Beefs & Bouquets, Dec. 15

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BOUQUET To the Island’s children’s swim clubs using the Nanaimo rec centre pool. It’s a real pleasure to observe such fine young people, and parents, enjoying so good a sport and keeping socially, and physically, fit.

BEEF To shoppers who dump unwanted product anywhere in the store instead of handing it to the cashier and simply stating you changed your mind. If you want to leave an untidy mess do it at home, not where you shop.

BOUQUET To the girl at the Superstore customer service who was able help me greatly and who went above and beyond to accommodate me.

BEEF To city council. The architects for the multiplex stated in their presentation that  Nanaimo is the only urban centre in B.C. that does not have a multiplex. Nanaimo is also the only urban centre in B.C. that does not have automated garbage pickup. There are two brand new automated garbage trucks sitting doing nothing.

BOUQUET To the man on St. Andrew’s Street for helping me with my work cart. You are very kind. He wouldn’t take my money, either.

BEEF To the fall clean-up man. You didn’t show; called you to arrange another time and still didn’t show. You stated you couldn’t find the address after being given specific directions. I experienced your business as creepy.

BOUQUET To the City of Nanaimo for their Christmas lights at Maffeo Sutton Park.

BEEF To stores that have the heat on full blast even though this time of year most people who come in are dressed for the colder weather and don’t need it to be like a sauna.

BOUQUET To Leanna, a very nice, kind girl at the customer reception desk at the News Bulletin.

BEEF To all those who abuse other people.

BOUQUET To Rene Uvanile at Elite Image Printers. You offering to do that extra bit to improve our print job made all the difference between an ordinary print job and a really good print job.

BEEF To people who start answering a  question by saying, ‘yeah so,’ or ‘so.’

BOUQUET To the unsung hero of Nanaimo Minor Hockey. Thank you to Vicky in the office for caring not only for the kids in minor hockey but for the parents as well. Her hard work and dedication is always professional and done with a smile.

BEEF To the bowling alley for not turning on some heat for senior ladies. We should not have to wear coats or jackets when bowling.

BOUQUET To Save-On-Foods for its generous annual Remembrance Day donation of beef lunch with all the fixings at Royal Canadian Legion Branch 256. You and your employees do an amazing job every year.

BEEF To the person feeding rabbits apples as you do every year. Take the rabbits home. You can feed them all you want as I am fed up with holes in my lawn.

BOUQUET To Jeff and Nick of Price Alarms. You came to the plate during a very stressful time and made me feel safe in my home.

BEEF To online advertisers. Seems we ordinary no e-mailers are left out of touch in this modern world not having a computer or website to order or contact a company.

BOUQUET To Dolly at the Nanaimo Athletic Club. Your enthusiasm for fitness and willingness to help others achieve their fitness goals is both inspiring and encouraging. The gym is lucky to have somebody of your fitness calibre that is willing to help clients as well as make sure the gym is spotlessly clean.

BEEF To the people who shovel snow and ice from their driveway onto the road. If this behaviour results in an accident you could be held liable. Also remember to clear snow and ice from the roof of your vehicle since having it fly off at speed could also cause an accident.

BOUQUET To the coordinators of the colonoscopy screening clinic at Island Health and to Dr. Jenkin and staff in the endoscopy unit at Nanaimo Regional General Hospital. Everyone was so nice in making an unpleasant procedure more bearable.

BEEF To the bus drivers who don’t lower the platform when some bus passengers with shopping bags get in the bus and from the bus. BOUQUET To those nice bus drivers who practise that.

BEEF To the funeral home that charged a missed tax of $2.27 after we had just spent $10,000. Books need to balance but it seemed tacky.

BOUQUET To everyone who responded to our request for monitors and an especially gorgeous one to the anonymous donor who purchased five brand new monitors from Best Buy, and for Best Buy’s contribution.

BEEF To the beefer who beefed about the store for advertising guns and ammunition. Your beef made no factual sense and came across as a purely ill-informed, suggesting that gun crime in the U.S. is a Canadian issue.

BOUQUET To the kind woman at ICBC Nanaimo. My wallet had just been stolen, and I was stranded without a driver’s licence. She paid for my temporary licence with her own debit card.

BEEF To the City of Nanaimo for trying to force through a multiplex event centre on the taxpayer’s dime. If the event centre was such a great idea, it would be backed by private investors. The taxpayers of Nanaimo have enough tax burden without adding more weight to their plates.

BOUQUET To the person who found my handbag and turned it in at Country Grocer I wish to say how very grateful I was to see that it had been turned in. I am very much in your debt.

BEEF What do you call a vegetarian who says they like beans? A liar. They aren’t called Beans and Bouquets for a reason. You should be happy beef exists or else you wouldn’t be able to waste your time making a beef in this paper.

BOUQUET To Bailey at Boston Pizza. We had a group dinner there and she was friendly, very efficient and interested in us.

BEEF To grocery and department stores that allow slow cashiers to work during the busiest times of the day.

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