Beefs & Bouquets, Feb. 9

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A big bouquet to the Nanaimo Aquatic Centre. Staff responded quickly when my child was lost. They took the problem seriously and made every effort to assist me. He was soon found hiding in a locker.

A Bouquet of Gratitude to my life coach, Line Brunet from Your Sassy Soulful Self, for helping me turn things around in 2011 and making 2012 a promising year for me.

A garden full of roses to the wonderful nurses and doctors in Nanaimo Regional General Hospital’s emergency department and Royal Jubilee Hospital’s cardiac short stay unit. Despite the holiday season, I received the best care in an expedient manner in both facilities. I’m grateful and impressed.

thanks to Dale, Josh, Ben and the other dedicated team members at Applecross Automotive as they continue to thoroughly maintain my beloved, aging vehicle. Together we shall reach — and exceed — the 400,000-kilometre mark.

Bountiful baskets of gratitude to the conscientious person who picked up my purse in the Costco parking lot and turned it in to the office. I don’t know how I could have been so unobservant as to leave it in a shopping cart.You have saved me from a mountain of distress, inconvenience and expense.

A fantastic New Year to Trina Wilcox’s Grade 5 class at Park Avenue Elementary School. The students successfully completed a Wonderland Sale for their families, classmates and friends. With the money raised, they will be able to finance field trips in 2012.

A huge bouquet to the staff at the Nanaimo Aquatic Centre. All are so friendly and helpful and they keep it so clean. A wonderful, fun place to go.

A Bouquet to the lady who handed me her flashing flashlight so I could direct traffic at Uplands and Tunnah roads to prevent an accident.

A HUGE Bouquet to the kind, honest person who found the money I forgot to take from the ATM at Woodgrove Centre. When I hurried back with little hope that it was still there, I found out an angel had turned it in to the bank.

Pots of poinsettias to my paper route customers who tipped me at Christmas. I now have the TV that I was saving for because of you. To all my other customers, don’t worry, I am just glad to deliver your paper.

Hot diggity dog to Diggity Dog Daycare in South Wellington. It is so nice to finally have a doggie daycare in the south end. You have been a godsend for my dog and I during the days, when I have to work. I no longer have to worry about him being left alone. Woof to all his puppy pals: Diesel, Rusty, Finnegan, Jake,  Akila and especially Rojo.

A huge bouquet of springtime flowers to the City of Nanaimo work crews who keep the underpass next to Boundary and Northfield roads from being a hold-your-nose experience. Kids and adult pedestrians appreciate it.

A bouquet of fragrant sweetpeas to Isabell, Al, Grace, Marian and Brenda for supplying many of the door prizes and other goodies for the Kidney Foundation’s Christmas gathering. Everyone enjoyed their surprises as well as a great meal.

A grateful bouquet to the people who helped my three kids and I when we slid off the road north of Qualicum Beach. Thank you to the couple in the truck for helping me calm down when I was panicking. Thanks also to the man who pulled my car out of the ditch. I appreciate the risk you took. I would have been lost without all of you.

my extreme gratitude to the people who came to my aid at Rajeena and Extension roads when I fell on black ice and broke my hip: the driver of the first car that stopped, Drew on the bicycle who used his coat and sweater to comfort me, the retired paramedic and the RCMP officer. Also thanks to the medical staff at Nanaimo Regional General Hospital’s emergency department.

a bouquet for Deena at For Your Home Furniture. Thank you for the outstanding service you provided on the furniture delivery. Good luck with the relocation. No matter where you go, count on us as your faithful customers.

a bouquet. Happiness to me is seeing Mrs. Reise walking Misty down the road. From Sandy.

A big candy cane bouquet to AM 650 radio for all the great Christmas music over the holidays.

Three gorgeous bouquets to Peter Thomas and the Hub City Lions for making Christmas a happy occasion for three low-income clients at the Nanaimo Disability Resource Centre. These three lucky individuals received a hamper that contained everything you could possibly need for a complete Christmas dinner, from the turkey right through to the pumpkin pie.

A HUGE SNOWY BOUQUET to the man who was jogging by me on Icarus Drive and helped me. He cleared a path to my car so that I could get into it to get my brush, then told me to stay in my car to keep warm while he cleared my car off for me.

Huge hugs and thank yous to the kind gentleman at the Caledonia Clinic parking lot who helped this young woman with her frozen windshield wiper blade and made her day bright.

A HUGE bouquet to the woman who found my BlackBerry lying in slushy snow in the Keg parking lot recently and then took it apart and dried it out. And a second bouquet to her co-worker who, mistaking it for her own missing BlackBerry, took it home, charged it up, realized her mistake and then managed to find its owner. Thanks so much to the both of you.

a bouquet of roses to my husband for bringing me chocolate when I was upset.

A blessing to the Yuletide beefer. For decades Canada celebrated Christmas and everyone got time off work. It is not about owning it, it is about Christ. Only one faith leads to heaven. You are free to choose, be careful.

A DIRTY DIAPER BEEF. I think the public swimming pool should have a separate area for little ones and their parents. Too many times I have been kicked out of the pool because someone’s child defecated in the water. Anyone agree?

a beef to the maintenance department of a seniors’ care facility for putting only a little salt on the pavement, which caused an injury. In the summer you leave branches with leaves sticking out from some benches, making it uncomfortable to sit.

another road rage beef about the traffic lights on Boundary and Meredith roads. I am so glad someone else said something about the lights. I am stopped every night. The lights seem to see me coming and turn red, even though no one else is there. Road rage is imminent.

an angry beef to people who shovelled snow from their driveways onto busy roads after the recent snowfall. This is not only lazy, but also dangerous. I hit a pile of snow from someone’s driveway and slid around. Next time someone is going to end up on your lawn or worse.

A huge beef to the person who does not pick up after their dog outside Departure Bay Kin Hut. The other day a child tracked dog poo into the classroom – what a mess. Two days later there was more. There is a bag dispenser 20 feet away. Shame on you.

a side of beef to the person who honked at me when I was walking back to my car in a parking lot. You don’t own the road. Pedestrians are allowed to walk on it, too. I was getting out of your way, but you just couldn’t wait 10 seconds.

a bad business beef to a company for taking my money with a smile, but being unavailable when a mistake one of their employees made needed to be corrected.