Beefs & Bouquets, July 3

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BOUQUET To the couple who came to a widow’s rescue at Departure Bay 7-Eleven and put air in my flat tire.

BEEF To those managers of rentals who use their power of position to choose what rental lease rules apply to certain tenants.Instead of making excuses and blame, managers need to take responsibility and be accountable for their behavior.

BOUQUET To the Lantzville legion and all the people who came to my 70th birthday bash for making it a truly wonderful night.

BEEF To the commercial truck driver on his phone while on city streets. Do not put my family at risk so you can talk on your phone – get a Bluetooth.

BOUQUET To the Medicine Shoppe at Terminal Park for the exceptionally good and kind service to its customers.

BEEF To the person who was trying to covertly take pictures of my friend and our young waitress during a recent visit to a Chinese buffet. I hope the manager told you to never come back.

BOUQUET To the kind manager of the Great Canadian Oil Change. He went out of his way to pick me up at the hospital when the car was delayed with minor problems.

BEEF To people who use profanity as their second language. You show lack of respect for others and your surroundings, but mostly for yourself. The next time I hear this nonsense in a family store or restaurant, I’m walking out, but not before I notify the manager of why I’m leaving.

BOUQUET To Germaine, a wonderful lady who befriended me at church attendance as a newcomer to Nanaimo and also took me out to lunch on my birthday as I have no family in Nanaimo.

BEEF To all those drivers who continue to drive while talking on their cellphones. You deserve to get caught.

BOUQUET To the wonderful customer agent at Nanaimo Airport who went out her way to arrange another flight to Winnipeg for Easter after I missed Tango flight.

BEEF To retail stores being firm about needing my e-mail address, postal code or telephone number when purchasing paint, knitting wool, batteries, linen and a pizza. Why do they need this information? I walked out each time, no sale.

BOUQUET To the team at Victoria Road Kal-Tire for your excellent customer service.

BEEF To the country neighbour of an 83-year-old dog owner. Banging on his door and calling his home at 4:30 a.m. to berate and threaten him about his small dog barking is completely uncalled for. Of course he’s going to bark at you when you are creeping around in the bushes in the dark.

BOUQUET To the volunteers of the Lifeline program at Bayview Elementary School. Thanks for giving your time to make a difference for the kids.

BEEF To the beefer about the woman at the grocery store not getting her groceries double-bagged as she had asked for because it was “wasteful.” If she had brought her own ‘green’ reusable grocery bags she wouldn’t have had a problem.

BOUQUET To Cole of Just That Easy moving for my relocation on May 31. He was efficient, friendly and affordable.

BEEF To the two male youths with bikes and one female who tipped over the Diabetes donation box and ransacked the contents. Another beef to those who should have caught them but were talking on the phone until they were gone.

BOUQUET To David Hayward at Coast Realty Group. You sure coasted me through the process of buying my first condo. You made it look so easy and everything went as planned.

BEEF To whoever drained Richards Marsh. This once thriving wetland, bridged over from Kelsie Bay to Ranchview Drive, has been reduced in just a few days to a mucky, fetid, mosquito-breeding area.

BOUQUET To Leaf, for the bully beef. I agree. Without an audience there ain’t no show.

BEEF Bus shelters are for people to sit and wait for their bus, not for smokers to sit back, smoke and spit after every puff. Especially the two young girls – think how you look to others.

BOUQUET To a lovely lady, Val, who befriended me when I first started work at a job in Nanaimo upon transferring from Manitoba. Always helpful, cheery and ready to give me a ride.

BEEF To the person who left a large amount of broken glass beside the E&N Trail in front of Terminal Park mall in May. Not one dog owner who saw me remove the glass bothered to acknowledge my effort.

BOUQUET To the painter who stayed all night to paint the apartment I was moving to.

BEEF To the seamstress who only took in the back centre seam of my jean skirt and pants. Now the back pockets are so close that both look ridiculous.

BOUQUET To all the staff on the psychiatric ward at Nanaimo Regional General Hospital for all your loving care and compassion while I was a patient there. It takes a special person to work on that ward and I am forever in your debt.

BEEF To the people in charge for not having the flood signs removed. The signs are a blight on our neighbourhood and they are lowering our property values.

BOUQUET To Dr. A Goodhue for the extraordinary care you have given me the past five years. I don’t think I’d be here without you.

BEEF To the city garbage truck driver who was talking on his cellphone while driving in our neighbourhood.

BOUQUET To Rosie and Lynn at work who were ready and willing to drive me around Nanaimo when I had no car.

BOUQUET To the person who turned in my wallet, which I had dropped in the Wal-Mart parking lot – not one thing was missing.

BOUQUET To the lovely young woman who helped me when I slipped and fell in front of a ladies’ shop downtown in April.

BOUQUET To Cathy, from the News Bulletin. Miss you, girlfriend – didn’t know you were gone. Wishing you all the luck in the world.

BOUQUET To those who follow our Twitter feed at @BeefsBouquets.

To submit a beef or a bouquet to the Nanaimo News Bulletin, please e-mail