Beef to the person in a yellowish wood-panelled GMC who threw an egg at my dad while he was biking home at night. What is wrong with you?

Beef to the person in a yellowish wood-panelled GMC who threw an egg at my dad while he was biking home at night. What is wrong with you?

Beefs & Bouquets, Dec. 8

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BOUQUET To Robbins Parking Services in Departure Bay. They immediately cancelled the parking ticket they had legitimately issued me when I explained my return had been delayed by the Malahat closure. Thank you.

BEEF To the entitled mom by the north-end school. Your yelling at cars is a distraction and far more of a safety hazard then the cars travelling under the speed limit. Get out your speeder reader before opening your mouth.

BOUQUET To the City of Nanaimo for adding a free timer to the Cliff McNabb bleacher heater – we’ve frozen our pucks off for years. Thank you, signed, happy hockey dad.

BEEF To the guy who walks his dogs in Cedar and lets them run around the neighbourhood, running up to our fenced yard, making our dog go crazy. Put your dog on a leash.

BOUQUET To SouthCare Chiropractic, your staff is amazing. You all treated me so well and got me in on such short notice when I was in extreme pain from a neck injury. An extra shout out to Paige, not only are you a life saver, you are such a genuinely kind-hearted person and I hope the whole world gets a chance to see it, you are wonderful and also fantastic at what you do.

BEEF To anti-maskers, how dare you and your posse barge into a business to prove you are above common sense. You should be ashamed for putting so many in harm’s way.

BOUQUET To Cathy B., you are always there for me for anything and everything. I can’t thank you enough for all you do for me. I may be the least lucky person out there but thankfully the one place I did luck out was getting you as my mom and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I love you more than Crown Royal, summer time and ice cream, so don’t forget it.

BEEF To the beefer hating dogs, dogs are a miracle on this planet and bring humans happiness and joy.

BOUQUET To Costco, you may make me spend my entire paycheque in your store, but totally worth it.

BEEF To the hater of all dogs. I feel sorry for you.

BOUQUET To the fantastic volunteers of the Nanaimo Royal Canadian Marine Search and Rescue whom we met. We honour all the hard work they do to save lives and keep the waters around us safe for everyone.

BEEF To the dog hater, are you aware that dogs can’t read?

BOUQUET To a Chase River Country Grocer customer who generously paid another couple’s grocery bill. Without any hesitation he kindly stepped up to the debit machine and processed their $80 transaction. May your kindness return to you 10-fold. Thank you for warming our hearts.

BEEF To Opal Road homeowners. OK, you have all made your point. You would rather not live around any populated areas. Refusing to remove your parked vehicles from the roadsides to create one-lane traffic is extremely selfish, entitled, utterly juvenile and unsafe.

BOUQUET To my Honda sister at the gas station. I hope you got home safe. Thank you for your good vibes, you rock.

BEEF To the beefer who beefed about hating all dogs and ruining our planet.

BOUQUET To the new manager and crew at north Nanaimo KFC whom I called to praise. They cook the chicken frequently instead of pre-cooking too much and serving dried-out pieces. It was all as moist and good as I remember it when I was 12.

BEEF To those opposed to those who are opposed to the mRNA COVID-19 vaccine that is void of years and years of data proving its safety. Only those with a laundry list of health issues are at the greatest risk. I got it, got over it and got on with it. Unvaccinated too.

BOUQUET To Craig, the owner of RU Computing. He is an amazingly talented and wonderful IT professional and the most honest person to ever provide service. Thank you for fixing our computers time after time.

BEEF To the city and the parks department. Instead of spending ridiculous sums of money on totem poles and signs, why not pave the lunar landscape that the Neck Point parking lot is. What is the point of spreading gravel every few months that lasts maybe two days at best? I’m sure the visitors would very much appreciate it, as would the suspension components of their cars.

BOUQUET To the woman ahead of us in the drive-thru – thanks for buying our breakfast after we were verbally attacked by the two men in the truck behind us. You’re exactly the kind of person this world needs more of.

BEEF To the group of three young male cowards who attacked my daughter at the benches at the park on Dover Road. You thought it would be tough and macho to stroll up, dump your drink on her and hit her. She’d never seen you before in her life and tearfully asked you to back off.

BOUQUET To Pat M. for your volunteer work at the military museum. I admire your generosity of spirit in overseeing the memories of those who sacrificed and served our country. I smiled when I read the moxie in your response to being physically attacked.Beef to the attackers. Ganging up on and harming an elder is an act of cowardice and shows what you’re made of.

BEEF To all the people who are feeding the stray cats outside my apartment building. All the effort you put into buying and putting out food for them, why not put your efforts into finding them a permanent home?

BOUQUET To the Nanaimo Fire Rescue firefighters, trucks and equipment. A fire broke out on Cavan Street that was very close to our home. We are very grateful that they stopped it.

BEEF To all the drivers in Nanaimo who treat every intersection like a four-way. Two-way intersections don’t care who stopped first. It’s all about the direction you are travelling. Please stop honking at me for following traffic laws.

BOUQUET To all those who turn on their front porch light for me on Tuesday night. Not only does it help me find a dry place to leave the paper during rainy season, but it also keeps me from inadvertently tripping over hoses, extension cords, kids’ toys, uneven concrete driveways and tent pegs. Happy holidays everyone.

BEEF To mayor and council. We are the second-largest city on the Island, and yet we have a ridiculously small tourist information centre. Do you know how embarrassing this is to the citizens of your city? Please get some funding to improve this.

BEEF To those who label critical thinkers as anti-vax. Stop expecting healthy people to get these injections that have no long-term safety studies as they are so new.

BEEF To the beef about dogs, specifically in an edition of the paper one day before Remembrance Day. Heroic animals perished for our freedom during the world wars, hence the blue/purple poppy as remembrance. Now service dogs are companions to many of our vets.

BEEF To the City of Nanaimo. What happened to my town? I walked downtown and I barely recognize it anymore. A trail of destruction, graffiti and the criminal element is front and centre. Pretty disturbing.

BEEF To the anti-vaxxers, using the sacrifice of my ancestors to violently push their selfish agenda. Most of us understand sacrifice, and selflessness. These people put themselves before everyone else, and claim to do the same. It’s offensive.

BEEF To the self-entitled man in the big white pickup who selfishly cut in and out of backed up traffic without signalling, then at a red light swore at and threatened a driver.

BEEF I was encouraged to try the Chinese food at the grocery store as I was told it was great food at a great price. Price was OK but the food was sub par.

BEEF To the guy at the hospital refusing to show his ID. Most people in the hospital are compromised and you were being totally selfish, thinking of no one but yourself. You’re the reason we can’t get through this. Bouquet to the gentleman at the entrance to the hospital checking vaccine passports. You were calm but insistent, thank you for keeping us safe.

BEEF To all those out there who have made the decision not to vaccinate or mask up against COVID-19. Herd immunity is here. The anti-vaxxers and anti-maskers herd are still policed and limited. I’m lovin’ life as I used to know it. How you doin’?

BEEF To the irresponsible driver in the flat cap and mask turning left from Dover onto Dickinson while the crosswalk was still on. You were inches from hitting me and my mother. We had to jump back out of the way while you sped through. Please be more aware of pedestrians and pay attention because one wrong move can have tragic consequences.

BEEF We really need a turn lane at the Island Highway and Farquhar street. Apparently a double solid line on a Island highway is not enough for some drivers to deter them from stopping on a highway, putting a lot of lives at risk. Daily occurrences. A lot of pedestrians cross there as well. It would be sad to see a fatal accident.

BEEF To the slow-driving left-lane lovers travelling from Northfield to College Drive on the parkway daily. Move over. When there is a long line of vehicles behind you it means you’re impeding traffic and ticking off everyone behind you.

BEEF Unprecedented development, old infrastructure, incompetence in official positions. One rain storm to showcase it all.

BEEF To all those drivers who drive without their lights on, or just their daytime running lights. Do they fail to understand that lights not only help you to see, they ensure you can be seen?

BEEF What are we supposed to do with our kitchen garbage now that they banned giving out plastic bags at the grocery store? Now we have to buy plastic bags not even made in Canada? How does that help the environment?

BEEF To the person in a yellowish wood-panelled GMC who threw an egg at my dad while he was biking home at night. What is wrong with you?

BEEF To city council. You give variances to developers left, right and centre but if I want to build a shed, fence or deck it’s a witch-hunt. What gives?

BEEF To the drivers who blow past in the fast lane during heavy rain. Don’t you realize that when you hit an area of the road with standing water that your vehicle creates a huge splash of water that hits the windshield of the car to the side of you, blinding and terrifying the driver. This inconsiderate behaviour toward other drivers is dangerous and potentially life-threatening.

BEEF To the yogi in a neighbouring community spreading fear and misinformation with anti-vax bologna. Have you not lost enough? Find a different way to get the attention you crave. Your thoughts – not facts – do not align with reality.

BEEF Once again the media blows a situation so out of a proportion to cause panic and mayhem. Keep calm, people, and use common sense. We are a first-world country that can manage perfectly fine in a crisis.

BEEF To the city for even contemplating raising taxes to hire four more officers for downtown, just to mitigate a problem that their ineptitude, inaction and lack of concern for the taxpaying public has perpetuated.

BEEF To people who pull out on to the road and expect people to stop and let you in while traffic is moving. That is unsafe and ridiculous. Just wait a few minutes and you will get in safely.

BEEF To everyone on dating apps. Hiding behind a four-inch screen will never find you true love. Just heartbreak and drama. Did our grandparents hide behind screens? No, and they all celebrate 50-plus years together, mostly happy I assume.

BEEF To the three women at the pub who held a profanity-laced conversation at high volume for two hours and spoiled the entire atmosphere and enjoyment of other guests. Beef to the waitress who was friends with them and did not say anything.

BEEF To drivers who drive too close to the car in front on these dark winter nights. With your bright headlights flooding my car, I can’t see anything in front of me, which makes me drive even more slowly. Back off so we can both get where we’re going more safely and quickly.

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