Beef to the evil person who vandalized the mouse on the owl sculpture at Maffeo Sutton Park.

Beefs & Bouquets, June 8

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BOUQUET To the honest lady who found my purse at the downtown Thrifty Foods and handed it in.

BEEF Why doesn’t the city put lights at the corner of third and Howard? There are so many children, from Fairview and Georgia, that cross here daily. In the last two hours, there has been a motorcycle-bike accident and another car crash. This happens way too much.

BOUQUET To the Unity Church of Nanaimo Pay it Forward Group for contributing a cash donation to Georgia Avenue’s food program. This will be earmarked for healthy snacks for our students.

BEEF To the private marina with pop machines that are stocked, but won’t dispense your pop or return your change. Try fixing them.

BOUQUET To the Good Samaritans who helped my husband after he fell in the parking lot at Country Club Centre. Very big bouquets to the two women who drove him home.

BEEF To the smokers who think it’s OK to just throw their still-smouldering butts out the window. They should be fined not only for littering but for potentially starting fires.

BOUQUET To the service and parts Department of Nanaimo Nissan, especially to Brian, Ken, and Shaylene. You turned things around with your superb customer service. You have gained our new business.

BEEF To the evil person who vandalized the mouse on the owl sculpture at Maffeo Sutton Park.

BOUQUET To Karen Maestrello of the Bowen Road Country Grocer for supporting the NDSS Skills for Life program. We appreciate her kindness, generosity and community involvement. She is truly a special person.

BEEF To the dawdler beefer. Your dawdling impedes traffic and is a ticketable offence. Your selfish clueless behaviour gets you from hero to zero. Lead, follow or get out of the way.

BOUQUET To the person who turned in my Mazda key fob in at the new Wellington library branch. Your good deed made my day. Thank you.

BEEF To speakers and writers of doom and gloom.

BOUQUET To Philip Wolf, editor of the V.I. Free Daily, and his sister for their very nice article about their mother on Mother’s Day.

BEEF To drivers at Jingle Pot Road and Westwood Road. Everyone turns left when they should not. All people turning left have to yield to oncoming traffic even if you were there before the oncoming traffic. We should have a red light signal there with left turn signals. We are going to have a major accident there soon.

BOUQUET To a new, very nice bus driver, Rob E. He is kind to all bus passengers.

BEEF To the beefer who complains about the store that continues to sell Ivanka Trump’s women’s clothing. Donald Trump was elected by Americans, it’s not your or any Canadian’s business. Biased, uninformed boycotters like you contributed to the destruction of many First World countries in Africa and around the world.

BOUQUET To automatic tellers keeping us sharp reviewing product names. They are tireless and agreeable, even allowing us to shut them off. These wonderful servants also save someone the drudgery of wasting their lives with meaningless keys and thank yous.

BEEF I noticed a young female driver criminally and irresponsibly driving down the Island Highway in a grey Chevy compact car while texting, both at a stop light and then moving off still texting, weaving in her lane. Just to let you know, I reported you to the RCMP.

BOUQUET To myopic minutiae for giving us all a good laugh over the silliness of disabled parking spaces. Legs? Who needs them? No oxygen? Who cares? I am disabled and my tongue is firmly in cheek.

BEEF To the City of Nanaimo for installing blinding LED street lights on some streets. It’s not enough that some car companies have these as blinding headlights, but now cities are asking for more accidents when a driver is blinded by the street lights.

BOUQUET To Craftsman Collision, Moira at Coastal Community Insurance and to ICBC for their gentle courtesy while processing my vehicle repair. Also to the other driver, being very kind when it was my bad.

BEEF To the comedian. You knew in advance that innocent young children would be in attendance, yet still you didn’t revise your act which was loud and grossly inappropriate both in language and subject matter that no child should ever be exposed to.

BOUQUET To Courtney, supervisor of Chase River Country Grocer, for being so awesome to everyone, customers and staff, alike. No matter when I am there, or the time of the day Courtney is an example of the best customer support.

BEEF To the doctor at Nanaimo hospital emergency who said to my not-well fiancée: “I should just shoot you right now” and “I’m not doing $1 million worth of tests on you.”

BOUQUET To realtor Tim Wait. We’ve worked with Tim for the sale of two homes in the last 10 years. Even though we’re not currently buying or selling, Tim still recently helped us with an issue about our home.

BEEF To a society that cannot find a way to stop dangerous motorcycle high-speed driving and noise through our cities, day and night. It gets worse.

BOUQUET To staff at the Nanaimo Regional General Hospital. My wife recently had surgery and the care given was above and beyond. Nursing staff on the third floor work hard for 12-straight hours but you would not know that by the care shown to their patients.

BEEF To shoppers who insist on putting their items on the conveyor belt before the shopper ahead of them is finished taking their items out of their cart, sometimes knocking things off the belt. Please be kind and wait.

BOUQUET To the person who found my driver’s licence at Westwood Lake and delivered it to my house.

BEEF To the persons disposing of their household garbage in the decorated cans in the south end. The can at Victoria and Farquhar is regularly filled to overflowing. Community-minded neighbours sponsor these cans for walkers to dispose of coffee cups, etc., not for cheap people to save $3 on their extra garbage.

BOUQUET To whoever is in charge of the unsolved crime reports in the paper. Thank you for giving a bit of humour to a bad situation. I think it encourage more people to take note if they are interesting to read.

BEEF To drivers on Wakesiah Road after 5 p.m. who think it is a speedway all hours of the night. Where are the radar checks?

BOUQUET To June at Eye Care Nanaimo. June not only reopened to put our son’s new lenses in his glasses, but did it with a smile. Great service like this is why we will always go there for our eye care needs.

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