Beefs & Bouquets, Dec. 22

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A big thank you bouquet of tiger lilies to the patient young man at the Home Hardware in Brooks Landing recently. It was nearly closing time and I came in looking for a hepa filter replacement for my air cleaner. You didn’t have the filter, but you phoned other stores, researched your catalogues and even brought out the vacuum to try to clean it up. I forgot your name, but I didn’t forget your kindness.

A big Santa bouquet to sweet sisters Sansan and Skyla for donating their beautiful hair to raise money for cancer. Thank you, and thanks to the Nanaimo News Bulletin for the photo of these angels. Merry Christmas.

A huge bouquet to the traffic girls working in the Sherwood Drive area. Even in this cold and rainy weather they are always smiling and have a wave for me. I have seen some rude ones, but these girls really need to be commended. From the lady in the blue car.

a Huge bouquet to the folks at Nanaimo Chrysler – Phil, Leslie, Paula and the rest. The service is amazing and no pressure. We are happy with our decision and how you folks treated us.

A huge and much appreciated welcome to Casey and Agnes, the resident managers/caretakers of Waverly Manor Apartments. The outside and inside of our building looks great. Your hard work and dedication has not gone unnoticed by many of the tenants and we thank you for taking the time to care.

Many thanks to the man who found my glasses in the washroom at Save-On-Foods and left them at the information booth in Country Club Centre.

A bouquet to Thrifty Foods (Longwood), Quality Foods (Northridge), and Save-On-Foods (Country Club) for donating prizes to the Nanaimo British Club for the Harbour City Seniors show and tea at Bowen Park.

A bouquet to Heather C. at Home Depot. Great customer service.

Thank you to all my paper delivery customers who wave and to those who have given me extraordinary gifts. Each one of you holds a special place in my heart. I couldn’t do all the walking without consideration from everyone. From Sandy, the lady with the teddy bear cart.

A big bouquet of irises to a hidden gem in our city. Sandra, of Sandra’s Head to Toe Salon on Haliburton Street, does a wonderful job at very affordable prices.

A bouquet to the bowlers at Brechin Lanes who donated money toward colon cancer awareness for Movember.

Many flowers and thanks to the woman who followed me into the Nanaimo Ice Centre parking lot to tell me that my licence plate had expired. I had the new sticker in my glove box, but it was a very nice thing to do. Thank God for people like yourself.

A hearty thanks to members of the Nanaimo Yacht Club who decorated their boats with Christmas lights and took them down the Newcastle Island channel into Departure Bay and back. It helps with the Christmas spirit.

A heartfelt bouquet to palliative care nurses Joy and Viola, the pain management crew – especially Dr. Riggan and Dr. Carr – home support workers, and friend Fred Landry. You all showed such care and compassion to a great man, my dad Earl Phillips.

A bouquet of purrs and meows to Kathy at Kathy’s Cat Care for her wonderful care when we boarded Jack. He will be back.

A poinsettia bouquet of thanks to David V. who helped me when I was short 30 cents at Value Village. I will pass on your kindness to another shopper.

A huge bouquet of presents to radio station AM 650 for the many lovely Christmas songs you are playing this December.

a bouquet to Brian and Tom at Harris Mazda for the prompt and fair service. I have had a few problems with my vehicle and they helped me out quickly. I recommend this business to anyone who needs their vehicle serviced.

A beef to the person who beefed about the “vertically challenged” person complaining about high store shelves. I am also “height impaired” and understand how frustrating it is. The garbage collectors for my apartment complex changed the regulation-sized trash bins for bigger ones recently and I have to ask my neighbours to help me put out my trash. Runts have rights, too.

A beef to whoever keeps stealing things from my patio. The objects aren’t very expensive, or very glamorous, but I’m on a low, fixed income and can’t afford to replace them, so please either open up your wallet and buy your own patio furnishings or rob somebody else for a while.

A beef to the person who didn’t clean up the gift their dog left in the parking lot next to the music store on Townsite Road. I walked through a pile of leaves, not realizing that there was something else underneath. Parking lots are like sidewalks – you must scoop the poop.

a big honking beef to the guy passing me while I rode my bike along the Island Highway. You didn’t have to honk. There are enough things to make a cyclist nervous without you honking and freaking me out. Besides, how anxious can anyone be to go shopping?

A sad but angry beef to all local businesses, the media, and politicians who wish me Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas. Is this an attempt to be politically correct and not upset anyone? Well, I’m one of thousands who are upset.  I have written down your names and will take my business elsewhere in the new year.

A beef to the beef about not recieving a thank-you card for attending someone’s wedding. When someone invites you to share a special moment in their life, pays for your dinner and plans a good time for you and others, the only thing you should be expecting in return is a memorable day.

A sadder beef to the team travelling to Vancouver who jumped to the front of the cafeteria line. I blame the food server for allowing them to get away with it. It’s a good job the team didn’t try this on me.

a beef. How can the Vancouver Island Health Authority justify charging $2.50 for two hours parking at Nanaimo Regional General Hospital?

A smelly beef to people who post free ads and then don’t bother to remove them once they have sold.

A big piece of rotten beef to a person driving in front of me down Fitzwilliam Street recently. Two women with a toddler in a stroller hit the blinking signal for pedestrian crossing and started to cross. You hit the gas to drive through the crosswalk, missing them and their baby by inches. You didn’t accomplish much, as you had to wait for a red light at the bottom of Fitzwilliam.

a beef to a young man who cut through my strata community with his dog. We have private property and no trespassing signs posted at both entrances. I asked him if he lived there and he said no. When I reminded him it was private property, he said he didn’t care, he lived on the other side and would cut through all he wanted.