Beefs & Bouquets, Dec. 26

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Beef to the person who presumably found my glasses under or near my seat at the theatre and did not take them to lost and found. How mean of you. I am a pensioner and these quite new glasses cost me $200.

Beef to the person who presumably found my glasses under or near my seat at the theatre and did not take them to lost and found. How mean of you. I am a pensioner and these quite new glasses cost me $200.

BOUQUET to the businesses that close their doors on statutory holidays. This shows respect for the holiday and allows families and people to celebrate together on that day.

BEEF To the person who stole the hand-knitted baby booties and hats from our fundraiser bin at the medical clinic. Shame on you. The funds raised this month were headed to the 7-10 Club.

BOUQUET To the staff at NRGH medical daycare for the compassion and professionalism you show to all your patients. Always well done.

BEEF To the cellphone drivers. It’s worse now than ever.

BOUQUET To the store that welcomes dogs. I’m at that store a lot, and I wish half the kids there were as well-behaved as the dogs.

BEEF To the business that has three horses in a very small paddock with just one shipping container for shelter. It is doubtful one horse could fit in, let alone all three. You need to provide your horses with sufficient protection from the elements.

BOUQUET To the young lady who paid for my prescription so unexpectedly. You are special for sure and I will be paying this wonderful act forward.

BEEF To the entitled driver who expects to be zippered in in a merge lane. Unless there is a sign indicating a zipper merge, it is up to the merge lane to adjust their speed and wait for a safe gap in the other lane, not just bully your way in. Check the ICBC rules. Common courtesy works both ways.

BOUQUET NALT is thankful to the community for their generous support of the seventh annual wine and cheese soiree held at Lucky’s Liquor Store. It was the social event of the year! Proceeds will help support, promote and protect the natural values of land and water in our area.

BEEF To everybody who has always nasty things to say about ICBC. Personally, I never had a bad experience with them. I even had an accident where I was at fault and got treated respectfully.

BOUQUET To those who voted for the party that shares their values. A wish for those who voted ‘strategically’ that you find the courage to vote for what you want. Because, to get what you want, you have to take action and vote for what you want.

BEEF To the hooded hoodlums riding around through traffic breaking the law with no mandatory helmets.

BOUQUET To all organizers responsible for Nanaimo’s Remembrance Day ceremony at the downtown cenotaph.

BEEF To the City of Nanaimo which is spending the Nanaimo taxpayers’ money like they’re on an extended Las Vegas vacation.

BOUQUET To Tim’s Automotive for helping to sponsor Barney Bentall and the Cariboo Express at Port Place Theatre. The show was excellent and the cause (John Howard Society) very commendable. This event happens each fall, and is well worth supporting by music lovers and local businesses. Thank you so much.

BEEF To people who still call orcas killer whales.

BOUQUET To the Nanaimo River Hatchery from the very grateful Grade 1s and 2s from Seaview School. What an enriching and enjoyable field trip.

BEEF To those from the City of Nanaimo who use social disorder to describe the downtown problems. It’s like calling an outhouse a privy. Just call it what it really is.

BOUQUET To the polite young person from Brechin School who was out on a rainy night selling chocolate bars for a school fundraiser. I’ve also seen them efficiently delivering papers. What a great work ethic.

BEEF To all the stores who allow dogs. I’m allergic. What about the dog fights I’ve seen? Maybe we can also bring our cats, ferrets, ponies and snakes. Fair is fair.

BOUQUET To Branden and the team at BCAA. It took a lot of patience and perseverance but I think that oil leak problem is solved. Looking good. Thank you.

BEEF Did anyone bother to check out where the green, blue and black plastic bins are made? Well, it’s not here but in California, so much for made in Canada.

BOUQUET To the writer on indiscretionary sharing of a false prognosis by physicians. I was erroneously prescribed incorrect medication by an info-sharing doctor which, thankfully, an ER doctor effectively reversed. Beef to a former physician on ignoring the purpose of visitation and choosing to misdiagnose on the basis of falsely documented ‘hereditary’ issues.

BEEF Get references and signed contract or beware of a certain carpenter who advertises on bulletin boards. His quote doubled after the job was completed. He got paid tax-free cash and didn’t honour a gentleman’s agreement handshake.

BOUQUET People’s kindness is wonderful. While trying to plug the NRGH parking meter this morning I found I did not have enough change and I did not wish to plug the meter with a $10. I want to thank the kind and gracious lady standing behind me who gave me change so I could plug the meter and make it to my appointment. I will be paying your kindness forward.

BEEF To those who give change to people on the median at intersections. Please give to charities that feed the homeless like Loaves and Fishes and the Salvation Army.

BOUQUET To one of the ladies in pharmacy at London Drugs North Town Centre. I was purchasing an item she knew was private and she went out of her way to make me feel comfortable. Thank you so much.

BEEF To the service club. I was really upset to see the state of the Canadian flag on Remembrance Day. It was dirty, ripped and falling apart. It was at half-mast, but it’s disgraceful and I am ashamed to be a member.

BOUQUET To the two ladies I almost hit in the crosswalk at Dover and Uplands. The sun was glinting off my windshield and I didn’t even see you until I was right beside you. My most humble apologies. I assure you more care will be taken in the future.

BEEF To our politicians. Despite an extensive file regarding the horses with insufficient shelter, the SPCA is unable to do anything because of a lack of legislation requiring shelter for these horses.

BOUQUET Thank you to those who offered help when I fell off my bike; to the staff in the Nanaimo Regional General Hospital emergency room for finding a non-narcotic pain relief solution; to the doctor who followed-up the next morning with results from the radiologist; and to my colleagues at VIU for wishing me well. Healing fractured ribs sucks less because of all of you.

BEEF To the person who presumably found my glasses under or near my seat at the theatre and did not take them to lost and found. How mean of you. I am a pensioner and these quite new glasses cost me $200.

BOUQUET I would just like to express a heart-felt thank you to Christina and Myrna for the outstanding Remembrance Day program at Nanaimo Seniors Village. Their dedication to the residents of the complex is truly inspiring.

BEEF To all retailers that advertised for Christmas before Remembrance Day. If it were not for the immense sacrifice made by those who fought for us, we wouldn’t even have freedom to celebrate Christmas. There should be a law against this.

BOUQUET To the man who left money on the counter at Nicol Street Shell for my coffee. Thank you.

BEEF To the person who found my envelope of money at the dollar store. I am on a disability pension; it does not leave me much to work with after rent and bills. I am still trying to catch up. The holidays are coming – not for me.

BOUQUET To the staff and doctor at Mahalo Veterinary Hospital who gave us hope regarding our cat’s illness.

BEEF To the person who hacked my fundraising web page and tried to get into my bank account. I am trying to fundraise to get a bed. I filed a police report. I am on a disability pension and a fixed income.

BOUQUET Thank you to Lynn at John’s Bedrooms. She went out of her way to make a special foam pillow with cutout so I could sleep without disturbing stitches in my ear.

BEEF I am totally in agreement with Ms. Servatius who is not in favour of the indigenous ceremonies brought to schools. I was born here and raised through the Nanaimo school system. We used to say the Lord’s Prayer and ‘merry Christmas’ until the bleeding hearts put a stop to it. Seems hypocritical.

BOUQUET To the young woman who cleaned up and stained the ‘Westworld’ log sign at the entrance to Fillinger off Hammond Bay in late spring. It looks amazing. Perhaps a local resident could now redo the opposite log sign.

BOUQUET Thank you to all the good persons, mostly seniors, who on their daily walks, pick up garbage up and down Lantzville Road. I am proud to know one. He is in his early 80s and cares about his town.

BOUQUET TO the couple at the Remembrance Day service who kindly presented me with a very nice thank you card. A Korean War veteran thanks you.

BOUQUET Thanks to the young woman who lent me her cellphone to call BCAA. I had locked my purse in my car – along with my keys and cellphone – in the Chemainus Theatre parking lot and was at a loss for what to do. Her assistance and trust in me, a complete stranger, is so very much appreciated.

BOUQUET To Gordon’s Home Sales. Thank you to all the staff for our beautiful new modular. Even our neighbours are impressed with how quick it went up and how nice it looks.

BOUQUET To Salvation Army staff and volunteers for all the good work they do in our city.

BOUQUET To emergency room and fourth-floor staff at NRGH. Friendly, courteous and professional all the way.

BOUQUET To Nancy at Caledonian Clinic when she found out I had already waited two and a half weeks for my file and not received it; she got it ready in two hours. Great client service, thank you. P.S., your mom’s wrong; nice people should work up front.

BOUQUET To Carol and Ted. They helped me move into an apartment. I can’t thank them enough.

BOUQUET To Nanaimo Disability Centre for all their care and all the programs they offer to those that experience a temporary or long-term disability.

BOUQUET I would like to express my sincere thanks again to the doctors and nurses at NRGH in the emergency department, third floor and palliative care unit. They are full of compassion and love. I can’t praise them all enough.

BOUQUET To the Nanaimo and District Hospital Foundation for their efforts to improve our local health care.

To submit a beef or a bouquet to the Nanaimo News Bulletin, e-mail

Beefs and bouquets

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