Beef to the man driving the silver Fiesta on the Parkway. Good luck with your audition for the Fast and Furious: Island Life movie. With your driving skills, you’re a lock.

Beef to the man driving the silver Fiesta on the Parkway. Good luck with your audition for the Fast and Furious: Island Life movie. With your driving skills, you’re a lock.

Beefs & Bouquets, Feb. 20

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BOUQUET Thank you to the couple that we sat next to at Huong Lan restaurant. We will pass it on. I was so surprised. Thank you.

BEEF To drivers who have LED-HID lights. You don’t need four LED-HID lights at all in the daytime or at night as some drivers have. These after-market lights are illegal on older vehicles because they can’t be dimmed and do not have the proper reflector in the headlamp housing.

BOUQUET To the friendly staff at Serious Coffee on Hammond Bay Road.

BEEF To the driver of the smaller red SUV who made everyone miss the light (except you of course) at Norwell and the Island Highway because you wanted to give change to the person with a sign on the meridian. They are not allowed to be there. Don’t hold up traffic at one of the busiest intersections in Nanaimo.

BOUQUET A very grateful senior wishes to give a huge thank you to a brother and sister from Ladysmith who felt sorry for me as I was standing in the snow at the hospital waiting for a taxi that never came. They brought me to Lakeside Gardens which was out of their way and would not let me pay them. I will help someone else out.

BEEF To those scheduling medical appointments for seniors at NRGH. Please advise seniors they need a driver to drop them at the front door of the hospital for appointments. Hospital parking lots are continually filled to capacity. There are not enough disability parking spaces to accommodate elderly patients.

BOUQUET To Fiddle Frolics. What a talented group of young musicians. To beat out other fiddle groups from across Canada is amazing.Watched them doing their jig and playing their fiddles on TV. Makes you proud of Nanaimo talent.

BEEF To the B.C. government for continuous funding of the minor ferry routes to help all the wealthy people including politicians who live there while I struggle to survive. What hypocrisy.

BOUQUET To Sybil, the children’s religious education coordinator at First Unitarian Fellowship of Nanaimo. She is a real gem and brings so much to the children and adults alike. Her enthusiasm is contagious.

BEEF To the city-contracted road clearing crew on Georgiaview Crescent who threw snow and ice all over freshly cleared sidewalks not once but twice within two hours. You’re turning neighbourhood snow angels into cynics; why should I bother?

BOUQUET To the lovely lady with black hair, glasses and black boots who drives with RDN Transit. You truly are an amazing human being and the coolest bus driver. We all appreciate your kindness and hospitality to all your passengers. Your actions do not go unnoticed.

BEEF I am sitting in a huge area, no one is around me. I am reading my book, sipping on my coffee, enjoying my space. Why is it that people feel the need to sit so close to me and have a loud conversation with their friend, when there is so much space available? I give people this courtesy, please just consider people’s space.

BOUQUET To the gentleman for buying supper for my friend and me at the Well at the casino; we were there to celebrate our January birthday. It was a total surprise and we will pay it forward.

BEEF To the nurses and health care aides at Nanaimo Hospital. If you are so busy, why are you on your cellphones all the time?

BOUQUET To Donald J. Trump. What a great State of the Union speech. It is inspiring to listen to the passionate way you speak about your people and country. Keep up the great work.

BEEF To the bearded male driver of the black Honda Fit, who tossed litter out the window while travelling between Ladysmith and Nanaimo. If you thought it was too dirty and disgusting to stay in your vehicle, why is it OK for you to discard it in our beautiful British Columbia? Think about spending part of a day, picking up litter from somewhere in this great province.

BOUQUET I can’t thank Andre’s Electronic Experts enough, and the fellow who went above and beyond to try and help. I was ‘fixing’ my portable Panasonic phone, or so I thought. The fellow in the installation department kindly fixed it, with a smile. The other fellows were super friendly and very knowledgeable when we were asking about some other electronics.

BEEF Someone blocked my driveway in front of my garage. Doesn’t he know parking bylaws?

BOUQUET To Megan, temporary charge nurse on the sixth floor at NRGH. You are awesome.

BEEF It is the law to have your dog(s) secured in the back of the truck. What part of that don’t you understand? Also the ones who hold their little dog in their arm while driving, air bag goes off, one dead dog. Again against the law.

BOUQUET To Kiwanis Lodge staff. You were very accommodating, flexible and ready to assist for Mom’s 90th birthday celebration. Thank you also to Wild Poppy in Ladysmith which provided the chocolate mousse gluten-free cake. It was very delicious and one little girl with a wheat intolerance was ecstatic that she could have cake.

BEEF To the man driving the silver Fiesta on the Parkway. Good luck with your audition for the Fast and Furious: Island Life movie. With your driving skills, you’re a lock.

BOUQUET To Nanaimo Ladysmith Public Schools for not closing the schools even though it snowed.

BEEF To the health-care system that deemed hip/knee replacements were more important than heart and lung issues – 400 people on a heart waiting list is 400 people too many

BOUQUET To my friend and his little dog Sugar for all you do.

BEEF To all drivers at the four-way stop intersection at Bruce Ave and Fifth Street – Please learn to count and pay attention whose turn it is to cross the intersection. Twice this month already I have had to slam my brakes to avoid hitting a vehicle, even when it was just two vehicles.

BOUQUET To my sweet sister who understands me.

BEEF To the auto dealership for charging a $500 lease buy-out fee at the end of the lease term that was not disclosed in the lease agreement. Seems like a scam to charge people for the privilege of writing a cheque for thousands of dollars to buy your vehicle.

BOUQUET Many thanks to Rob of Air Canada at the Nanaimo Airport for his kindness and assistance with re-booking my husband’s international flights during a family medical emergency. Thank you for helping to make a terrible situation a little more bearable.

BOUQUET Whenever I go through a Starbucks drive-thru in town I am always overjoyed to hear the TV-announcer dulcet tones of Shea taking my order. His enthusiasm is infectious and is guaranteed to put a smile on your face along with your coffee. Thanks for bringing a ray of sunshine to the most dreary Island overcast days.

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