Beef to the neighbour who feels the need to pressure wash his driveway for four straight eight-hour days.

Beef to the neighbour who feels the need to pressure wash his driveway for four straight eight-hour days.

Beefs & Bouquets, June 3

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BOUQUET I would like to thank all the hospital staff, nurses and doctors for the courtesy and professional treatment while I was admitted on two occasions in one day. I was suffering from anxiety and had a thorough examination with my heart with an ECG and ultrasound. I also had blood work done which was painless. I thank God for all the help I’ve been given over the years.

BEEF To the young beefer. Hear this senior citizen who worked in times some decades ago when everything was cheap, as you said. Wages were low as were prices. All our working years we paid into our pensions. There were no credit cards – we paid for everything with cash or cheque and young people were not ‘stressed out.’

BOUQUET To our wonderful business neighbours. Nufloors allows us to put our cardboard in their bin for removal. Gordon and his staff are unfailingly gracious and welcoming and we really appreciate it.

BEEF To the notion that imploding the economies of the world is the solution to a pandemic. A pandemic where a small percentage of people die. Where every citizen is a potential carrier of a deadly virus. Stop being afraid.

BOUQUET Thanks to the 7 p.m. DJ for the music playing across Departure Bay Centennial Park each evening. We appreciate the community feeling it gives.

BEEF To the photographer who offered grad photos, using the same props, to ‘help out’ grads. You swooped in while other professionals respected the distancing restrictions. How is sharing gowns, caps and props sanitary?

BOUQUET Thank you to every one for the condolences and kindness and a special thank you to Dr J. Trepess for his compassion and kindness to John for the last three years and the fifth-floor medical staff at NRGH.

BEEF To those who are getting money for sitting at home while I am working my butt off. Playing the system will catch up with you one day.

BOUQUET To Dr. Johannes Olivier at the Brickyard clinic for taking time off from his busy schedule and personally calling his patients to make sure they are keeping safe and healthy. Thank you for being on the front line for us to fight COVID-19. Our deepest gratitude to you.

BEEF You hit my cat in front of my house (in Nanoose) and left him to die wailing in the front yard. I put him down today. What are you doing speeding on a side street and out on Sunday afternoon when we were supposed to be staying home?

BOUQUET I would like to acknowledge the 98 per cent who are kind to all essential workers at this time, from sanitation to doctors with all encompassing trades in between. The days are long and at times very difficult. The smiles and genuine appreciation of being able to access daily needs are a blessing, not a privilege.

BEEF To the neighbour who feels the need to pressure wash his driveway for four straight eight-hour days. Not only are you wasting a precious resource but making it impossible for your fellow neighbours to enjoy their own outdoor areas.

BOUQUET To the kind person who left the stone with ‘hang in there’ at our mailbox. Your artwork is really unique, and it brought many smiles.

BEEF To the pharmacy clerk who failed to recognize the stress of an elderly lady who had been shuttled back and forth at the pharmacy trying to pick up her prescription, at the stage of crying and barely able to stand. The clerk insisted she again line up. Fortunately people in line stepped up and insisted that the clerk look after her.

BOUQUET I want to applaud all citizens of Nanaimo for being so considerate and caring when they are out in public, as they are doing a tremendous job of social distancing. Keep it up and let’s all stay safe and healthy. We will beat this nasty virus, that is for sure.

BEEF To B.C. Parks for the blanket closure of all provincial and marine parks. They are not all in high-density urban areas and many could have been safely used while still maintaining a safe social distance.

BOUQUET I’d like to thank the person who found my wallet at DBL on Tenth Street and turned it in. And a self-distance hug to the cashier who returned it to me. Such honest people in hard times.

BEEF To those collecting donations of cans, bottles, cash and gift cards for ‘families in need’ and pocketing it for themselves. I get that you may be too proud to ask for help but creating a fake Facebook profile to thank yourself for your good deeds just takes it too far.

BOUQUET To Jackie, your smile and infectious laugh brighten all of our days.

BEEF To the sanctimonious person standing outside the bank and beaking off about my decision to go inside, stand on the social distancing marker and wait my turn rather than to stand in the rain. You weren’t being put out so mind your own business.

BOUQUET To our prime minister for daily addressing Canadians in a calm and compassionate manner. When I observe what is happening to our neighbours to the south I am grateful and proud of our federal and provincial governments.

BEEF To Nanaimo city council for voting to spend $400,000 on a bike lane when a lot of us can’t pay our rent/bills and businesses are shut down. A project that should be shelved.

BOUQUET To the people of the Bethlehem Centre, Peter, Tony, Lucia and Sophia for helping me get my package from UPS which was misdirected to their address by mistake. Your patience and thoughtfulness was very appreciated even though the centre is on hiatus for the next few months. Well done.

BEEF To the closure of public washrooms for shoppers downtown. Where can a person do their business while supporting downtown?

BOUQUET To the Clinic for Cats for going out of their way to allow me to hold my beloved Tiffany as she left this world during this challenging time. Your compassion and care made losing my oldest fur baby a little more bearable.

BEEF To the people who get angry on the phone with restaurant staff because they have to place their orders online. The ordering system couldn’t be any simpler. Get with the times, people.

BOUQUET To the person bringing my mail to the correct address on Strickland Street after it was delivered to the wrong address again. This is now the fourth time in the past four months that I have had to rely on you to correct Canada Post’s incorrect deliveries. Two of the items were of considerable personal importance so I am truly thankful.

BOUQUET To the gentlemen at the Subway on 12th Street. You guys are amazing. Thank you for getting me my phone back. I had had a very stressful day as my dog was really sick and you made my day way better.

BOUQUET To Dr. Halverson and staff at Chase River Veterinary Hospital. Your care and compassion for Jersey will never be forgotten.

BOUQUET To all the staff at Kal Tire on Old Victoria Road. During this pandemic, they were able to fix our emergency tire issue and have us back on the road to take a senior citizen for an appointment. Thank you.

BOUQUET Special thanks for professional advice on how to care for our backyard hedge and get it to grow again. Manager Dan was here within a day to follow up on customer’s request. Prompt and efficient service to a T.

BOUQUET To St. Jean’s Cannery which collaborated with Island salmon farmers to process and can over 80,000 cans of salmon for B.C. food banks.

BOUQUET To the care aid at Dufferin Place extended care facility, who went and retrieved my Aunt Judy from her room so I could stand outside and sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to her on her 97th birthday. God bless you for your kindness.

BOUQUET Thank you to the caring staff of Pharmasave Chase River who stood at the door at store closing time, waiting for me to arrive, having my 93-year-old mother’s pain medication ready for pickup. We are so blessed and feel proud to part of this community.

BOUQUET To Asteras Greek Taverna. You went above and beyond with your customer service and we want you to know your generosity was greatly appreciated. Your customers on Ashbury Place want to thank you for your kindness and amazing customer service.

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Beefs and bouquets

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