Neighbours implore a Caldwell Street resident to put garbage and recycling on the correct days. (News Bulletin photo)

Neighbours implore a Caldwell Street resident to put garbage and recycling on the correct days. (News Bulletin photo)

Beefs & Bouquets, Jan. 11

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BOUQUET To hockey volunteers who don’t even have kids that play. Beef to hockey parents who never thank the volunteers who make it possible for their children to play.

BEEF To the resident on Caldwell Street who puts garbage out on recycle day. Ever think to copy your neighbours?

BOUQUET To John, Derrick and Butch of Budget Glass for handling our tricky glass problem. It was a pleasure to work with you.

BEEF With garbage rate increases, Nanaimo residents will pay $47 more in fees from July 2017 to July 2018. However, the majority of Nanaimo’s residents won’t receive the new larger capacity bins and garden waste pickup until July. How is that fair?

BOUQUET To the kind young man who helped a senior boost her car outside HomeSense, while his patient wife stood and waited. They were delightful, and I’m so grateful. Thanks also to the hair salon owner who was so helpful in allowing her car to boost mine.

BEEF To all those who fail to clear snow from their sidewalks. In Nanaimo the city makes this the property owner’s responsibility, but then they don’t even clear the city’s own sidewalks along parkland.

BOUQUET To all the children with their parents whom have been seen adding little Christmas decorations to our gnome home doors in Neck Point Park. (no glitter please). Magic happens especially at Christmas.

BEEF To the beefer who complained about health care staff. It is unfortunate that your person did not get their meds. If staff is hurrying around as fast as possible it is most likely because the facility is understaffed.

BOUQUET The Kiwanis Club of Nanaimo Sunrisers held their annual Xmas party for special needs youngsters and would like to thank the following for their help at the party or for donations: Adam, Jane, Tina, Joyce, Lorraine, Lori, Nick and Anika, Save-On-Foods, Pizza Hut, Balloons and Bears, and Santa and Mrs. Claus too.

BEEF Young adults will never be able to afford a house; they don’t know how to save money. The cost of a new phone, daily coffee, new cars and trips around the world how will they save enough to buy a place? They need to learn that if you want something you need to have a plan.

BOUQUET Thank you to the gentleman who ran out of White Spot holding my wallet. I had forgotten it on the table and he was kind enough to return it to me. Nice to know there are still honest and decent people left around us.

BEEF To city council and manager for tax hike to pay for wasted legal expenses and trainers to teach councillors and manager how to do their jobs. But if we’d voted for their million dollar hockey centre, they said there’d be no tax increase.

BOUQUET To Kevin in appliances at Best Buy – his customer service far exceeds anyone in town. He is patient and very knowledgeable about the products.

BEEF To certain customers. I get that being in the service industry I have to be ready to be at your service – it does not give you right to call me down, I’m just trying to survive. Please fall off the high horse.

BOUQUET To the young man in the fancy shoes walking by city hall in the mornings. Thank you for being a positive ray of sunshine. Hopefully you don’t get those shoes dirty in the snow.

BEEF To the receptionist who thought it was more important to put up Christmas decorations than help a senior with appointment information.

BOUQUET To the lady at the Barenaked Ladies concert who paid my parking, as none of the machines would accept cards that night. I will pay it forward. Also seriously, a beef about clapping too loud? Wow.

BEEF To the manager responsible for three ring circus also known as the Nanaimo transit schedule. No schedules at the bus stops and missing buses all morning.

BOUQUET To the nice lady standing in line ahead of me at the NRGH Auxiliary Thrift Store for paying for my Christmas cookbook. I will do the same when the opportunity presents itself. Thank you!

BEEF To the coffee shop chain which mailed out discount coupons in the week after Christmas and then refused to honour them on New Year’s Day.

BOUQUET To all very nice hard-working bus drivers. Thank you for your safe driving.

BEEF To the thief who stole my shampoo and conditioner from the ladies’ change room at Beban Pool. Maybe you needed them desperately, can’t buy your own due to poverty, but I doubt it, we’re not talking about a loaf of bread here.

BOUQUET To Xing, a very nice gentleman, for his excellent attitude to the customers at Walmart.

BEEF To the city. The outlandish increase in the cost of services fould be the last straw for 80-plus seniors who, like my wife and I, have outlived our RRIFs.

BOUQUET To Lowe’s for donating a Christmas tree to Eden Gardens. The residents enjoy looking at it all decorated.

BEEF To the dozens and dozens of drivers who have cars with burned-out headlights, taillights, brake lights and signal lights. You should be checking your car weekly.

BOUQUET To the third-floor staff at NRGH whose kindness helped both my mother and I recover from surgery this year. Thanks for going above and beyond the call of duty.

BEEF Why, if a man is proven innocent by a judge, is he still persecuted and unable to find employment when he is on disability?

BOUQUET To Save-On-Foods in the north end which gave the ladies’ auxiliary No. 257 Lantzville a wonderful price on turkeys so we could offer our vets a Christmas meal free of charge. And to Ono Trading for donating gift cards again this year for our draw.

BEEF To the City of Nanaimo and the cemetery – do something, please. Can you imagine going to a loved one’s grave and having to wade through goose droppings to get to the marker, which is completely covered with them? Heartbreaking.

BOUQUET To the wonderful staff at Woodgrove Mid Island Co-op gas station. Your year-round kindness and friendliness is greatly appreciated.

BEEF To those responsible for removing the acres of trees beside the lower Ware Road access to downtown Lantzville.

BOUQUET To Rock City School for their truly Canadian Christmas concert. Theme and content was fabulous. Hats off to students, staff and parents volunteers. They can be truly proud Canadians, eh?

BEEF To the city. Why can’t they have someone plow the sidewalks? I’m a handicapped person who uses a scooter. The hillside walks on Albert Street had not been plowed.

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