Today’s Beef of the Week, submitted by an 11-year-old News Bulletin reader.

Today’s Beef of the Week, submitted by an 11-year-old News Bulletin reader.

Beefs & Bouquets, June 10

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BOUQUET To the Class of 2020 registered nurses, including our daughter Jessie, who are just entering the work force during a worldwide pandemic, may your careers be long and rewarding.

BEEF To the girl I saw stealing flower bulbs from the garden beds in downtown Nanaimo. My tax dollars paid for those.

BOUQUET To my host mother. You always think what I can do at home during this situation and make me happy with yummy sweets. I appreciate your kindness.

BEEF To the PM for removing the Charter of Rights and Freedoms from under our noses. Who needs it anyways.

BOUQUET To all the staff at Nanaimo Seniors Village; thank you so much for taking care of our elderly during this trying time. The residents love seeing all your smiles to brighten up their day just a little bit. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

BEEF I wish my sisters would stop annoying me. And I wish my friends would stop correcting me.

BOUQUET To the person on Icarus who made masks and put them on a rack on her driveway inviting anyone who needed one to take one. Such thoughtfulness is most heartening.

BEEF To husbands who cheat on their wives while they are in camp.

BOUQUET To Peter S. and his hard-working Loaves and Fishes staff. Your commitment to feeding everyone in need, particularly during this pandemic, is greatly appreciated. Many thanks from a grateful warehouse and depot volunteer.

BEEF To dog owners who toss the bagged dog doo into the bushes. Why pick it up?

BOUQUET To the gentleman at Rexall post office for his quick actions his amazing compassion and the calmness he demonstrated while attending to the young girl when she collapsed in front of him. You sir are an amazing human.

BEEF To the pet owner at Dover Bay high school. I watched you watching your dog take a crap in the soccer field and you didn’t bag it. To top it off there were kids coming to play soccer but they turned around and left when they saw your dog take the crap. Then you just walked away and hopped in your black Volvo SUV.

BOUQUET To my sister, Julie, who provided much-needed groceries and prescriptions to me and my husband as we are both high-risk and isolating at home. I don’t know what we would have done without you. I love you!

BEEF To the sports club that doesn’t think its members need to distance themselves or remain in their own neighbourhoods unlike the rest of Nanaimo’s compliant citizenry. Karma will come for you.

BOUQUET To my friend who has had a few curveballs thrown her way lately but remains strong through all of it.

BEEF Some of the management at the north-end store who treat their cashiers with disrespect in front of customers should not be in charge there. More customers are seeing this more and more since last year.

BOUQUET To all essential workers, and the teachers trying hard to keep our kids informed during these unprecedented times. Keep up the good work everyone and many blessings to you all.

BEEF To people who let their small children chase the geese in the park. Not only can it be dangerous for your children as geese can be mean, but even if your children seem to be having fun I doubt very much the geese enjoy it. Yes, I am the person who yelled at them to stop. And you saying ‘don’t talk to my children like that’ was not necessary.

BOUQUET To the City of Nanaimo for keeping the parks and walking trails open, allowing people to safely get exercise and fresh air while easily maintaining social distancing.

BEEF To all dog owners. Bagged dog poo in the bushes suggests that you pick it up when others are watching and fling it when others aren’t watching.

BOUQUET To each of the very kind folks who helped me get my golden retriever up the 100 steps at Invermere Beach Park off-leash dog park. A huge thank you to all of you for your kindness.

BEEF My neighbour keeps parking in the park with a motorhome. I have reported several times to the city. So when can this be fixed? Nobody else on the street is allowed to park there with their RV, boats or trailers so why is he allowed?

BOUQUET Thanks to fellow fisherman at Long Lake who retrieved my drifting boat.

BEEF To Nanaimo hospital. As a health care aide I had to care for 20 needy bed patients. These vulnerable seniors all require total care: feeding, washing, changing and turning. The maximum is supposed to be 12 patients. That night 20 seniors got poor care and I hurt my back.

BOUQUET Nice to hear some customers saying thank you to cashiers for working; that is thoughtful and appreciated.

BEEF To all the weird hair during COVID. You shouldn’t try to cut your own hair. Leave it to the professionals.

BOUQUET To Coastline Electrical and Plumbing for being respectful and extremely professional and that is important, especially during these difficult times. I think anyone who needs electrical and/or plumbing should definitely contact this company.

BEEF To the seemingly increasing number of people who like to tell others what to do. We don’t need your advice, thank you. Bouquet to those who are trying to get on with their lives.

BOUQUET To (Valerie) Raye, I sincerely appreciate the hard work and acknowledge you and the masks you made for me, others in health care and for your family and friends. They are comfortable and beautifully done. They have made my work easier. I am a care aide and going into people’s homes. The masks aren’t just for me, they are for many.

BEEF To all the people leaving their doggy poop bags on trails. If you don’t want to hold on to the poop bag to throw in the trash, fine, at least chuck it into the bushes.

BOUQUET To my great neighbours on Lost Lake Road. In the last month I have had two Sunday deliveries of my mail, including putting up the red flag to advise me of mail. If I get someone else’s mail I will be out the door for the same-day delivery. Thanks to all.

BOUQUET Thank you to a lovely person who cooks delicious soup for the homeless people (Food not Bombs) and who volunteers to help those less fortunate than himself.

BOUQUET To the gentleman who shops at Country Grocer on Bowen Road who applauds staff after every time he buys groceries. The staff told me that this is very encouraging to them and much appreciated.

BOUQUET To my 80-year-old next-door neighbour who offered plants from her garden, dug them up early on a Saturday morning to deliver them to my front porch and then phoned me with instructions on how to properly transplant them. So wonderful of you to share them with us. We are lucky to have you as neighbours.

BOUQUET To the owner of MB Mart. I walked there with my fussy, teething baby and it was only when all my items were rung in did I realize I had lost my credit card. He insisted I take my groceries and come back another time to pay, gave me a pastry, and made my baby smile. Not many places would do this anymore, and I really appreciated it. Plus I found my card on my walk home. Hooray for small local businesses!

BOUQUET To all the management and staff at Origin at Longwood active lifestyle community for keeping all their residents safe and healthy. Keep up the great work.

BOUQUET To Larry, one of the postal workers for Cordan Street. So kind and friendly. He’s the best mailman I’ve ever had.

BOUQUET I would like to thank a mom and her son for picking me up in the Save-On-Foods parking lot and staying until my daughter and husband arrived. I would like to thank the nurses and doctors for being so kind in the emergency department.

BOUQUET To the ladies at the East Wellington post office for their consistent friendly and efficient service even during this pandemic.

BOUQUET To Dr. Cole and Sherri at his podiatry office. Thank you for being open during this difficult time. My new orthotics have been a godsend as I am a front-line worker and on my feet 12 hours a day.

BOUQUET Many thanks, kudos, hats-off to Willie of Lowe’s customer service. Within a few days you were able to secure a soon-to-expire, out-of-country warranty which normally would have taken weeks to locate.

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