Beef to the ‘daytime headlight’ beefer. Do us all a favour and turn your licence in to ICBC. If you are so inattentive when driving you can’t see a car coming down the road unless the headlights are on, then take pity on the bicycles and pedestrians. Please take the bus so we can all feel safe.

Beefs & Bouquets, July 12

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BOUQUET To my eight-year-old granddaughter Chelsea. I went to emergency then to a doctor in regards to my heel so sore I had trouble walking. I was told heel spur, rest. However my darling granddaughter looked at my heel one week later and pulled out a huge thorn. Grandma can walk again.

BEEF To Canada Post for sending back to Europe a small parcel for the reason of ‘non-existing address,’ at which I have been living for 27 years. No apology, no compensation, only excuses.

BOUQUET To 911 operator, paramedics, fire department, nursing staff at NRGH emergency. Thank you for your quick response and compassion when my husband was having post-op problems. All good now due mainly to you all.

BEEF To entitled dog owners who think they can bring their pets into indoor public spaces, etc., obviously against the rules, because their pets are allegedly well-behaved. Pets are second-class and should be treated as such.

BOUQUET Thank you so much to the wonderful lady who bought the beautiful bouquet of salmon-coloured roses which I was purchasing for my daughter who delivered a beautiful 11-pound baby girl. She knows what it means to be a grandma.

BEEF To City of Nanaimo for not taking the safety concern of a pool in an unfenced yard in a busy family neighbourhood seriously. The pool should be drained until the owners put up a fence.

BOUQUET to Garrett at the Brooks Landing Staples for great customer service. He solved a simple problem on my computer that could have caused me to shut down my work, and because of his help I was able to complete an important project on time.

BEEF To all the excessive speeders who think that Fairbrook Crescent Is a freeway. You are going to kill a child or rear-end someone trying to pull out of their driveway. Where is the RCMP and speed bumps. I am advocating for them.

BOUQUET I can’t say enough good about the doctors, nurses and care aid people.Admissions were quick and almost trouble free, rooms found and round the clock monitoring with follow-ups made for a stay considerably less stressful that it could have been. All in all very professional and thorough. Thank you one and all.

BEEF To employers who still don’t take mental disabilities seriously. They are real and a living hell for people suffering with them. They need help and support and shouldn’t be made to feel ashamed and embarrassed. Shame on you.

BOUQUET To those who pay for other people’s merchandise at the till due to some hardship. Your kindness is appreciated.

BEEF To the owner of the off-leash dog running in Neck Point Park. It may be early in the morning, but off-leash dogs can trip runners and walkers like it did my wife, causing a severely broken leg. Obey the bylaw.

BOUQUET To Shia R. for his insight into the psychology, literary merit and hilarity of Nanaimo Beefs and Bouquets.

BEEF To the ones who park on pedestrian crosswalks and other designated walking spaces while waiting for traffic. Think of the pedestrian that you are forcing around your car and through traffic, just to cross.

BOUQUET To City of Nanaimo. When our basketball ended inside a drainage ditch on the side of a road. We phoned the city, they came the same day and had to bring out a special truck to dislodge the ball. The next day they came and put a grating across the mouth of the pipe. Thank you.

BEEF To the bearded beggar making a living off sympathy.

BOUQUET To the Vintage Car Club of Canada Nanaimo chapter members who volunteered their time at the swap meet, kudos for a job well done. Special thanks to Colin and Lynette for their hours involved handling the vendor registrations.

BEEF To the store that takes close-up photos of shoppers while they buy their groceries.

BOUQUET To the Milner Group and especially the Gravel Mart on Bowen Road, for listening to my concerns then addressing them quickly, and above and beyond what was necessary. Very proud of my garden because of your many great products.

BEEF The city is not doing a good enough job emptying the garbage cans near downtown and at many bus stops left full for too long.Where is the pride to keep our city looking clean?

BOUQUET To the staff and doctors at Nanaimo hospital emergency ward. I’ve been a couple times with family and once for myself this year and the care you give in such a busy and sometimes stressful environment is amazing. Thank you.

BEEF to the ‘daytime headlight’ beefer. Do us all a favour and turn your licence in to ICBC. If you are so inattentive when driving you can’t see a car coming down the road unless the headlights are on, then take pity on the bicycles and pedestrians. Please take the bus so we can all feel safe.

BOUQUET To the members and volunteers of the tractor club for bringing their renovated historical tractors and staging a free event for the public.

BEEF To real estate agents and developers who only care about building expensive condos and homes for the wealthy, driving the cost of housing off the map. Each and every one of you are responsible for the social catastrophe that exists today. The homeless are only the tip of the iceberg.

BOUQUET To Rosemary at the Catholic Church of the Ascension at French Creek for her compassionate and kind assistance during the preparations for our family member’s funeral.

BEEF To the neighbour who has no regard or respect for the ones living in the strata beside her. If you want to smoke the ‘skunk,’ stink up your own place, not mine. Can’t even open my windows.

BOUQUET To the Nanaimo Quilters Guild Society. The residents of Dufferin Place thank you for your donation of beautiful quilts. They truly brighten up our day.

BOUQUET Big thanks to Slope Management of Nanaimo. Great job Mario, top-shelf work.

BOUQUET To the two kind women who stopped and came to my rescue when I had my biking accident. I am very grateful for the ride home and the bike transport. Thank you.

BOUQUET To Holly W. and her choir Soundwave for two amazing joyful concerts. Also, her compassion for the residents of Eden Gardens is remarkable and heart-warming. Take another bow.

BOUQUET To Sharon and John who almost single-handedly keep Lantzville clear of broom through Broombusters. Thanks for all your hard work. Give them a hand and cut any broom around your property.

BOUQUET To the man in the Southgate credit union whose daughter was sure purses were only for girls. So he casually explained how purses definitely can also be for boys. It gave me great hope for the future.

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