Beef to those who do not take no for an answer. If someone declines a date, accept the answer, don’t persist and think it’s OK. It’s unwanted attention which makes it a form of harassment. This extends to workplace staff and even customers. I am there to do my job, not pursue romance.

Beefs & Bouquets, March 1

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BOUQUET To a welcoming read. A very happy new year.

BEEF To Nanaimo and its infrastructure. From the parkway merge lanes to the mess at the strip mall, will somebody step up and give this old mining town some direction?

BOUQUET To my family Pat and Hugh R. for all the things you do and say. From your little sister Sandy. Thanks for caring.

BEEF To a glass company that couldn’t get glass for a car window for six months and never told me.

BOUQUET To Nicole at NRGH switchboard and all staff who helped my family and my mom Vivien. She is almost recovered. Thank you as well to Life Line and Nanaimo EMS for responding to her calls.

BEEF To the car salesman caught smoking and fuelling running cars at the cardlock. Asked you to shut down, but you went ignorant and arrogant. You complain to a worker’s employer that you feel threatened. Do you have any idea what you have done? Do you care?

BOUQUET To guidance counsellor Mr. Kral at Nanaimo District Secondary School. I can always go to him with my problems and he makes them better with meaningful advice. Kudos to him for always having a judgment-free, caring response.

BEEF To the grocery store giving the cafeteria patrons an unobscured direct view of the ladies’ and gents’ toilet doors. Bon appetit.

BOUQUET I would like to thank Frank of Cover Right Roofing for staying and helping out. To Jim at city water works, to Don of Archie Johnstone Plumbing and an extra thank you to RIck who worked so hard with installing a new water line. It is great to have water again.

BEEF To care homes that use antipsychotics on 90-year-olds who have other medical conditions besides dementia. This can cause death and must be stopped.

BOUQUET Thank you Gary and Fraser from restoration, It’s nice to have a dry crawlspace again.

BEEF To 311 drivers that have burned out lights on trucks and cars. Nanaimo has the worst drivers. No signals, speed through yellow and red lights, don’t stop at stop signs, tail-gate and speeding. No wonder insurance rates go up.

BOUQUET To the generous woman who paid for my groceries at Country Grocer after my cards did not work at the cashier. My guardian angel of Nanaimo.

BEEF To Nanaimo city council for childish behaviour. You people are supposed to lead by example.

BOUQUET To all my customers who remembered me and my sister over Christmas with cards, tips and gifts. You’re awesome. Happy new year to all my former paper route customers. I miss all of you.

BEEF Do stop signs in Nanaimo come with a question mark? Drivers seem to think they have a choice.

BOUQUET To Harewood Dental Clinic, my office home for almost 30 years, and to all the friends and patients who have made our office so special. I will miss you. It’s time to enjoy my retirement. Thank you all.

BEEF To drivers who at the last second cross over three lanes to turn. Get in the correct lane well in advance and signal. When turning on a red light, the law says make a complete stop and check to see if it’s safe to turn.

BOUQUET Great job of extinguishing the van fire at the gas station on Northfield Road.

BEEF To Nanaimo for not having enough doctors in our city. Once again another clinic is shutting down at the end of April in the south end, and myself, my mother-in-law and a friend will be without a doctor. Shame on you Nanaimo for not figuring out that this is a huge problem.

BOUQUET To Nanaimo Recycling Exchange for providing a convenient way for people to support recycling.

BEEF To those electricians who do not correctly identify the circuit breakers on home panels. It would also be nice if you could write somewhat legibly.

BOUQUET To all the poor people dripping their ears off outside today. We all bundle up as best as we can but Mother Nature still continues to beat us in the comfort game.

BEEF To the woman in the red coat that tried to play real-life Frogger today. Running across the parkway at Jingle Pot against your walk signal with oncoming traffic is not your best idea. You almost ruined your life, my life and your friends’ and family’s lives.

BOUQUET To the women at B.C. drivers’ licensing on Selby Street. I’ve been there on three occasions recently. As I waited and watched, you all gave everyone a nice greeting and excellent service with patience.

BEEF To The Nanaimo welding and steel industry. We know the average company could afford to employ at least an extra welder or labourer. The government even sponsors apprentices, and helps pay for a sound employee.

BOUQUET To Apple Auto Glass for getting a car window in a half hour and installing it.

BEEF To bogus bylaws/fines to shovel sidewalks. According to a 2000 Ontario Court of Appeal decision, snow and ice accumulating on public sidewalks are the legal responsibility of the municipality, not the property owner, regardless of bylaws or fines. The city owns the sidewalk and is ultimately responsible for keeping it clear.

BOUQUET To the paramedics and staff of the emergency ward, especially the lovely nurse who brought us coffee and muffins and yogurt. Great people.

BEEF To the coffee shop employee who asked my daughter to leave on the cold snowy night. She was trying to stay warm while waiting for the bus. Asking “Do I need to phone the police?” was a bit harsh, do you not think? Wow, you have people sitting in there using your free wi-fi for hours on end. Just lost a longtime customer.

BOUQUET To all whistlers out there as it brings back such fond childhood memories. My dad was a whistler.

BEEF To those who do not take no for an answer. If someone declines a date, accept the answer, don’t persist and think it’s OK. It’s unwanted attention which makes it a form of harassment. This extends to workplace staff and even customers. I am there to do my job, not pursue romance.

BOUQUET To Matt from the BCAA roadside emergency service for his prompt arrival to assist when my vehicle would not start. In a few minutes, he diagnosed and fixed the problem and the car did not have to be taken to a mechanic for repair. Thank you, your skill and kindness are appreciated.

BOUQUET Thank you to first responders, Nanaimo fire department, paramedics, NRGH staff and doctor, Royal Jubilee Hospital in Victoria staff and cardio, surgeons. What a great job.

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