Beef to those two-faced people who set out to take others out at the knees, your judgmental and critical endeavours will never work and the truth will prevail.

Beef to those two-faced people who set out to take others out at the knees, your judgmental and critical endeavours will never work and the truth will prevail.

Beefs & Bouquets, June 17

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BOUQUET To nurse Bonnie at LifeLabs Chase River. Such great care in taking my blood work, as my veins have collapsed over the years due to chemo treatments.

BEEF To the north Nanaimo store for cramming multiple employees into a small tech room. You are not setting a good social distancing example for the rest of us.

BOUQUET To Jo in housewares at Canadian Tire. I was looking for convection heaters and Jo said she would take me to department and even explained and showed me several models. To have such quick service just walking into the store; thank you.

BEEF To all the improvers who think it’s wonderful to make wild spaces more accessible for everyone. Take a picture of it now and then you can look at it when what was once beautiful is destroyed.

BOUQUET To Serious Coffee for staying open and providing wonderful coffee and food. Another lovely bouquet to fellow customers who continue to support this locally owned business.

BEEF To what has become the worst thrift store in Nanaimo. On my last visit I witnessed a staff member treat a paying customer terribly. She humiliated the customer in front of the whole store because she did not like the looks of their price tags. I assumed with the way the economy is right now you want customers to shop at your store, not to scare them away.

BOUQUET To all the dedicated staff and tireless volunteers who deliver Meals on Wheels through Kiwanis Village. These amazing people make sure that loved ones get a nutritious meal, delivered safely, six days a week and during a pandemic.

BEEF To many of the drivers on Planta Road, especially the seniors of Stephenson Point area, where are you going in such a hurry? There is an S curve and many kids are playing in the area. Slow down.

BOUQUET To the doctors, nurses, cleaners and porters at Nanaimo hospital. During an emergency visit for surgery whilst in my first trimester with twins, you made it so much less scary than it could have been. Thank you for keeping us all safe and taking such good care of your patients.

BEEF To the grocery store that won’t let you bring bags in (which is a smart safety measure) but still charges for its bags. Bouquet to the rest of the stores that are making it fair and giving bags to help their shoppers.

BOUQUET To all the stores that carried Girl Guide cookies. It was a great way to support the kids at this time.

BEEF To disruptive, unproven, debatable one-way aisles at stores. Causes much more time, exposure to virus, traffic, congestion, confusion, is confrontational and exhausting.

BOUQUET To Dover Bay Secondary School, especially Mr. Baird, Holmes, Dendes, Reich and Mrs. Webb. These five teachers have gone above and beyond their duty in educating, advising, communicating, and caring. I have the utmost respect for each of them and am so grateful.

BEEF To our government for sending youths $2,000 CERB cheques each month even if they only earned $500 in the past 12 months. They don’t have bills to pay yet they now have higher incomes than adults with disabilities.

BOUQUET To my very kind neighbours, Wendy and Courtney, who retrieved my little dog from a nearby busy road. It could have been a disaster if they had not cornered him, with some difficulty, and returned him to my house. The little dog means everything to me.

BEEF To those who sit on their behinds, waste gas, and contribute to the U.S.A.-owned coffee franchise in order to drive through.

BOUQUET Just wanted to say a big thank you to Denise at Quality Foods Harewood who goes above and beyond in putting my order together for delivery. Outstanding service.

BEEF To those two-faced people who set out to take others out at the knees, your judgmental and critical endeavours will never work and the truth will prevail. I have finally learned that a person’s behaviour has more to do with their own internal struggles than it ever did with me.

BOUQUET A huge thank you to our kind neighbour on Lasalle Road, who went out of her way and cut a tub full of lilacs for us with a ‘help yourself’ sign to share with her neighbourhood. It’s the little things in life like this that mean so much.

BEEF to the high school prom parents and students committee. During this tough time in life right now due to COVID, for 2020 grads, it is even sadder times. It is a disgrace to not include all students in a solution to their own prom. Beef to the proposed/planned one-year reunion prom idea.

BOUQUET To the lovely hospital worker shopping at Lowe’s garden centre. This beautiful lady who, sensing my hesitancy, shared comforting words, handed me a face mask and disinfected my hands. Thank you.

BEEF To the drug store for not counting out the correct number of pills ordered by the doctor. Medication is expensive. Counting by hand not a good solution and open to errors. Weighing is faster and more efficient.

BOUQUET To the transit driver who found my tablet. He’d gone for his break but he came back when another driver told him that I had left it on his bus. All you drivers are awesome just for working during the pandemic.

BEEF To dog owners who let their dirty pets run free and approach those who don’t want dogs near them.

BOUQUET Thank you to the occupants of the 200-plus vehicles that did the 7 p.m. hospital thank you drive-by. It was heartfelt and we thank them so much. When the B.C. government lets us down the people stood up to say thank you.

BEEF To the boat owner at Neck Point. You buzzed two killer whales that were taking a lovely mellow swim close to the coast. They were so beautiful to watch from the shore until you buzzed them and they dove and never came back up. Shame on you for endangering their lives and ruining a spectacular scene for the rest of us.

BOUQUET To Kiwanis Village caretakers and caregivers for all that you do in keeping us safe and making us here in the village manor and everywhere else on site feel special. Thank you.

BEEF To the person who is angry about the grocery store not allowing the return. Contrary to popular belief a store can do this on any return. He/she may not think they have COVID but they could be a carrier. Next time make sure to buy only the things you know you will use.

BOUQUET The family of Ella S. would like to thank Dr. Balfour and the staff of Dwelling Place Intermediate Care Facility for making Mom comfortable in her last years. We will be forever grateful for your kindness, compassion and thoughtfulness.

BOUQUET Thank you to Ron, the garbage truck driver who gave up his Sunday lunch break to drive his garbage truck over and lead a surprise birthday parade for our son. It was incredibly generous of you to lend your time. It was his best birthday ever.

BOUQUET To Erin, the third-year nursing student on the first floor at NRGH. You were so sweet and really caring to me when I was in the hospital. Please don’t ever change your bedside manner. Hopefully your compassion will rub off on others.

BOUQUET To the kind man named Dave who gifted me a $25 card at Save-On-Foods just because I let you go ahead of me in line. I am so touched – I felt like I won the lottery.Thank you. And thanks to my cashier for his smile and happiness to pass along this gift.

BOUQUET To residents who take the time to wash out and clean down their garbage bins. A simple wash eliminates the unpleasant odours that are otherwise experienced by neighbours out for a breath of fresh air.

BOUQUET To the coffee shop Drip. Wonderful coffee and sandwiches, wow.

BOUQUET To the SPCA volunteers who are sewing up a storm of face masks to raise funds for the organization in Nanaimo, when donations are below normal. Very well-made masks they are, too.

BOUQUET To the provincial government and Dr. Bonnie Henry. Thank you for your tireless work in trying to ensure that we are all cognizant of the benefits of social distancing and large event/gathering lockdowns. Nothing is worth risking our lives or the lives of our family and friends. Stay strong and do not bend to the pressure of individuals or businesses that prefer dollars over life.

BOUQUET To St John Ambulance workers and the trauma staff at NRGH; you saved my life.

BOUQUET To the wonderful anonymous senior who found my wallet by the food bank and returned it to the RCMP. Thank you so much for your caring and helpful deed.

BOUQUET To my co-workers, Gail, Joe, Sherrie and Livia for being so helpful when I fell at work. And to Gail for driving me to the ER. Thanks everyone.

BOUQUET A heartful thanks to London Drugs at Port Place for the lovely gift bags. These are much appreciated by the community health workers. A very kind gesture.

BOUQUET Here’s hoping that Shadow receives lots of Temptations treats for providing such great entertainment in Courtenay while living here. Thomas and I miss you, but know you are happy in your new home.

BOUQUET To the two scuba drivers doing underwater clean-up at Westwood Lake. As the people above the water were enjoying the weather they were removing garbage from the bottom of the lake. Thank you for your efforts and shame on those who put the garbage in the lake.

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Beefs and bouquets

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