Beef to the business at the mall that told me I had to provide personal information for COVID tracing. After assuring me I would not receive marketing e-mails, they proceeded to send me e-mails promoting their business.

Beef to the business at the mall that told me I had to provide personal information for COVID tracing. After assuring me I would not receive marketing e-mails, they proceeded to send me e-mails promoting their business.

Beefs & Bouquets, Dec. 2

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BOUQUET To the lady who found my wallet at Brooks Landing and brought it to my house. You wouldn’t believe the relief I felt when my daughter phoned and said it was dropped off. Thank you.

BEEF To the city councillor again on the climate change bandwagon. What exactly are your professional credentials on this topic qualifying you for leadership?

BOUQUET Kind and grateful thoughts to Niki C. at Save-On-Foods Woodgrove. This confused senior appreciates your patience in dealing with me regarding a flyer and price matching. Thank you for your exceptional customer service. You are the best.

BEEF To the person responding to my beef about motorcycles disregarding barriers on Gulfview Drive. The city has placed the barrier there for a reason. It is a residential neighbourhood with small children playing on the street. It isn’t elitism when there’s another road for the purpose of through traffic that you choose not to take because you don’t want to deal with the traffic. Talk about elitism. Also, do you pay higher property taxes because of your location? I do.

BOUQUET To Bob at Bremner Electric for literally going above and beyond to install my ceiling fans.

BEEF To all the ‘Chicken Littles.’ Use common sense about COVID. Do you shut down for the seasonal flu?

BOUQUET To the bus driver, the sweet student nurse and the great paramedics who all helped me when I took a face-planting tumble on Fitzwilliam Street. You were all wonderful and this senior is very appreciative of how attentive you all were. Thank you.

BEEF To COVID fear-mongers. Cancel Christmas, cancel weddings and funerals, be frightened to see your loved ones. But please come to the Island by the thousands to escape the cold?

BOUQUET My friends and I have dealt with the hobby shop for a very long time and unfortunately the beef that was published reflected a one-sided perspective of an experience with little to no context. This small business provides its customers with items necessary to maintain a sense of good mental health during a pandemic. The shop is run by hard-working people who didn’t deserve that bad piece of publicity.

BEEF I see that we are back to fire trucks chasing ambulances again. Such a waste of taxpayers’ money, not to mention the noise pollution and traffic endangerment.

BOUQUET To the amazing nurses of the perinatal unit at NRGH. Specifically Cassidy, Alecia, Sarah, Andrea, Christina, and Kim. You made the process of induction, labour and birth as smooth as possible for me when I was terrified and had pre-eclampsia. You are all truly incredible at your job. A special thanks to the NICU, especially Paul for taking good care of my little trooper and for teaching my boyfriend as well. To Dr. Wilder, you were amazing as always. Thank you so much.

BEEF To the mainstream media for announcing a election result before it is legally official. Terrible.

BOUQUET To Dr. Trepess for all your wisdom and compassion during my year-long recovery. Not too many physicians would take the time to call their patients on the weekend to check on them, and on more than one occasion too. May your beverage always be chilled.

BEEF To the provincial health officer and B.C.’s health minister. It’s time to admit your failure in controlling the pandemic.

BOUQUET To Bruce’s Plumbing and Gas for the installation of the dishwasher and new toilet. Looking forward to you doing routine furnace and hot water tank maintenance when due; you did a great job for us.

BEEF To the restaurant worker complaining about people who expect restaurant workers to wear masks. We are in the middle of a pandemic. I wish the restaurant would have been named because, as this beefer requested, I would not be giving them my business. When your restaurant is shut down due to the virus spreading – in large part from the actions of anti-maskers such as yourself – you’ll be out of work and wishing you could go back to work wearing a mask.

BOUQUET To Mr. Irving and his band class for performing an outdoor concert at Dover Bay Secondary when it was 6 C with a cold wind blowing. The concert was fabulous; they played for more than an hour. It was wonderful entertainment for those who had the opportunity to hear them. Well done.

BEEF There are some of us who find it very difficult to breathe wearing a mask. I am one of those people. I have severe COPD. I still need to eat, therefore shop. I do not need to be harassed in the grocery store, as I try to keep my distance for my safety as well as yours. Was it really necessary for you to yell when I was not even close? Try to think before you open your mouth next time.

BOUQUET To neighbours in the truest sense: Nicole who made four trips over to feed my horses during the day while I was seeing my very very ill sister after being driven to Harbour Air terminal by Ken and Karin, all arranged (and paid for) by two wonderful friends Shawn and Barb, who also did the chauffeur bit on the other side.

BEEF To bus drivers who take a longer break. You need to check your watch more often please so that we leave on time.

BOUQUET To the nice man at Thrifty Flowers and More at Port Place Shopping Centre who kindly paid for my bouquet of pink gerbera daisies that I was buying as a birthday treat to myself and a cancer society fundraiser.

BEEF To all the government COVID shutdown proponents. You should be made to survive without your full salary and see how long you last.

BOUQUET Sincere appreciation to that nice man who stops on his walk on Townsite occasionally, says ‘hello’ and asks me about my day when I am curled up on my deck, lonely and afraid, yearning for human contact. Thank you so much for this act of kindness. From a formerly battered woman with PTSD hoping to recover.

BEEF To the people who don’t or won’t do the posted speed limits on our roads. You are a hazard to the rest of the motorists. Quit looking in your mirrors and look ahead on the road and at your speedometer. If someone is riding your bumper you are doing something wrong.

BOUQUET To Tim B. and his crew at AFT Tree Service. The guys are awesome. This is the second year I have had them come in and do my cherry tree. They go above and beyond. Thanks.

BOUQUET To Julie, a housekeeper at Wexford Creek care home. She goes above and beyond for all the residents. Always has a smile on her face and a laugh that is so contagious.Thank you for all you do.

BEEF To the bank branch. Their lobby has a ton of space that could hold at least 10 people socially distanced who are also required to wear masks, yet they make everyone including the aging population wait outside in the cold and rain. Whoever is setting their COVID rules should take the customers into consideration.

BOUQUET Thank you Doc Colborne for being the most caring, kind, understanding human being. You are irreplaceable and greatly missed. I hope you have a long, enjoyable retirement.

BEEF To all the Chicken Littles crying out that the sky is falling, trying to shame those who choose not to wear a mask. I have no problem wearing a mask whenever I’m around the general public, but only when necessary to do so for my protection. Otherwise, every chance that I get I will breathe in Mother Nature’s fresh air instead of my own carbon dioxide that invariably steams up my glasses.

BOUQUET Thank you to the staff, nurses and doctors, particularly those on the third floor, during my recent four-day stay at Nanaimo Regional General Hospital. Everyone was so kind, helpful, dedicated, upbeat and pleasant. I never understand why so many complain about the hospital as I have always found both me and my family have had positive experiences.

BEEF Thank you for your crossword puzzles. But you make the puzzle and print so small we cannot read it.

BOUQUET To the lady with the gorgeous blue-nosed and boxer pitbulls waiting for her child just outside Brechin Elementary. My son was having a full blown meltdown. She asked if he liked dogs and that hers loved kids. My son lit right up and went over to pet them, asked her about a million questions and that simple interaction changed his attitude for the rest of the day. Now he even looks for her and her sweet dogs every day at pickup. Thank you, we hope to see you again soon.

BEEF To the supermarket for not enforcing masks. Half of the shoppers were not wearing masks. Shame on people for being so inconsiderate to others.

BOUQUET To Chris and the BCAA team who fixed my windshield washing receptacle at a price that can’t be beat. Chris wanted to make sure I would be driving safely. So nice of him to care.

BEEF To the business at the mall that told me I had to provide personal information for COVID tracing. After assuring me I would not receive marketing e-mails, they proceeded to send me e-mails promoting their business. This is abuse of customers during a difficult time. I will not be back to your business.

BOUQUET Thank you to the two helpful women at the library underground parking lot. My windshield wipers fell off and I couldn’t put them back on from my wheelchair. They reattached them and made sure they worked. I couldn’t have driven home in the rain without their help.

BEEF Please do not berate people who don’t pick up discarded face masks. It is unsafe to do so. Sanitation workers have safety gear so leave the job for them. Beef to those discarding used masks improperly.

BOUQUET To the new employee at Planet Clean, your kind attitude makes that place welcoming.

BEEF To people who get to a crosswalk and just walk across the road. Please stop and look first before walking across, I have nearly hit a couple of people. It takes more than a second for a vehicle to stop, please remember that before darting into the crosswalk.

BOUQUET To the gentleman who reclaimed my hiking pole from Colliery Dam, I had propped them precariously against open railings and one fell through. Much to our amazement, this gentleman climbed down the boulders to the foot of the dam to rescue it. We were all gobsmacked.

BEEF To the daughter who had or has addiction problems and won’t let her grandma see the grandkids after she looked after the kids and helped her through all this mess. You are a piece of work and abuse the system.

BOUQUET To B.C. Ferries’ staff on the Departure Bay-Horseshoe Bay route; they couldn’t have been more helpful and accommodating during three recent medical escort trips to ensure the comfort and safety of our friend, the patient. Thanks are just not enough.

BEEF To the city for planting so many fast-growing shrubs and grasses in the medians. They obstruct the roads and workers can’t keep up with the trimming of trees and shrubs now, let alone all the new ones they just planted. It’s an accident waiting to happen.

BOUQUET To all the understanding Islanders who have adjusted their lives due to the COVID-19 situation. You are making a difference saving people’s lives and last not least our precious Vancouver Island. At the same time a huge beef to those people not being willing or able to accept the facts.

BEEF To the beefer arguing that wood-burning fireplaces are a viable, sustainable source of heat for a household. Wood burning creates fine particles that get into the lungs and bloodstream. These particles affect lung function, increase the possibility of getting cancer and immediately affect people with health problems. Consider the health of your family and others in your community and look into ways to reduce harmful particles coming from your fireplace as well as looking into more viable heating alternatives.

BOUQUET Thanks to the ladies of the Nanaimo Newcomers Club for their help and support after I suffered a nasty fall on one of our hikes. The seemingly endless supply of prepared meals and offers of rides and support are simply wonderful, and I can’t thank you all enough. What a great group of new friends.

BEEF To the construction workers taking advantage of the free parking in the hospital lots during COVID and monopolizing a majority of the palliative care ward’s spaces. A lack of thought in favour of your convenience.

To submit a beef or a bouquet to the Nanaimo News Bulletin, e-mail

Beefs and bouquets

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