Beefs & Bouquets, July 24

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BOUQUET To all the volunteers who help with the community lunch at St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church. Without you, this wouldn’t happen.

BEEF To those who chose to attend the tournament instead of my father’s funeral. He gave you years of pleasure playing golf with him and you chose not to say goodbye. There is always another tournament but only one chance to say farewell to a friend.

BOUQUET To my husband, Greg, who has been giving blood since 2008, when I unexpectedly needed a transfusion. Also, to all who do. It only takes a couple of hours, a few times a year, to save lives.

BEEF To all the dog owners walking their dogs on hot sidewalks. Why don’t you try walking barefoot with them and find out how much they enjoy walking on hot sidewalks?

BOUQUET To Harvey and the team at Beban Park Golf Course for their tremendous support of the Nanaimo Special Olympics golf program.

BEEF On the corner of Comox Road and Terminal Avenue, why is there not a U.S. flag? Most tourists do not know the origin of these flags – all they see is a bunch of flags from different countries but not an American flag.

BOUQUET To the wonderful person who turned in my wedding rings when I left them in a bathroom at Horseshoe Bay, and also to the staff of B.C. Ferries who took care of them and made sure they were safely on the next boat to me.

BEEF To people in left-turn lanes who will not go into the intersection on a green light. They wait for yellow, then go. That way, only one car can get through. At least this is Nanaimo and I’m not in a hurry.

BOUQUET To the young man with dark hair and glasses who helped my mom get a new iPhone at Bell in Country Club Centre. You were fantastic at your job – kind, helpful, great customer service. You had patience and took your time to explain everything to us.

BEEF In the old basic can of spaghetti, why did they make the noodles fatter in size? Young people will never know what a real can of spaghetti tastes like.

BOUQUET To the pastors and members of Jubilee Christian Centre for helping my family move.

BEEF To restaurants that put so much ice in their soft drinks that you can’t tell if it is cola or root beer.

BOUQUET To Dr. Rumble who took care of a medical issue I had at the NRGH emergency department.  His bedside manner was second to none and he was able to diagnose the problem immediately. To Talia and Patsy in admitting, who were equally warm and receptive when I arrived.

BEEF A restaurant chain’s real signature hamburger was toasted and did not have lettuce and tomatoes. Young people do not know what a real burger from that restaurant tastes like.

BOUQUET To all the people who beef about horse poop, barbecue smoke and jobless people. They make me proud to live in a such a beautiful city if that’s all they can complain about.

BEEF To the person who made the decision to remove the candy machines out of the rec centres. It was a small treat to little kids after swimming. Young people will never know what a candy machine is.

BOUQUET To all of our fabulous volunteers.

BEEF In line at a grocery store, a young lady had a cart full of food. She saw that I had one bag of cherries but would not let me go first. Even people behind me made a comment to me.

BOUQUET To all of those who contributed to the Park Avenue Elementary School Grade 7 grad: Salvation Army for use of the hall for the banquet and dance, Panago Pizza, Turley’s Florist, Growers Direct, Country Grocer, Shoppers Drug Mart and countless parents who purchased supplies and brought food for the potluck.

BEEF To Anakin Skywalker. Why did he have to change his name to Darth Vader when he turned to the dark side? Wouldn’t Darth Skywalker have still been a pretty good name?

BOUQUET To Iris at Harbour Air for helping a senior on a busy day.

BEEF To those who place signs promoting  a garage sale, then leave the signs to weather and fade, becoming neighbourhood litter, rather than remove the now useless mess. Littering is a fineable offence.

BOUQUET To Mike in the circulation department. Great job!

BOUQUET To all of our wonderful hiking friends for ‘benching’ us in Morrell Sanctuary. Hikers are special people.

BOUQUET To the organizers and volunteers of the Ride Don’t Hide event who donated their time and the sponsors who supported this meaningful family bicycle ride.

BOUQUET To the Canadian Tire staff on the return of a vacuum cleaner, which a senior purchased and was unable to set up. The staff at the store were gracious and understanding.

BOUQUET To the Columbia Bakery for treating everyone at Maffeo Sutton Park to a beautiful Happy Birthday Canada cake and colourful and delicious cupcakes.

BOUQUET To the City of Nanaimo for clearing the sidewalks on Uplands Drive of the overgrown fir trees masquerading as shrubs.

BOUQUET To Ken and Lori Bennett of Woodgrove Estates for the fundraiser barbecue for Loaves and Fishes food bank.

BOUQUET To Tracey Barnes, an amazing and talented hair stylist at High Caliber Hair Studio. Thank you for the great service every time and all the awesome cuts, colouring and styling.

BOUQUET To the honest and kind individual who returned my iPhone to guest services at Woodgrove Centre in July. My seven-year-old learned an invaluable lesson that day, too, on honesty and that when you pay it forward that same gift will be returned to you.

BOUQUET To the nice lady who offered me her spare bus ticket when I had forgotten my bus pass at home. Your help was much appreciated.

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