Beef to the library newspaper beefer. FYI there’s never any dry toilet paper in the outdoor bathroom in Diana Krall Plaza.

Beefs & Bouquets, Dec. 7

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BOUQUET To my sweet and generous neighbour Ali for the gift of the dresser and massager.

BEEF To the beneficiaries of the burger and beer fundraiser. You never even said ‘thank you’ to everyone who came and donated.

BOUQUET To the young lady working at Children’s Place. You had to deal with an impolite and rude customer who mocked your accent. Your professionalism and character were on display. Good for you!

BEEF To the drugstore. They have a poor return policy, not customer-friendly at all.

BOUQUET To Dr. Peter Babuin. You are so missed by all. So brilliant, funny, compassionate. You were recommended by a friend who worked at NRGH. Your work ethic was noticed and lauded.

BEEF Seen at a north-end strip mall were the contents of a very full ashtray dumped on the walkway. Really!

BOUQUET To Honda service department for honouring a quote even though there was a miscommunication as to what it included.

BEEF To the manager of my favourite home decor store who rudely disciplined his employee in front of customers and staff. I say no to workplace violence.

BOUQUET To the north-end Kal Tire for their great service and honesty.

BEEF To the security guard that decided to stick his nose into a matter that did not concern him and had nothing to do with him, and then tried to cause trouble for the manager involved. May I point out that when you are in full uniform you are still representing your company and so a complaint against you has been filed.

BOUQUET To the person who turned in my iPhone to Michaels. I didn’t notice that it fell out of my purse when I was taking out my car keys and I will be forever grateful. Thank you so much.

BEEF To the shoppers that think it’s OK to just leave their used coffee cups and garbage on a store shelf, stop being lazy and disrespectful and throw away your refuse in a garbage can.

BOUQUET I just went to Dover View Dental and I was treated in an excellent way and the services were done with a smile.

BEEF To all the thieves and crooks operating in Nanaimo. How unpleasant to keep reading about break-ins, drugs and other crime close to our homes.

BOUQUET To Cavallotti Lodge for once again helping Wellington secondary band with their spaghetti dinner fundraiser. We value your continued support and thank you for the generosity that make so many trips happen for our students. Thanks also to Doris Luvisotto, Sharon Taylor, and Ron Wong and many sponsors.

BEEF to people who refuse to adhere to the law prohibiting smoking in any structure that is 50 per cent or more enclosed. Yes, this means bus structures. Asthmatic lungs thank you.

BOUQUET How incredible that so many people showed up, for days, to look for the missing mushroom picker. It was not the outcome that everyone wanted, but it warmed my heart just the same.

BEEF Beware ‘bargain hunting’ at the store close-out. In our case, one man’s shirt laundered to child’s size and one belt vaporized in eight wearings. All sales final. Caveat emptor.

BOUQUET To the business that provides seniors with courteous workers, who arrive on time and do a very good job, for reasonable prices. Pats on the back to all of you.

BEEF To bus drivers on Metral. Slow down, especially when it’s raining. Beef to the city for not acknowledging the complaints of speeders on Metral. If you can put speed bumps on Uplands why not here?

BOUQUET A big thank you to our Kennedy Street and Milton Street neighbours for giving so generously to our skeleton and pirate, who were collecting non-perishable items for the food bank alongside their Halloween treats.

BEEF To the City of Nanaimo. I just got my user rate (tax) bill. Wow!! How is it that the new recycling bins and trucks are saving me money? How much over budget is this program now and during phase two and three?

BOUQUET Thanks a ‘latte’ to the sweet, kind barista working at Starbucks at the Departure Bay ferry terminal. Your generosity that morning made my day. The eggnog chai tea latte was delicious.

BEEF To the library newspaper beefer. FYI there’s never any dry toilet paper in the outdoor bathroom in Diana Krall Plaza.

BOUQUET To the couple driving the Jeep Patriot who stopped and picked up my dog when he was lost up the mountains behind Nanaimo (he was wearing the bright orange jacket). Thank you very much.

BEEF To the people that grab handfuls of the free newspapers in the paper boxes. It is obvious that many of you are wood stove burners and are using the papers as fire starter. Many people that want to read the paper and the flyers end up going without.

BOUQUET To Ryan of the News Bulletin circulation department. When I told him of our problem, he moved the newspaper box to Nottingham Drive. It was first in a dangerous area on Linley Road due to heavy construction work.

BEEF To all the sneaky advertisements under the guise of a bouquet.

BOUQUET To the kind person who delivered the contents of my stolen wallet to my home. What a pleasant surprise to find my cards neatly piled on my front doorstep one morning. Thank you so much.

BEEF To people who work at cash registers. Would you please mind giving me the change first and then the bill so that I don’t drop it on the floor?

BOUQUET To Simi at Naturalizer Shoes. Thank you for your kindness, help and patience in finding me my perfect boots.

BEEF To the so-called sports fans in town who can’t even fill half a house to support a vastly improved Clippers hockey team taking on a top opponent. I can only imagine what the new owners must be thinking.

BOUQUET To the boys of winter on Fillinger Crescent. Love your Christmas lights in November. Your strobe lights looked absolutely magical.

BEEF To Canada Post employees leaving their vehicles running while filling super mail boxes. Ten minutes of wasted energy and pollution for our box alone.

BOUQUET Many thanks to the kind person who found my wet keys in Port Place parking lot and turned them in to London Drugs. You saved my day. Bless you.

BOUQUET To the cyclists and pedestrians that wear reflective clothing. Nanaimo roads are a challenge in the summer, let alone dark, rainy winters.

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