Beefs & Bouquets, Dec. 1

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Three elegant bouquets to Sharon, Sylvia and Connie of Shq’apthut: A Gathering Place at Vancouver Island University for presenting your heartfelt narratives at the Aboriginal professional development workshop. You shared moving personal stories about overcoming challenges. I appreciated that you affiliated good outcomes with education. You informed us of the plight of fellow citizens through a powerful film. Your messages of hope and resilience will be remembered.

A huge bunch of bouquets to Mert and colleagues at Rogers in Nanaimo North Town Centre. Your knowledge, friendliness and willingness to go the extra mile is much appreciated by this Rogers customer. I highly recommend directing your cellphone requirements to Mert.

Bouquets of blessings to Dixie’s Thrift Store on Albert Street. Thank you for placing a memory tree in your store to allow everyone to remember the loved ones they have lost. What a lovely thought.

Many peaceful walks to the hiker and his friendly dogs in the Extension area who stopped to give two mountain bikers who were new to the area directions.

A welcome bouquet of dollars from discards. Many thanks to the 20-plus volunteers who sorted, set up and sold at the recent Friends of the Library, Harbourfront Branch Used Book Sale. All proceeds – $741.33 – will benefit Nanaimo’s downtown library.

A medal of valour to Quality Foods, Northridge location, for the groceries and to the Ladies Auxiliary to 257 Legion (Lantzville) and helpers who served 185 meals to veterans and guests during a power outage.

A Bed of Roses to Vinny P. You are truly an amazing person. I am grateful every day to have you in my life.

A FRESH BAKED BOUQUET to Sears appliance department and especially Carole, who stepped up to the plate with our defective stove issue. Good on Sears, shame on the manufacturer.

A big thank you to Ganesh Nand, MRI technologist at Nanaimo Regional General Hospital. He made my second attempt at an MRI a success by walking me through the procedure with kindness, patience, honesty, straightforwardness and a sense of humour.

Thank you to B.C. Ferries. You are the best. From a wheelchair patron. Have a nice day. You too, Paul.

A belated, heartfelt thanks from a senior citizen to the person who returned cash from the CNIB machine in Port Place Shopping Centre to the bank. I am very grateful for your honesty.

A bunch of poppies to the youth groups who took part in Lantzville’s cenotaph ceremony. Also thanks to the Ladies Auxiliary to Legion 257 who served them hotdogs after the parade.

A bouquet of roses to the only person who stopped when my car spun out on the Parkway/Cedar Road flyover. I was starting to think I was invisible. A bouquet of thanks to officer Mindel and Mid-Island Towing for all their help. Last but not least a GINORMOUS oatmeal-raisin cookie bouquet and hugs to my friend Diana, who is always there when I need a helping hand.

a beefy snowball to the head for all the people who didn’t change lanes or slow down when they saw the flashing lights of the police car and tow truck after my car spun out on the Parkway/Cedar Road flyover.

A sincere complaint to all those delivering messages on our telephone answering service. Your high-pitched, rapid-fire voice is not understandable. Please slow down and speak clearly.

A beef to local gas stations. I travel up and down the Island regularly and I am getting more upset every day with gas prices. Nanaimo’s prices are always at least four cents/litre more than most places on the Island. I like to support local, but I will continue to buy gas in Victoria or elsewhere until Nanaimo gas stations adjust their prices. I hope others do the same.

A beef to short-sightedness. Recently, the dumpster at my apartment building was switched to a bigger one. I’m not very tall. The other dumpster came to just below my shoulders. The new one is even with my head. I can’t lift the lid high enough to put a garbage bag in it. I finally got this point through to the management. Their reply was that it’s my problem. I can either use a stool or get a friend or neighbour to help me put out the trash. And here I thought those dumpsters were supposed to be accessible to all.

A big, stinky beef to the man at the theatre. Telling my daughter she stinks was heartless. It’s not her fault she passes gas. It’s a medical condition.

a Beef to the fellow in the big black truck who ran into me. You couldn’t get away fast enough. Learn to drive and hopefully you will stop next time.

A big beef to the driver of a blue car that passed me in the school zone on Uplands Drive. Your ignorance was apparent. Check your driver’s manual for speed limit times.

A beef to a Nanaimo store that requires employees to approach customers when they enter. If I have a question, I’ll ask.

a return beef to the person who beefed about people who thank others for doing their jobs well. You probably never did anything that was worthy of a thank you.

A Lots-of-dog-poo-on-your-shoe beef to the person who thinks it’s OK to leave your dog in the car while you run errands. Especially on a hot day. Windows open or not, the dogs do not get proper ventilation, they are sitting in a hot box.

A beef to those who think they can let their dogs run free in a leash-on park. An extra big beef to the dog owner in a leash-on park who let his off-leash dogs attack a small dog who panicked, slipped her leash and disappeared, never to be seen again. Instead of apologizing and offering to help, you blamed the owner for not having the collar tight enough. Shame on you.

A big rotten dog bone to the man who had four dogs running off-leash in Bowen Park recently. The dogs attacked my Shih Tzu cross, bit her and drove her to the ground. She slipped her collar and took off through the park. I still can’t find her. What a thoughtless individual he is and he didn’t have the courtesy to even say he was sorry.

A beef to the people loitering at Diana Krall Plaza. Diana Krall would be utterly ashamed at lending her name to an area being used this way. We don’t need to build any low barrier housing – the plaza seems to meet the requirements.

A beef about parking at a Nanaimo mall. Disabled parking: no brainer. Expectant moms/families: great, I wish they had that when my kids were babies. But parking reserved for hybrid vehicles? I thought it was a joke when I saw hybrid parking only. Talk about elitism. What next? Parking based on the colour of your car?

Flat tires to the city for not forcing a developer to clean up the road. If you are rich enough to own and develop land, you are rich enough to maintain the roadway.