Beefs & Bouquets, Jan. 30

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BOUQUET To Tira, a very nice, honest and fast girl at Thrifty Foods Port Place.

BEEF To the teacher who put my child out in the snow just before Christmas without a jacket and walked away. She was being bullied by others while standing in a lineup and was asking them to stop.

BOUQUET To all nice, hard-working bus drivers. Thank you for everything.

BEEF To the guy in the burgundy jacket running around the field at Woodlands Secondary School while his basset hound left a present in the middle of the soccer field.

BOUQUET To Heath and Ed, managers of Country Club Manor, for inviting all residents who don’t have family or a place to go for Christmas dinner to share dinner with them on Christmas day.

BEEF To the female jogger in her 50s dressed completely in black at night while jogging through the Aulds Road crosswalk.  If you put your energy into choosing reflective or white clothing and not your foul mouth to people who didn’t see you, you would have fewer problems.

BOUQUET To two motorists who came to my aid walking up steep Cypress Street where I fell. One lady even walked me right to my door.

BEEF To the owner of two beautiful black and white great Danes. My children and I were admiring your beautiful dogs from our car window when we saw you look around and then throw your bag of poop in the bush.  Take responsibility for your pets. Parents don’t throw their children’s diapers out the window.

BOUQUET To the person who found a knitted hat in the parking lot at Nanaimo North Town Centre and put it on my car mirror. It’s not mine – I washed and dried it and you can pick it up at lost and found in the mall.

BEEF To all the construction on Hammond Bay Road. Not only is there house construction but also tree trimming happening simultaneously. There are multiple schools in this area and it’s difficult to get kids to school on time.

BOUQUET To those folk who were good enough to jingle their bells for the Salvation Army kettles, including MLA Leonard Krog, spotted in Terminal Park ringing his bells with the best of them, on a chilly evening.

BEEF To all politicians who pretend that by apologizing for some decades old, prior government’s racism and intolerance they are doing something earnestly meaningful. Stand instead now with the people for the treaty rights and against habitat devastation by greedy corporations. Be upright today, so that there is no regret tomorrow.

BOUQUET To Heather, Sue and Kathleen who were manning the information desk at Country Club Centre in December. You three went out of your way to find the phone number for the club who had  wooden toys on display.

BEEF To the woman at the aquatic centre who brought her eight-year-old son into the women’s change room. The family room is intended for families with different genders, not the female area. It made myself and others very uncomfortable.

BOUQUET To our wonderful paperman Matt. A kinder, more thoughtful soul you will not find. Thank you for your Christmas card you delivered with our copy of the Nanaimo News Bulletin.

BEEF To the worker safety group. I almost fell off my chair when on TV they stated we have to address the bully in the workplace situation. What a joke – it is the biggest bully ever.

BOUQUET To the staff at the Scotiabank on Commercial Street for being so understanding and accommodating when my Vancouver Canucks bank card was sent to the wrong address. I even got a Tim Horton’s card to boot.

BEEF To the miserable older “gentleman” in the black leather jacket who yelled at me in front of everyone at the gas station. You must be pretty miserable to get that upset over something so minor on such a beautiful, sunny Friday.

BOUQUET To the super-fit, festive-spirited and community-minded crew of Fire Station No. 1, who contributed its time and muscles to moving a piano at St. Andrew’s United Church which enabled the Allison Crowe Tidings concert to play on this year.

BEEF To the city for removing the security downtown. This month every day I come to work with fresh urine from the bar patrons.

BOUQUET To all the generous people who supported our families at Brechin Elementary School this Christmas season. An extra special thanks to Jon, Alexandra, Jeff, staff and clients of Moksha Yoga Studios, Jessica, Ryan and the secret Santa group.

BEEF To the person who side-swiped my gold Ford Ranger pickup truck in the Wal-Mart parking lot. You did a lot of damage to the passenger side of my truck and weren’t honest enough to own up to it and leave your information. Despite your dishonesty, I have faith. I believe in Karma.

BOUQUET To the residents of the Nanaimo Seniors Village who helped raise more than $1,200 toward the Coins for Kids, Loaves and Fishes and the Salvation Army for toys, hampers and food. An awesome job done.

BEEF To the mall. I asked to leave a recyclable cup in their bin. They said, “you’re welcome to leave it, but it will go straight to the garbage because the mall does not provide us with recycle bins.” They said they have asked for them and mall management will not provide them.

BOUQUET To service manager Craig and Newcastle Nissan. Your support of the community by helping to keep Nanaimo CarShare’s Versa running cool is much appreciated.

BEEF To the welfare workers who bully sick clients and have them treated like animals to cover up their own corruption and give them no avenues to seek justice. If it weren’t for sick people you would not have jobs.

BOUQUET To Central Drugs on Bowen Road for its donation of pens and bubbles, and bakery department at Country Grocer Southgate for the cakes for the Paradise Isle Seniors society.

BOUQUET To Speedy Auto Service for always doing exceptional work at an exceptional price. I have always been able to count on you for all of my auto needs.

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