from COVID but she is truly loved and cared for.

BEEF To the inconsiderate walkers, runners and bike riders on the Westwood Lake trail who seem to think it is there exclusively for them. Please consider others and move over when you are passing by other trail users. We are all there for stress-free exercise and fresh air. Also let people know when you are coming up behind them.

BOUQUET Gratitude to the RCMP officer who was kind enough to knock on my door at about 11 p.m. to inform me that I had inadvertently left my garage door open, exposing the contents to all kinds of skullduggery. I deeply appreciate the officer’s action, which is a fine example of serving and protecting beyond the call of duty.

BEEF To the supermarket’s head office for not valuing the ground-level workers. Other companies are paying or making COVID pay standard. You are not even putting out ‘don’t abuse the staff’ signs. Shows it’s profit over people. Get with the times.

BOUQUET To the person who left an envelope on a shelf at Save-On-Foods at Brooks Landing. The envelope read, “If you find this then it was meant for you.” I was out with my five- and eight-year-old getting ingredients for pizza night and the kids were so excited to find it. A beautiful note of encouragement and love to a perfect stranger, with lotto tickets, mints, toe warmers, tea, etc. We will pay it forward!

BEEF I took shovel in hand (after doing my own walk) and I decided to continue down my street to help. Honestly I guess I was hoping my neighbours might just pop out a wave, or a ‘hey thanks,’ but nothing. What I witnessed as I shovelled their walks was dinner parties, TV watching and game playing. I know I was seen, but not one of the people said a word of thanks. What a way to destroy neighbourly kindness.

BOUQUET Walmart treats us well. Staff is helpful and we are not constantly reminded of this COVID paranoia. And the arrows on the floor are kind of discreet.

BEEF To the fast food restaurant and its general manager for blatant favouritism. The managers speak another language to each other on the floor causing them to ignore help requests from staff.

BOUQUET To Pam Anderson who has gotten married.

BEEF To workplaces that don’t ensure employees are wearing masks in all areas and at all times or aren’t doing temperature checks. It’s for everyone’s safety. Nanaimo is a hot spot. We don’t want to go back to lockdown, do we?

BOUQUET To Nikos at Sparta Electrical. Thank you very much for the exceptional work you did on my electrical upgrade as well as addressing issues in my old home. You really did take the time to go above and beyond in your service and work. It did not go unnoticed. Thank you.

BOUQUET Cats roaming at night can very easily be controlled from pooping in your yard by simply putting chicken wire on the area regularly used and covering it lightly with soil or bark mulch. As the cat goes to scratch its latrine spot, it encounters the chicken wire, gets really annoyed and moves onto another property.

BEEF To humans. I’m up all night doing rodent patrol, when you gotta go you gotta go, the claws must be kept sharp, you’re never quiet either. You took me on so don’t involve the government. Oh and by the way, that mouse was a gift.

BOUQUET To Cedar Tire. During our recent snowfall I had my low tire pressure warning come on. Pulled in to their yard and was guided in to the shop. All tires checked and inflated where needed. I was waved on with best wishes and no charge.

BEEF There is a special place reserved for the government responsible for botching this pandemic response.

BOUQUET To the new Caledonian Medical Clinic. Bouquet to Dr. Moonsamy for your continuing first-rate work.

BEEF To the City of Nanaimo for not updating their traffic light timing. Sixty thousand people don’t live here anymore – it’s 100,000.

BOUQUET To those who contribute thoughtfully to online discussions rather than rush to post something hurtful or tear someone down.

BEEF To the family members who are negative and disrespectful. Maybe you should take your loved one home and see if you can do better.

BOUQUET To the lady who found the money and turned it over to Nanaimo RCMP.

BEEF To the drivers in low light or no light or bad weather who don’t know or don’t care that their tail lights are not on. This is basic and important safety equipment. Please turn on your light switch when you buckle up. Daytime lights are a backup if you forget to activate all your lights.

BOUQUET To Northend Automotive. Wonderful fast service and meticulous work in cleaning every crumb and dirt-filled crevice and nook in my car.

BEEF To the stores policing the customers to line up to pay for their purchases. With our faces covered and lined up one behind the other we look and feel like cattle heading to the slaughter house. The directing large arrows on the floor are not respectful to your customers. We know about distancing – it has been one year.

BOUQUET To Home Hardware at Brooks Landing. What a great store you have. Friendly people and everything a person would need.

BEEF To the impatient drivers out there who choose to lay on the horn when behind an ‘L’ driver. Some kids are actually learning how to drive stick shift. It’s not as simple as stomp on the gas and go. Especially if it’s their very first time on the road, in traffic, on a hill and merging. Give them a break. You were a new driver once, too.

BOUQUET To everyone who actually looks to see where your merchandise was made. Choosing where your items are made makes a big difference in human rights around the globe.

BEEF To the driver in a blue VW hatchback playing video games on his phone at the Rutherford and Uplands lights. Beef to the parents who didn’t raise their son properly.

BOUQUET To manager Marc and staff at customer service in Canadian Tire. They treated me fairly with my return of my item and I left very satisfied. I felt very lucky. Also thanks to the person who helped me in the parking lot as I took my purchase home.

BEEF To all the policy makers. It must be easy to stay home when you’re still getting paid top dollar. Try walking in someone else’s shoes.

BOUQUET To the couple with their 10-week old baby (a real cutie) at Nanaimo North Town Centre who paid for our coffee and snack. We were surprised at this wonderful gesture of Nanaimo friendship. We had a short chat and were on our way. We will certainly pay forward this kindness.

BEEF To public works Nanaimo. $3,000 in taxes and not a plow was seen on my street. What gives?

BOUQUET To the kind gentleman and lady who found my elderly mother-in-law who had fainted at the side of Blueback Road, and stayed with her until we could come and take her home. Her phone was not working and we were driving around looking for her, out of our minds with worry. Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts.

BEEF To wood-burning stove owners. Do some research. One wood burning stove equals 18 diesel cars. In addition, how does the wood get from the forest to your house? A gas- or diesel-guzzling pickup.

BOUQUET To my daughter who gave birth to a beautiful daughter. I am so happy. I cannot wait to see her and play with her. I am proud to be a grandma for the first time.

BEEF To the person who doesn’t like the truck driver washing his big truck on the weekends. Just please remember how everything you own was on a truck at one time or another. So show some respect to the truck drivers out there that are just trying to make a living for their families.

BOUQUET To the always-masked gentleman who cleans, retrieves and distributes shopping carts at the entrance to the Longwood Station Thrifty’s location. Always cheerful and polite, wishing everyone a great day and often has a wee joke to keep up the levity. Inevitably manages to put a smile on my face. Much appreciated in these stressful times.

BEEF To those who insist on driving at night with a burned-out headlight. What will you do if the other one burns out?

BOUQUET Thank you to Classic Appliance Repair for their prompt service when our fridge stopped working. They were very thoughtful and considerate as there is an immune-compromised child in the household. It was a pleasure dealing with you all and now you have our business in the future.

To submit a beef or a bouquet to the Nanaimo News Bulletin, e-mail

Beefs and bouquets

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