Beef to the man who pulled over after I hit black ice and my car became stuck in the ditch. Instead of asking if I was OK or needed help, you scolded me to not park where my car had ended up.

Beef to the man who pulled over after I hit black ice and my car became stuck in the ditch. Instead of asking if I was OK or needed help, you scolded me to not park where my car had ended up.

Beefs & Bouquets, Jan. 12

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BOUQUET I went to Cedar Tireland and asked to buy four new snow tires. Jeff checked my car for tire size and said that I had the snow and mud symbol on my existing tires. He said I was legal to drive this winter and had 85 per cent tread left on my tires. Thank you for being so honest. Happy new year!

BEEF One city councillor recognized some of this bike lane project would be dug up in near future with street upgrade work. And another said “basically one per cent of the population” would use the bike lane. And of that, most likely only one per cent are Nanaimo taxpayers.

BOUQUET Thank you to my manager Jordan at Central Drugs. You listened to my concerns and needs and went above and beyond to address and fulfill them.

BEEF To the seniors care centre which, week after week, messes up its employees’ payroll, sometimes completely not paying multiple people and then making them wait days for it to be corrected. We rely on our paycheques to live, buy groceries and pay bills. I suspect management never has to wait two weeks for their pay to be corrected.

BOUQUET To all who are masked and fully vaxxed. To all others, mask up and get vaxxed if you want to be unmasked once and for all.

BEEF To the politicians at all levels for vilifying our law enforcement heroes for the sake of virtue signalling. What do you expect to happen next?

BOUQUET To Pacific Denture Centre for its top-notch customer service. My 91-year-old dad’s top plate broke in half. Not only did Pacific live up to its untarnished five-star rating, it had the repair done the same day, within hours, and just two days before Christmas. Dad wants to thank you for being able to enjoy Christmas dinner.

BEEF To the people who are vaccinated attacking anti-vaxxers. Are you aware some people didn’t want to be vaxxed, they were coerced due to their jobs, they felt they didn’t have a choice? What do you call these people? There are two sides to every story. You’re not superior over anyone.

BOUQUET To Craig and the service people at Island Mediquip. They are so friendly and helpful. Always going above and beyond.

BEEF To the contractor. No regard for environmental principles in your build yet you’re selling it as such.

BOUQUET To Melody Lily Jade, author of new book series Intrabit: One World. Congrats; wonderful job. Thank you for bringing issues with abuse and mental health to light. Can’t wait to read the rest of this musically poetic series.

BEEF Regarding the man terrorizing the downtown street, it is not the police who allow it, it is the justice system we have, and the provincial government that constantly pats itself on the back. Temporary treatment beds do nothing. Years of wasted money and time, and the issue is still growing. What part don’t they get? Open a mandatory lockdown facility, with no open door until they are deemed fit to re-enter society, if ever.

BOUQUET To my neighbours on Beaver Creek Crescent who assisted the ambulance with snow shovels and pushing on Dec 24. That was very kind and appreciated as I was the one in the ambulance.

BEEF To the Grinch. Apparently he is the local gas companies. Why is gas 155.9 in Nanaimo, 147.9 in Duncan and 152.9 in Victoria (which includes a 5.5 cent transit tax)? It seems the Grinches want to make as much money as possible from Nanaimo residents. I know where I am going to get my gas as this is not the first time Nanaimo has been taken advantage of.

BOUQUET I am sorry that I pulled out in front of you in the school zone – I thought you were letting me in. I made a mistake but everyone was OK. Aggressively tailgating my kids and I, trying to run us off the road did not make things right. Nor did pulling beside us, making obscene gestures. My kids were afraid.

BEEF To the beefer about maple leaves. Can I ask my neighbours to come clean my gutters for all the pine needles that clog them up several times a year? Get over it.

BOUQUET Appreciation to Tim and the staff at Big O Tires. Even when approached with a small request, Tim gives his full attention to his client, as if this was the most important thing in the world right now. This amazing attitude trickles down through the entire staff.

BEEF When are people going to cover their noses when wearing a mask?

BOUQUET To the children who made cards for the patients who are in hospital this Christmas at NRGH. My card from Shafer brought a smile to my face. Thank you.

BEEF I made a purchase which came to $9.95. The cashier took my $10, then stared at me; after a pause he asked me if I wanted my nickel change. I said yes; he shook his head and laughed at me. All of a sudden I had a realization of how humiliating that would have been if I was struggling financially. Customers shouldn’t feel shamed for wanting their change no matter how small. I would rather give my nickels to charity and frequently do.

BOUQUET To the couple who walked around the Jingle Pot RV campground Christmas Eve handing each resident a Christmas card and chocolates. When asked why? They simply said just to spread some Christmas cheer. I thought it was absolutely delightful of them and they were complete strangers. A little kindness. Beautiful.

BEEF to beef. We should all be vegetarians.

BOUQUET To Big O Tires. Grateful for the remarkable, fast, efficient, friendly service. Squeezed me in and on the road to Kelowna with winter tires. Thank you.

BEEF To the regional director. I live in his electoral area. I e-mailed about an issue in my neighbourhood, I made phone calls. I never got an answer back. Nice job to get paid to do nothing.

BOUQUET Thank you so much to our neighbour Norm who has cleaned Stampede Trail and some of our driveways a few times.

BEEF To the city for its lack of care, help and compassion for people opening small businesses downtown. The ripple effect of your slow red tape is damaging to our community. If you’re so backed up with permits, hire someone else to help. Saddening.

BEEF To the furniture and mattress store that made buying a mattress and box spring a nightmare. They dented and cracked my wall, damaged my bed frame, then delivered the wrong box spring twice. They charged $182 for those deliveries, plus a mattress cover, for a mattress I don’t have.

BEEF To the federal politicians hiding in their pyjamas at home. Everyone else is working, from burger flippers to construction workers. Why are you so special?

BEEF To the city of Nanaimo for treating taxpayers like oxen. We are not here to plow the fields under whip of your lavish spending.

BEEF To this mayor and council for non-stop development. If you think build and build and build some more is the answer, go take a drive around Langford for example, if you can move 10 feet in an hour in the gridlock.

BEEF To the city for looking at building a $30-million walkway in Departure Bay. For a lot less money and no beach environmental issues, put pilings in and build a concrete walkway above the high tidewater line.

BEEF To the beefer beefing that dogs can’t read. That’s why I hate them – they keep ignoring the signs that say ‘private property.’ Or could it be the owner? Hmm.

BEEF To the man who pulled over after I hit black ice and my car became stuck in the ditch. Instead of asking if I was OK or needed help, you scolded me to not park where my car had ended up. I wasn’t blocking traffic or any driveways, I was clearly stressed out and you made my already terrible morning worse.

BEEF To the doughnut shop. It is in your best interest to hire staff who care about customer satisfaction.

BEEF To the entitled people afraid of people who are homeless. I live in the thick of it and never have any issue. Happy not to see you downtown anyway.

BEEF If you do not win a cup, you don’t deserve to have your number retired. Let other people share the number. One day they will run out of numbers because having OK stats gets your number retired nowadays.

BEEF Every year it’s the same story from city council. They need to raise taxes just a small amount per household; it won’t hurt. It does hurt retirees and lower-income people who don’t get big raises like city employees and pricey contracts like outside contractors. How about tightening your belt, stop hiring more staff, cut pay and stop big projects.

BEEF To the two ladies at the concert who ganged on a kid recording clips of the concert. Shame on you. Plenty of people were recording on their phones too and some using flash but you picked a single person, a kid no less. You were also acting highly inappropriately earlier when you were talking about death. There were plenty of available seats in the theatre so you could have quietly moved elsewhere instead of ruining a kid’s night.

BEEF Every year the Girl Guides sell cookies and we buy them. It was not right that one person bought hundreds of boxes so we could not buy any. This is not the way for children to learn about local charities.

BEEF To the tough guy. I went behind the business to pee, facing the ocean. The guy came yelling and hollering that I was peeing on his items in COVID-19 times. I was 15 feet away.

BEEF To people making online orders just to report fraud on the drivers themselves. You are making yourself look bad because these people have taken pictures of the orders dropped off at your house. RCMP reports have been made and in general makes everyone here look bad. Stop it.

BEEF To the security guard at the drugstores who follow me around for no reason because of my skin colour. It might sound paranoid but I observe people for a living; definitely not paranoia. Online shopping sounds good right now.

BEEF To my little brother. How hard is it to get in on your side of the car? Please go through your own door.

BEEF To all anti-vaxxers who insist that ‘this hasn’t been studied long enough.’ What are you waiting for? For the pandemic to end? You might be waiting for a while. Vaccine refusal has been studied long enough, and it leads to avoidable deaths. I’ll take a vaccine that saves lives and that is very safe based on all available evidence, thank you. Your choices affect us all.

BEEF To the impatient driver on the parkway complaining about slow drivers. The left lane is not a high-speed passing lane and the maximum speed limit on it is the same as for the right-hand lane. So, if the car in front of you is travelling at the posted maximum speed and you’re travelling at the posted maximum speed limit, what’s the problem?

BEEF To the woman with the sparkly dress at karaoke. When you cheer for your singing friends it doesn’t have to sound like Regina George from the scene in Mean Girls where she finds out she’s been eating Kälteen bars designed for weight gain. A blood-curdling scream. Some of us are trying our best to ease back into society.

BEEF To the city snow plow operator. You covered the clean sidewalk and the drains which we, the residents keep clear as per the bylaws.

BEEF To the union for not giving out t-shirts, even though other people got one.

BEEF To those wondering if I had my shots? I am a cashier. I was working front line before COVID-19. None of your business, so don’t ask, and stay safe.

BEEF To anti-vaxxers denigrating real patriots by protesting at a cenotaph. You are not protecting Canadian rights. The only rights you have are those afforded by the charter and the majority of Canadians. You are not in the majority and lucky that you weren’t given a teaching moment.

BEEF When I entered the store, a woman followed me, standing behind me and watching every move I made. When I got my shopping done, she also followed me out of the store. Security is OK, but get competent people doing that job. I felt really uneasy. I’m not a shoplifter.

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