Beef to the person who keyed my car while I was out volunteering for my community. Even though it has Alberta plates, it’s a courtesy car from the body shop.

Beefs & Bouquets, Dec. 15

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BOUQUET To the city, thank you for constructing Metral Drive to probably the safest street in all of Nanaimo for the inclusivity for all who use it, pedestrians, cyclists, and yes, even motorists. As one who enjoys all three modes of these transportation options, I feel so much safer not having to risk my life with over-aggressive, distracted motorists because of the safe, separate active transportation infrastructure coupled with the narrower driving lanes which evidently makes drivers slow down and also makes them focus on driving instead of their cell phones.

BEEF To the Halloween late-night partiers who decided to seriously damage our neighbourhood book box. Many folks received tremendous enjoyment from the book library and you tried to ruin it. You will not succeed.

BOUQUET I believe in incarnation. Thank you Suzanne that you choose me to be your mama.

BEEF The landscaping and irrigation company is run by a person who doesn’t care about anything except himself. Underpays staff, brags about over-charging customers, makes fun of seniors, drives aggressively, throws tools, yells at staff, and much more.

BOUQUET It wouldn’t be long till you’d be itching for a return trip to the Country Kitchen. Fabulous food served with a smile, our server Kim did it in style. So glad we went for my special occasion, ’cause at Country Kitchen it was so much fun.

BEEF To the airport. No international flights, you can only fly to Calgary or Vancouver. Big deal. And you want to build a small city around the airport. That will never fly.

BOUQUET To the two Rutherford McDonald’s staff members who came with Band-Aids when I cut my leg and was bleeding. Thanks.

BEEF To the vet clinic for refusing to clean my dog’s teeth because I did not want any extractions done. Keep in mind that I yearly take him in for dental work. After paying over $300 for the initial visit and blood work, I was told that because I would not follow her recommendations to possibly have extractions I was to take my business elsewhere. No problem there.

BOUQUET To the staff of NRGH in emergency and fifth floor for the dedicated care given to my husband and our father prior to his passing. Our sincere appreciation for all that you do. Thank you to friends and neighbours for your ongoing support.

BEEF Bouquet to every store that sells nativity lawn ornaments and Christmas decorations that celebrate the birth of Christ. Oops! There are not any in Nanaimo or in Canada, it seems. This was never a controversial issue in Canada and still isn’t in the United States and Mexico.

BOUQUET I would like to give a bouquet to Trojan Collision for fixing up my Honda Civic of many years to feel and look like a brand-new vehicle.

BEEF I bet this government wishes we had a Island rail system working now.

BOUQUET To city workers for their efforts during recent heavy rain and flooding events.

BEEF To the person who keyed my car while I was out volunteering for my community. Even though it has Alberta plates, it’s a courtesy car from the body shop. Beef to ICBC for allowing rental companies to use Alberta plates on their cars in B.C. Beef to the car rental business. Why do you put Alberta plates on cars operating in B.C.?

BOUQUET To the fast-food restaurant which has been remodelled; it’s nice and clean and the food is good, but could we please turn up the heat?

BEEF To those who blocked the road so no one would be able to detour into upper Lantzville during the highway sinkhole catastrophe and every other highway closure.

BOUQUET To the city for cleaning leaves. Hope it was mulched up and spread on trails. What you take from the Earth, you give back.

BEEF How does a pageant fit with fighting sexism and equality goals?

BOUQUET To all who make a stand and ask for vaccine passports to make it safe for us all. We need to do what is best for everyone. You don’t deserve the privilege of joining in if you don’t want to be part of the solution.

BEEF To the government for the GST, PST, carbon tax, income tax and many more taxes but then failing epically to invest in simple flood mitigation infrastructure. Where’s the accountability? Dikes have been neglected for decades.

BOUQUET To all of the amazing nurses, care aides and staff at Trillium Woodgrove Manor for the kind and compassionate care you have given my mom for the past four years. You are the best.

BEEF To drivers parking between two ‘no parking’ signs at École North Oyster. It is so the buses have enough room to make the swing in and out of the bus area. Give your head a shake.

BOUQUET To my family who I love very much.

BEEF To the B.C. government. 10-11 days to fix the fuel shortage sounds similar to the next two weeks to flatten the curve. No more monkeys jumping on the bed.

BOUQUET A huge bouquet of glorious flowers from Balloons and Bears arrived for my 80th birthday. Thanks so very much.

BEEF To the public safety minister for using climate change to hide the provincial government’s failure at protecting critical infrastructure.

BOUQUET To Piano Forte piano tuning. Friendly and professional service to tune my piano and now it sounds great again.

BEEF To all those filling up with gas unnecessarily when there are people who are reliant on their vehicles for their livelihood. How about taking only what you need whether it’s gas or groceries and considering other people?

BOUQUET To our police force. It’s amazing how quickly those brave women and men find those criminals. Police have to deal with the dark elements of our society. Thank you for keeping us safe.

BEEF To the people reporting cougars or bears. You are signing their death sentence. You don’t need to be on the news.

BOUQUET To Cara and Katy, B.C. Ferries employees at Departure Bay who assisted me when I fell on an icy sidewalk and hit my head. Thanks also to a good Samaritan who assisted my wife helping me up. Special thanks to Dr. Wigmore at NRGH for making sure I was OK.

BEEF To the rude driver turning right on Rutherford from Uplands. We started crossing as soon as the walk signal started. It flashed the red hand as we were halfway through the crosswalk. Despite honking your horn and pointing at the red hand signal, we did have the right-of-way. Sorry we couldn’t walk fast enough for you.

BOUQUET Thank you to the person in the black car at the Nanaimo North Town Centre Tim Hortons drive-thru for paying for two seniors’ breakfasts and coffees. We count dimes for a treat. We thank you so much. Will re-do favour when able.

BEEF To the Ministry of Transportation for making the home owners who live around their rest stops maintain their lots. Every day a person from the ministry comes to clean the washrooms and get rid of the garbage, making sure the wifi is working. But they won’t notice that someone has been living on the lot for five months. Or the other vehicle that has been there for two years. Only the Ministry of Transportation can get away with having a nuisance property in Nanaimo.

BOUQUET To our great hairdresser Bridgette. We’ve used your services for a very long time, always coming out feeling and looking like a queen. Thanks for your great friendship too. Highly recommended.

BEEF After the rains, some highways are ‘essential travel only.’ With the climate crisis shouldn’t there be ‘essential travel only’ everywhere?

BOUQUET To the Nanaimo-Ladysmith school district for doing its part and helping with the fuel shortage and also to the parents who are explaining to their children that this is a way for them to help others who are experiencing hardship.

BEEF To the medical transport charging $179 from Ladysmith to Nanaimo.

BOUQUET To Ken at Art’s Plumbing and Heating for resolving an issue I have been having with my fireplace for years. Even though two other companies serviced it, they failed to fix the problem. It’s pure joy not to have to do battle every night to keep the fire burning.

BEEF To our tax-and-spend city council for again picking the pockets of Nanaimo taxpayers with their predictable out-of-control property tax and user fee increases and wasteful spending on their pet projects.

BOUQUET To the very smart individual who sent in the beef about parents paying more attention to their phones than their children. If you want well-adjusted children, you need to put in some effort and interact with them.

BEEF To the pandering politicians and virtue-signalling special-interest groups. The taxpayer is getting sick and tired of fences blocking our parks and public spaces. Do your job and build more jails.

BOUQUET To the many people who respected the Remembrance Day ceremonies. These brave soldiers and peacekeepers made it possible to make our choice of vaxxing or not vaxxing a reality.

BEEF Enough already. Signs tacked on lamp posts everywhere. Very ugly and tacky. Why does the City of Nanaimo permit this?

BOUQUET To Greg from Erickson Roofing. Thank you for a prompt and excellent roof leak repair. Great service.

BEEF To people at the thrift store who don’t put clothes back on the hangers after trying on, instead choosing to toss them on top of the racks or on the floor. Is this what you do at home?

BOUQUET To the two gentlemen who came to the aid of an older lady with a walker that had lost its wheel. Your kindness was much appreciated.

BEEF To the City of Nanaimo for trying to strangle neighbourhood associations that refuse to be constrained by their new ‘organizational criteria.’ We don’t work for you; you work for us. And we’re busy enough working in the real world to spend our precious remaining time generating minutes of unnecessary meetings, preparing policy, or attending workshops.

BOUQUET To Dr. A. Walsh for coming to our home and making the whole euthanization process of our beloved little dog much less stressful for him and us. She is an angel doing a horrible job. She is so kind, gentle and respectful of the poor animal souls needing to pass peacefully. Many thanks.

BEEF To the lady who yelled at myself and friends at the fast-food restaurant and grabbed our orders out of our hands although they were not hers, shame on you.

BOUQUET Thanks to Dave at Home Depot. Our new dishwasher is as good as Dave said. Great delivery people and excellent installation by Cliff. Great communication and always on time.

BEEF To the north Nanaimo restaurant for not honouring my gift cards that I received as a gift to be used before the end of this year. I do not have a QR code so you could not honour these gift cards for a takeout. Shame on you. You do not know my medical history.

BOUQUET To all organizers and participants in Nanaimo’s Remembrance Day ceremony. Very well done and much appreciated.

BEEF To all who beef about inane, inconsequential things that may be an inconvenience. Look for the good around you, and spread a bunch of bouquets. Your life will improve exponentially.

BOUQUET To the Metral Road beefer. It is about time someone brought attention to this. What could have possibly been the objective?

BEEF To stores implementing self-checkout machines and to everyone using these self checkouts instead of the open aisles with real people working. You are supporting big-box stores laying off our local community members to save money. Did you save yourself two minutes this week at someone else’s expense?

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Beefs and bouquets