Beef to those who do not know how to get on an elevator. You do not stand right in front with your feet six inches from the door, preventing anyone being able to get off. It is only common sense.

Beef to those who do not know how to get on an elevator. You do not stand right in front with your feet six inches from the door, preventing anyone being able to get off. It is only common sense.

Beefs & Bouquets, July 7

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BOUQUET To our family and friends calling us and asking if we need groceries and other stuff because could not leave the house for 14 days. Thanks everyone. Special thanks to my sister-in-law who dropped off some fresh food.

BEEF To all those who use our beautiful country roads as their personal garbage can. Please deal with your trash responsibly. A huge thanks to the folks who voluntarily cleaned up the Weigles Road area.

BOUQUET Thank you to the kind gentleman who found my friend’s wallet which also contained her credit card and money. She lost it while walking on the seawall. He took the trouble to bring it back to her home as it contained her name and address. Wish more people were as kind as him.

BEEF When will the ministry of environment address or advise the public on the invasive species grey squirrels (which are also black), and possibly even commence action against them? They are a more talented rat with a furry tail. They are pushing out our brown squirrels and attacking bird nests and breed year round.

BOUQUET To Jody. Thank you for stopping and helping when my car stalled at the Brechin Road and highway stoplight. I’m so grateful for your kindness in a scary situation. Wish I’d gotten your e-mail.

BEEF To Nanaimo. As of July 1 I have to buy plastic garbage bags rather than reuse the ones from grocery stores.

BOUQUET To Lisa at north Nanaimo Connect Hearing who not only gave us excellent service with a hearing test for me and adjusting my husband’s hearing aids, but also spent a lot of time setting up and organizing a system for my husband to have the TV and cell phone connect directly to his hearing aids. Previous to this he had all the equipment but was at a loss how to use it.

BEEF To the beefer who uses portable speakers. It’s just ignorance that causes people like this to act and disturb the rest of the population. And yes, do call the cops as he suggested under a nuisance complaint and hopefully he will be fined and his portable speakers be taken away.

BOUQUET To Michele at Island Roots Market. A big thank you from the NanGo Grannies for allowing us to drop in to the market to sell our homemade crafts. And thanks for doing such a great job with the market, keeping customers and vendors safe and promoting local producers.

BEEF To those who do not know how to get on an elevator. I realize that there are not a huge amount of elevators in Nanaimo, but why do people of all ages have no idea how to wait, then get on? You do not stand right in front with your feet six inches from the door, preventing anyone being able to get off. It is only common sense.

BOUQUET Thanks to all the wonderful staff at Lakeside Gardens for keeping my mom and all the residents safe during the pandemic. I can’t imagine how difficult the past 16 months have been for all of you, but you have done a stupendous job. Looking forward to brighter days again.

BEEF To the beefers whining about TV, portable speakers and lawn mowers. As soon as you start paying my mortgage I will gladly follow your rules. I believe we are operating within the current noise bylaws.

BOUQUET To Flesh Auto-Truck Electric Repairs. Thanks for getting my car fixed overnight. Great staff and reasonable prices.

BEEF To those who leave their roaches on the ground in a school play area and sports field. My dog ingested one and it cost me more than $900 to get her well again. What if it was a child? Take your butts with you. Be responsible.

BOUQUET To Mary Lynne at Rona. Exceptional customer service and professionalism. She solved an ongoing, frustrating experience. Made our day. Gold star.

BEEF To police forces across Canada. Stop the violence against all Canadian citizens. You get our tax dollars to serve the citizens, not brutalize and kill.

BOUQUET To Chris M. of Black Dog Tree Service and his delightful wife. Not only did they get rid of the large pesky, invading ivy, but they also kindly trimmed a beloved lilac shrub without any charge. Thank you so much.

BEEF To the professional who posted laughingly about a bear in his neighbourhood. This is how people get hurt, bears are shot and orphaned, traumatized cubs, if they’re lucky, end up in rescues. Be responsible and secure you garbage and attractants. This is no laughing matter.

BOUQUET To the city for all the traffic-calming measures on Lost Lake Road. Whenever we drive we get such a good belly laugh. Nailed it.

BEEF To the drivers who forego stopping at stop signs or lights just to jump into your right turn into oncoming traffic. Your lack of ability to wait is reckless, dangerous and beyond annoying. There are way too many of you out there.

BOUQUET To the person who practises trumpet in their green Jeep. You are incredibly talented, and your music deserves to be heard from mountains – but I feel grateful just to have heard it out your car window. Thank you.

BEEF To whoever stole our shoes while we were in the water at Westwood Lake. Enjoy the toenail fungus.

BOUQUET To the two young moms and their kiddies on the off-leash walk in Nanoose. It was completely out of the ordinary that our dog followed you right back to your vehicle, then it dawned on us – his first family had two toddlers, and we believe his memory kicked in and that’s why he was ready to go home with you. Again, we apologize. From now on we are going to keep our little guy in a collar. Thank you for being so gracious.

BEEF As long as people and media continue to use colour to identify people, racism will not end.

BOUQUET To Den. Bought a beautiful piece of cedar to make a plant stand. Piece was a tad long and he cut and delivered it to me the same night. There is lots for sale at great prices. Very appreciative for his service.

BEEF To the couple in the north-end coffee shop drive-thru throwing garbage out of their truck windows. Seriously, you’re that lazy?

BOUQUET To Auto Check Automotive staff for helping a senior get her car serviced. Then they washed it and delivered it home. That’s service!

BEEF To the person downtown who practises the same songs on his saxophone. It echoes to all the buildings. Please consider all your neighbours and close your patio doors so we can hear ourselves talk and those who are shift workers and front-line workers can sleep.

BOUQUET Thank you Liz for trying very hard with everything for me. Talk about going above and beyond to help. You’re the best landlord I’ve ever had.

BEEF To the prime minister of Canada and company. Stop destroying our children’s, grandchildren’s and great-grandchildren’s future. The irresponsible, reckless spending has to come to an end. Enough is enough! From an anxious Canadian.

BOUQUET To the nurses and medical staff at the palliative care unit at Nanaimo Regional General Hospital. They were extremely caring when my daughter Louise was passing.

BEEF To the person who drove down Opal to Rock City Road then cut through Sandra and Singleton roads to make a left on Departure Bay. Stick to the main arterial, Rock City to Departure Bay, for your left turn.

BOUQUET To the cyclist on the E&N Trail. Sorry we didn’t finish our conversation about bylaws.

BEEF To the port authority for keeping the Harbourfront Walkway washrooms closed. It’s time to open them as a service to the businesses and visitors to this area.

BOUQUET To the couple who turned in my purse at Country Club Centre Save-On-Foods. A heartfelt thank you for being honest people. I am forever grateful to you both.

BEEF To the housing market, from renting to buying a first home. When will the hard-working single mothers with young children get a break? It’s pitiful watching people go down and end up homeless because they can’t find homes.

BOUQUET To all housekeepers on the Island who work through the COVID-19 pandemic and get close to minimum wage, no benefits, no pension and have continued to work hard with no contract and who could at any time strike or walk out.

BEEF To B.C. Housing for showing me that poverty is a very lucrative business indeed. Looking online at the salaries within that agency is disturbing.

BOUQUET To ‘Mr. waterfront speed walk.’ Thank you for your ongoing support and encouragement. It means a lot. I feel lucky that I can be silly with you and that you laugh alongside me.

BEEF Please stop wearing perfume and cologne. Humans are meant to smell like humans and a little personal hygiene can go a long way. You don’t need to spray that disgusting, endocrine-disrupting, chemical-laden crud anymore. Also, twice now with two different veterinarians my pets have come home reeking of perfume or cologne. How unprofessional. Some of us are allergic.

BOUQUET To Kathie, my wonderful daughter. She has taken charge of things pertaining to the death of her sister Louise. A huge load off the backs of my wife and myself.

BEEF Departure Bay is a dead beach. Move a rock, no crabs scurrying to get away. It’s been like that for 20 years. So now let us spend $25-30 million making a pathway to it.

BOUQUET Thank you to my sister Joyce. When my TV broke, she helped me get a new one. We ran around for two days making sure we got everything we needed. She is awesome. Thank you to Dylan L. at Port Place London Drugs. He helped me get a just-right TV stand. They are lucky to have him there. Thank you also to Joyce’s friend who let us use her van, and to every person who helped.

BEEF All speeders, and motorcyclists in Nanaimo, slow down. How would you feel if you lost a member of your family?

BOUQUET To the enlightened who voted to re-open Opal Road. They finally got the message. If you only have two public access roads, using one does not make it a shortcut.

BEEF To whoever submitted the bouquet to the bylaw officers ticketing buskers: those people work hard and have been hit with the pandemic as well and you have the audacity to revel in those people’s misfortune? Shame on you. Buskers are a gem on the Island, they keep their distance and give the public wonderful music while the world has been going down in flames.

BOUQUET Thanks to Pearl at Lowe’s garden centre. She patiently and cheerfully spent one half hour with me to fill a list for a neighbour. So appreciated.

BEEF To the inconsiderate neighbour who decided to start burning for three days in late June when it’s 30 C out and fire season. Not to mention it’s construction wood you’re burning.

BOUQUET My apologies to the beautiful home and yard on Notch mountain. My ding-dong husband got us lost and you were the first home we came to that could bring us out to a road. If your security camera captured us trespassing, we’re sorry.

BEEF To the city’s landscape planning. They insist on over-planting in boulevards, meridians, and roundabouts, and in less than a year it looks like a jungled mess that they can’t keep up to. Sometimes less is more.

BOUQUET Thank you to Nanaimo’s parks and rec department for its continued trimming of the sides of the trail near Woodgrove Centre. More people are using it.

BEEF Why don’t you print positive bouquets only? The world is already so full of ugliness.

BOUQUET To Mayor Krog and city council for moving forward to complete the waterfront walkway. It will be beautiful and it gets our support.

BEEF Behind a restaurant on Aulds Road there was a young person with a grey hoodie on who stole my purse and my jackknife from my car. He bought gas, junk, pizza and other stuff from a convenience store before all my cards were cancelled. Any help here?

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