Beef to the appliance store that refused to share their phone to call assistance for an owl suffering from a mangled, broken wing. It was a cruel response.

Beef to the appliance store that refused to share their phone to call assistance for an owl suffering from a mangled, broken wing. It was a cruel response.

Beefs & Bouquets, Feb. 8

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BOUQUET To the unbelievable efficient medical imaging department at NRGH. Norma and Patty were so sweet and helpful I just have to let people know.

BEEF To people who complain about other people’s yard without knowing about their health issues. Shame on you.

BOUQUET To those who look after their cats. A beef to those that let them roam the neighbourhood, using our vegetable and flower boxes as their litter box. If you can’t look after them, you should not have them.

BEEF To the low morale and chaos at city hall and to those causing it.

BOUQUET To everyone who collects the pull tabs. Our last donation to Zajac Ranch for children was $157.75. This camp has such a positive impact on the lives of children with chronic illness and disabilities.

BEEF To the person deciding to enjoy belongings that are not theirs. I believe someone out there may have noticed my jewelry. Please, whoever that honest person will be to inform me, I will reward. My husband is very ill with cancer, last stages, and treated me, as a memory, his birthstone. Ruby, diamond – there was another turquoise and silver – but his is all I care about. Our 50-year anniversary and I haven’t the heart yet to tell.

BOUQUET To Helen and her team at the MGM for hosting the best New Year’s Eve party. Doctors of Rock ‘n’ Roll led by Russ Der lived up to their name. We danced our way into 2018 with delight.

BEEF To the appliance store that refused to share their phone to call assistance for an owl suffering from a mangled, broken wing. It was a cruel response.

BOUQUET To Todd, new neighbour from Alberta, now upper Lantzville. Nice surprise for a senior, long driveway clearing with a Bobcat. Wouldn’t accept even attempts to pay for gas. I will find a way to repay. Thank you again.

BEEF To the drivers who use the section of Uplands Road between Turner Road and Hammond Bay as their own personal speedway, crossing the road to get to the bus stop is almost a suicide mission, I wonder if traffic calmers would help, or if drivers would obey the speed limit.

BOUQUET I would like to thank all the citizens of Cedar-by-the-Sea who donated money to buy new Christmas lights and decorations for our mailbox shelter on Fiddick Crescent.

BEEF To the person who stole a scooter charger by Dunsmuir Street. You’ve got such a very mean and dark soul. The person you stole it from goes to work every single day despite being physically challenged. A solid example that anyone can make it in this country despite having a disability, what’s your excuse for doing what you did?

BOUQUET To my sister Mary and her husband Bob for their kindness and support, not to mention the excellent taxi service during my recent ordeal in the emergency ward.

BEEF To the guy who drove up fast behind me on St. George Street and attempted to pass when my car developed acceleration trouble, then gave me the angry finger multiple times at the stop sign. You couldn’t even be patient for two blocks when I was having car trouble. A little overkill, don’t you think?

BOUQUET To Ken H. who found my wallet and made the effort to look me up and deliver it right to my door. I appreciate your honesty and the reminder of honesty of others.

BEEF To the non-smoker activist. My main point was that I find second-hand pot smoke to be as noxious as tobacco smoke, even more so. I was in no way meaning to disparage anybody who hates tobacco smoke – just don’t zero in on tobacco and give pot smokers a free pass.

BOUQUET To the many many volunteers and employees at Harbour City FC. Thank you for your hard work and dedication to all of the kids and for keeping soccer fun. Keep up the great work.

BEEF To know-it-alls in jewelry shops. One shop we have used for years and another sporadically, but we just stopped at the one in the mall. I used to work in a jewelry store too when young, and we would not treat people this way.

BOUQUET To Kassandra, Adams and James at Harris Mazda for their honesty, warmth, friendliness and five-star service when we went there looking for a used car. We found what we wanted and were appreciative of the knowledgeable, no-pressure attitude.

BEEF To the building supply store in a neighbouring city. They are slow to be accountable and take responsibility for their errors. I would not recommend this store’s services to anyone.

BOUQUET To Country Grocer on Bowen Road. They consistently show that they appreciate their customers and when mistakes are made, they always go above and beyond to fix them. The sushi tray was beautiful and all our guests raved about it. When we told them it was from your store you got about a dozen more shoppers.

BEEF To the woman at the checkout at the big-box store who humiliated the other lady with her and continued on to outside. Why would anyone ever want to be with you. Go get counselling for your anger issues.

BOUQUET To the Generations Church and all the volunteers for an excellent Christmas dinner.

BEEF To the juvenile delinquent hecklers at the town hall meeting. Why should we have any respect for your views when you disrespect the office of the prime minister? You have given our town a black eye. All I can say is I hope each of you are identified in the paper and shamed on social media.

BOUQUET Thanks to the nice guy who helped a senior who tripped on a ferry deck in mid-December. Hope you see this belated note of gratitude.

BEEF To the hecklers at the meeting with Justin Trudeau. Your immaturity was an embarrassment to the people of Nanaimo.

BOUQUET To the amazing people on my paper routes. Thanks to your generous tips, I am able to replace my stolen cart. I look forward to another year as your paper person.

BEEF I am fed up with people in the south end seeing an empty lot and thinking it is a garbage dump: chesterfields, garbage bags, household items, how would you like it dumped next to your house? The next time I see your truck out there I will be taking a picture and forwarding it to the proper authorities.

BOUQUET Thank you to RDN Transit for allowing the Merry Christmas special bus. A huge thank you to Santa Claus and Holly the Elf, to show a positive atmosphere to using the buses, which is a good thing. I heard a lot of positive feed back from this venture.

BOUQUET A huge thank you to all the B.C. Ferries workers that were away from their families for Christmas.

BOUQUET To the City of Nanaimo for sponsoring family-friendly New Year’s Eve activities. It is appreciated.

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